March 2013

Styling : MAX Fashion Styling Project

March 28, 2013

New project and some new creativity. For the last couple of days I was in a dilemma as to how infuse Fashion and Art in the best possible manner. Here is an attempt to bring about something out of the box. Would love your comments on the same. ^_^ Photography by : RashNair Photography My main purpose of visiting Max Fashion store was to study the shopping patterns of the people. I was under an impression that people go out to shop with no definite motive behind it, but was surprised to know that people have not only become smarter but have also become fashion conscious  Most of them knew what they wanted, or had an occasion in mind to shop for. While some picked up random garments as per their liking, some actually spent 2 hours on an average to mix and match and create outfits. So proud of our fashionable Delhiites! πŸ˜‰

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 5

March 23, 2013

As the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13-14 concluded, the paparazzi chase grew stronger, and the shows got bigger. Back Lovers Anonymous – is a dark collection with accents. Surfacing from the underground, the collection lifts from the intersecting lines of fringe players, hustlers and lively lowlifes in a non linear narrative, black comic style. Black on black texturing matt and shine, with accents of white and color come together to form fitted and over-sized silhouettes. My Favorite :  The color blocked ombre effect. Simple silhouettes, basic hues of red and pink and basic ethnic cuts. The simplicity of the ensembles was soothing to the eyes, yet they preserved a glamor quotient. My Favorite :  The solid colors and simple ethnic wear. Mildly eccentric and slightly magpie, the collection this season has been all about mixing and matching – off separate teaming, off-color pairings and a luxe careless feel, retaining the “handcrafted” essence of the label. Detailed block and screen prints in muted yet vibrant colors are complimented by graphic, crafty textures and embroideries, somewhat leaning towards a tribal – folk aesthetic. My Favorite :  The layering of prints, texture and separates which added a dramatic flair. Mood Swings – The collection is inspired by works of Picasso’s paintings for the three art movements – Rose period, Blue period and Cubist war period and their three protagonist colors. Instilled on a backdrop of ecru the color blocking captures the enamored soul of the artist ‘Pablo Picasso’. My Favorite :  The use of intricate embroidery of a plethora of shapes in indigenous techniques, cosmopolitan and opulent look and combination of strong emotions and history. Mekhla – The Mekhla is a concert of three pieces of cloth – a skirt like a sarong, a blouse and an additional piece of cloth draped …

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 4

March 22, 2013

Day 4 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week saw celebrated designers showcasing their designs.   Block – The blocks of life are built on the foundation of a man’s earliest memories. Surfaces inspired by Lego blocks are created in gunpowder-dusted palette – pewter and anthracite move into charcoal and black. As though denoting the thickening of our skins, touch leather is used plentifully – as yardage and also as a broken down textural components. My Favorite :  The chic metallic touch, the see through fabric and androgynous approach towards the silhouettes. Naive – Simple & child-like credulous attitudes flow through wordiness that lacks artificiality – pure thoughts as illustrated in – ‘The Boy on the Rocks’ echo the Naive art inspired Cruise Resort collection by Shivan & Naresh. Distorted expressions, benign faces, juvenile colors and an absolute play of proportions come together in exclusive art works created by the duo which extrudes a wardrobe that screams with the innocence of a child. My Favorite :  The intense variety of monochrome dance with a contrast of bright neon tones over a saree drape, to multicolored-patterned swimwear and including bell bottom retro chic pants.  An ode to the mountainous terrain of Central Asia, Mountain Chic brings alive the nomadic experience of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. With rich fabrics and textiles like silk, raw silk, crepe, voile, and canvas, traditional to the regions of Persia and other Central Asian countries, the collection features the magic of threads adding a sense of opulence and luxuriousness.  My Favorite :  The Suzani needlework of the Bukhara period, embroidery and print inspirations from Kilim carpets of Persia, blend of gold, orthodox printing techniques and gush of Aztec patterns. In Silence – Exaggerating the feel of winters with color tones of icy blue, mint and teal, the indifference of …

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 3

March 22, 2013

Day 3 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week saw a great deal of paparazzi chase and celebrity showdown as some designers took the show stopping scenario bit too seriously. EKRU – presents Indian Kaleidoscope. The color palette is brightly festive, retrained only through the use of black, white and grays. Thread work and motifs borrowed from traditional textiles have been given a twist by mixing and matching. My favorite :  The beautiful riot of colors in every look, be it a saree or a lehenga. The intelligent usage of shimmer, borders and drapes concluding to a defining ethnic look. Gravitating towards the elegant economy of the construction of dress provided by antique models using luxurious fabrics, elaborate ornamentation and intricate hand- embroidered textures. Rajdeep brings to the season an enchanting feel of royal regalia, crowns and court garments in a contemporary fashion.  My favorite :  The solid color see through fabrics being styled in a very pleasing way. The interesting ornamentation. The collection explores the wonders of Sicily, and it’s beautiful baroque architecture,combined with paradisaical context of roses. Sticking to her motto “edgy”, Sonia’s collection is a beautiful amalgamation of the women of today, with their edgy personalities and individual spunk, with the yesteryear damsels, conserved and fragile, with a lot to say it wearable, she brings in new silhouettes like shift dresses with pants and saree-bolero blouse and tessellated border combinations, which makes her collection unique. My favorite :  The color royal shades of purple, minty greens, pink cinnamon, wine berry, Hawaiian ocean and peacock blue. The boyfriend shirts and printed kaftans.  Joy Mitra acknowledged 100 glorious years of Bollywood by giving a tribute to one of the mahor assets of this nation. The collection took inspiration from backstage and everything that goes into making a movie. This was …

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 2

March 18, 2013

 Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 2  saw very interesting take on Autumn Winter inspirations by some of the renowned Indian designers. “I look at wood and I wonder,how did a pattern of flowing water implant itself in wood?” Keeping their forte in prints, Hemant and Nandita experimented with the classification and took the prints to a whole new level. The AW’13 collection showcased prints in different textures found on wood. Shades of deep violet, green and washed white. the prints were imprinted on lace, peplum jackets, sleek dresses and fine tailored pants. My favorite :  The dose of lace used in various cuts and patterns, they semi-goth impression and fabulously themed “wood prints” All that glitters IS gold – The collection is strongly influenced by the precious & permanent and in particular lustrous metals. Sophisticated day dress with metallic yarn embroideries and sheet foiling, heart motifs in laser cut, shimmer knitwear and leather were some of the highlights of the show.Her signature style consisted of full-length heart sequin gown & velvet crystal heart dress. My favorite :  The shimmer knitwear and bomber jackets. Rajputana Bikers – It is an elusive story, a figment of the designer’s wild imagination. The whirlwind of bikers riding in a group of many. The collection showcased the blend between Rajputana heavily paneled garments with the various patterns of leather. My favorite :  The biker jackets for sure! FEZ – presented a relaxed aesthetic characterized by ethnic nomadism. It showcased elements of minimalist luxury in an autmnal palette of russet leaves, amber yellows ,forest greens, petrol blues, sand and sky greys. Paired with an interesting crushed fabric texture and rouching technique, the collection offered deconstructed layering in loose shapes, innovative fold and fluid drapes. My favorite :  The relaxed yet appealing look of …

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