May 2012

Go Lakme Fashion Week with Kyra!

May 28, 2012

Lakme has put up a competition to blog about a fun and frolic summer day with KYRA, the lovely Lakme girl. Well I thought pretty hard, as to what kind of fun I can have with her. Vacations I can go with anybody, but what is unique about them with Lakme and Kyra eh? Suddenly I came across an advertisement in the newspapers regarding a Lakme Fashion Week to be held in Mumbai!! And I was like ” Hell yeah!!” I am going to this Fashion Week with Kyra!! I was excited, panicking and dreaming about my Mumbai trip. I started up with packing my bags for the trip, while Kyra appeared and opened up my television, showing me a commercial! Lakme Sun Expert Commercial Yikes!! I thanked Kyra, for helping me realize I need to pack up Sun Screen Protection. This will not only help me stay protected from the sun and avoid tanning, but also will help me enjoy the trip with Kyra to the fullest. ^_^ I was absolutely ready for a summerlicious trip with Kyra to Mumbai Lakme Fashion Week. I had the perfect collection of summer dresses, the best Lakme products to protect me from Tanning, help my skin healthy and protected. As we both landed at the Mumbai Airport, I could sniff in the breeze of the sea nearby. And I was sure to have a super great time. 😀 Kyra welcomed me to Mumbai, with a cool dose of Coconut Water. We went to our hotel, and I freshened up to take over Mumbai.Yahoo! But I was feeling a bit scared due to all the heat. Phew!My first visit was the Gateway of India, thought of carrying a scarf and sunglasses to shield myself up.I was so confused as what to wear. And then Kyra …

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The Devotion of Suspect X – Book Review

May 27, 2012

When I first held this book in my hands, I was glued to the captions, the remarks, and the introduction to The Devotion of Suspect X Novel. The caption says “THE JAPANESE THRILLER PHENOMENON – 2 MILLION COPIES SOLD” Seriously? Is it that good? The back cover headlines say “Read the book that sold over 2 million copies in Japan and became a nation obsession! To make it more interesting, it has been converted into a movie as well. The introduction reads : Yasuko lives a quite life, a good mother to her only child. But when her ex-husband appears a her door without warning one evening, her comfortable world is shattered. When Detective Kusanagi of the Tokyo Police tries to piece together the events of that night, he finds himself confronted by the most puzzling, mysterious circumstances he has ever investigated. Nothing quite makes sense… An introduction so mysterious, suspicious and full of meaty plot surely gives an adrenaline rush. Without even having a second thought you run through the pages to get started. The story has been written in simple English, which can be read by an intermediate English reader.The plot well spread. Each chapter focuses on certain phase of the happening in the story around particular character(s) at a time.This helps a reader understand the story with ease, without any confusion, making them grasp the emotions and depth of the on going story.The impact of the on going happenings in the story, let you connect all the small pieces. This kind of understanding leaves a very good impression on the readers, and they are able to recollect what they read later as well. Each character has a very strong role in the story, and you just cannot side line any one of them.The expressions of the characters in …

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May 23, 2012

After having a successful store cover of TOMMY HILFIGER, and receiving such a great response, I was so excited to go on and cover another amazing store for you. (Well I hope the coverage grows with time ^_^) So this time I got the opportunity to cover FRENCH CONNECTION store in Saket. The moment I was inside the store, I could feel the cooling effect of the color palette, the texture and the designs, specially crafted for hot Delhi Summers. First I checked out the MEN’S SECTION! They have a good color palette to offer when it comes to Polo Shirts. The texture was perfect for summer dress ups.  Well if you are a serious kind of a person, who stays in the office more than casual hang outs, then fret not.Because FCUK has a great formal “summer special” collection for you businessmen out there. You get variety of sleeves to choose from, along with some sober patterns especially for formal look. But if you have a date and want a semi formal look, they have great shirts + tees combination teamed with cool half pants. Ultra fashionable and comfortable are the words to describe this collection. You can experiment by adding belts, scarves and sunglasses. And when I focused on the WOMEN’S SECTION, I was just so happy to see the “TANGERINE FEVER” taking toll on FCUK as well. There were different types of tangerine tops, dresses and even blouses. There was a wide variety of formal, semi formal and casual collection to choose from.The best part being, the majority of the collection was in cool colors, with a very small percentage focusing on the warm colors.In casual tees I could find great variety of nautical patterns. There were variety of dresses in the collection as well. From Summer Cotton dresses, …

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Wedding Innovations n Inspirations!

May 20, 2012

Well the WEDDING WEEK is on (although I really messed up the week) woops. But anyways, I wanted to bring up a post, where I will put my creative hat on, and provide you with 2 innovative ideas. Innovative ideas eh? Since wedding outfits are always the same. Kurtis, Lehengas or Sarees. And this mundane outfit ritual comes with a defined color code of pink, orange and red as well. I thought why not break this boring rule book, and spice up your outfits a little bit? I present to you 2 fusion outfits, which you can try on wearing this Wedding Season, and make those heads turn for sure. 😉 This look is comfortable, for a tiredsome wedding day, sexy, colorful and innovative 😀 Instead of the statement neckpiece you can even go for gold coins South Indian style belt worked up around your waist. I have paired gold nailpolish, as it will make your hands absolutely stand out.  Keep the outfit summer friendly, and you won;t be worrying about the air conditioner not working. 😉 Well if you still miss your traditional dress code and colors, I bring you the Saree + Peplum look. This look works pretty well if you want to keep it traditional yet innovative. You can drape the saree the way it is meant to be. Team the look with heavy Kundan or Uncut Diamond jewelry. When choosing the peplum, go for bright or neon colors, just like I used bright Fuchsia color, giving a neon effect.You can even add diamond or semi precious stone bangles for more bling. 😀 So girls, this is my innovative way of looking ultra-fashionable, trendy and unique this wedding season. If you want to make heads turn, try one of the looks P.s. Let me know which one will you prefer. …

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Wedding Special – Sublime Joaillerie

May 14, 2012

I was talking to a fellow fashion enthusiast, and the topic came up that Wedding Season is round the corner. Loads of vibrant colors, jewels, glitter and glamour. So an idea crashed my mind to celebrate WEDDING SPECIAL WEEK. After a succesful Tangerine Week. Some days back Rima Ravindran, a Luxury Jewelry Designer approached me to feature her amazing collection on Kalapalette.  Some interesting facts about Rima are that her foray into the Jewelry industry began with her ‘Keishi Pearl Collection’ for Al Futtaim in Middle East. In Damas, she worked on the Fior Collection. Further to that, she was contracted by Tanishq for their launch in American Market. She has also created Jewellery for Swarovski’s Gem Vision 2011.  Perles De Tahiti has awarded her designs on national and international levels in the year 2006. Her work has been also been shortlisted by World Gold Council. Company founded by Rima, SUBLIME JOAILLERIE showcases exquisite collection of Contemporary Luxury Jewelry. The collection shouts elegance, glamour, royalty and femininity. Each piece is crafted with utmost care with a complimenting price tag.The icing on the cake is, every piece crafted is exclusive, and if you own a pair, the design will be resting with your forever. Now comes the fun part 😀 Since we are celebrating WEDDING SPECIAL WEEK, I am bringing you some pieces from her collection, which you can try, and steal the spot light of the wedding. 😉 Break the rules, instead of the authentic red and pink go for goth colors this wedding festival. Pair goth colors with bright and shimmery neck pieces like Sublime Jewelry’s Tahiti Pearl Necklace to brighten up the wardrobe.This combination not only stands out in the crowd, but also makes a killer statement. If you still adamant about sticking to the authentic wedding color palette, go for a fuchsia …

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Contact US

May 14, 2012

Kalapalette Blog’s’ Interests: Fashion/Designer Collection Beauty Products Fashion Events Beauty Events Men’s clothing Women’s clothing Accessories Travel FAM trips Blog Stats –  Please note that Kalapalette is an ever growing blog and the numbers here continue to grow daily. The stats featured are updated monthly but if you need current information just ask me. Google Friend Connect Followers  600+ Facebook Followers 1,400+ Twitter Followers 550+ Majority visitors from US, India, UK and Australia. Visitors are fashion enthusiasts, beauty enthusiasts, art lovers, food and travel lovers and are mostly females aged 18+ yrs. Reviews: FAM trips which will be showcased not only on the social portals, but also on youtube. I love reviewing new products, collection, learning materials and other such items that pertain to the interest of this blog as mentioned above and  I love offering giveaways to my readers. For review of product, you need to send me a sample product, which will not be returned as it will be used in order to provide our honest review. My reviews will be 100% honest. However, I will give you advance notice if I feel I cannot write a positive review and a mutual decision can be made. For review of your Store/Collection, I will need to visit your store and take personal snaps to feature on Kalapalette.Permission to take photographs will be required. Interaction with the store manager, will help me provide a better review. Best coverage will be provided. All reviews will include many links to the the company’s main website, plus links to the specific product(s) I have reviewed. I will also add pictures of the product being used by me. I will include general information about your company, what your company offers, how it benefits fashion enthusiasts, other noteworthy features that I find worth highlighting to my readers and why it’s worth buying. Giveaways: Giveaways are an effective way …

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Visit to TOMMY HILFIGER, Connaught Place!

May 11, 2012

Yesterday when I woke up, I had a huge smile on my face, because I was going to check out the fabulous collection of TOMMY HILFIGER, Connaught Place, Delhi. Had heard pretty much about their Summer/Spring Collection, and recently got the privilege of visiting their store.Thanks to Glam Gang. After hot Delhi travelling,  as I entered the premises, I just could not hold up my grin, as I had entered paradise of fine fabrics and make. I was delighted to meet the store manager Ms. Jasmine. She is not just a great manager, but also a great companion to shop with.She helped me do some shopping as well.She showed me around the store. The ground floor is all about Men!!  From fabulous watches, to stunning Sunglasses, men’s section was really oozing FASHION FOR MEN!And I am sure men who have visited the store will surely agree with me. 😉 What really caught my eye was the full fledged rack(s) containing Polo Shirts in diverse colors. Felt like a rainbow in itself. *_* Gosh I am jealous they have so many color options to chose from!! P.s. Jasmine is so photogenic, I asked her to pose in every other photograph of mine. ^_^ For summer special, they have lots of check patterns in various color combinations. I also caught Tangerine Love in the collection. Jasmine also told me that they have added dash of PURPLE to their collection this time.And this collection is the Hot Favorite right now. Enough of Men’s wear..phew!! Coming to the WOMEN’S WEAR I found great variety of Summer Special Pastel shades. Shades of baby pink, blue, yellow and red give cool, elegant and perfect Summer/Spring feel.  On a matte level, they had Exquisite Emerald , Hues of Blue and Paper White color collection giving a Sailor’s Paradise. AHOY! Along with this look I …

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Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Face

May 11, 2012

Ever wondered that Sunglasses also uplift your face for better or for worse? Maximum ladies have the habit of simply choosing the glasses they are liking from the lot, not calculating what will go with their face shape. Well if you have a Heart Shaped Face….READ ON!! READ ON!!

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May 10, 2012

Chandni Chowk, the hub of wholesale market, a paradise for Fashion enthusiasts looking for raw material or simply inspiration. If you are a Delhiite and love shopping in Chandni Chowk, or have it on your wish list the next time you visit Delhi, READ ON! As I foretell the story of ULTIMATE ENTRAPMENT. A strategy with many undercover players, playing mind games with the shoppers, yet you leave home HAPPY, “Unaware that you have been fooled” If you don’t believe me READ ON!! If you have been a victim of this entrapment….LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW YOUR STORY!!

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Mother’s Day with Vodafone!

May 6, 2012

How do I go about making a special MOTHER’S DAY more special with the power of Vodafone? Well here is an *IMAGINARY* MOTHER’S DAY WITH VODAFONE!  (I hope to make this dream come true some day :)) 8:00 a.m. :Woke up in the morning after a stressful working week.No time to hit the gym, as today is Mother’ Day, and I have special things planned up for the day. 😀 But I do have time for a quick cardio workout.So I switch on my Vodafone super fast 3G Internet and check out a quick video on YouTube!! (video courtesy 8:30 a.m. : As I come out freshened up and ready for the next deed, my mom comes and hugs me, carrying a bouquet of roses and exotic chocolates I ordered online via my Vodafone 3G Internet!! (website : 8:35 a.m. : Now I need to quickly create special Breakfast for my mother. I Google up the recipes keeping my mother’s choice in mind. (website : 9:00 a.m. : Made an amazing breakfast of omlette, cheesy chicken triangles, Orange smoothie and some freshly baked muffins. Mom absolutely loved the start.She is all excited and charged up for the day, so am I ^_^.But before I move on further, I quickly add caption “Mother’s Day Special” to the breakfast snap I took  on Picasa, and it is ready to go on social networking sites. ^_^ (image : 9:30 a.m. : Time to go to run some errands.And suddenly the Vodafone Astrology alert pops up…Saying I will have a wonderful time with friends and family this weekend. ^_^ YAY  (image : 11:00 a.m. : Errands complete, now I am ready to chillax before meeting up a friend over coffee.Suddenly I realise YIKES I don’t have a party dress for the everning 😐 …

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