March 2015

Olique Hair Care Products : Review

March 31, 2015

Hair styles are one thing and hair-care is another. You might find hair-styling a crucial affair but what really triggers the panic-button is unhealthy hair mess. Protection from heat, dust, pollution and other internal damage notions is of vital importance. One of the major issues that most of us face is the problem of ‘Dandruff’. What is Dandruff? ‘Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. As skin cells die, a small amount of flaking is normal; about 487,000 cells/cm2 get released normally after detergent treatment.’ says Wikipedia. No matter how many shampoo brands claim to cure dandruff, the truth is far from what it seems to be. Shampoos naturally contain some amount of detergent that helps clean the scalp completely, hence triggering dandruff. And even if one of them manages to eliminate dandruff, it is not permanent; since dandruff has the tendency to recur with time. I for instance have a combination scalp with most of my scalp being oily with a dry crown area. The dryness being so, that my crown tends to release flakes of dandruff within 24 hours of washing my hair. Having tried numerous dermatological and commercial products till now, nothing has actually cured my dandruff completely. Not only that, but the cleaning process of these products also ended up leaving my scalp super dry and flaky. In this world of fast pace, we crave for instant results for almost everything. Most of these products tend to try and achieve the instant effect phenomena. But the truth is, nothing worthy in this world can be achieved instantly. The same goes for taking care of your hair. Olique Hair Care Products don’t claim to clean your scalp of dandruff instantly, but their scientific research does promise professional performance with excellent results over time. …

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#KatrinaMissing Mystery. Where is Katrina Kaif?

March 25, 2015

So yesterday while I was on Twitter surfing through my usual tweet-feed, something caught my attention. The #KatrinaMissing hashtag was trending like a havoc.  We all know that India is absolutely bowled over by cricket and Bollywood. To be precise, we Bollywood maniacs can’t get over Katrina’s mesmerizing personality. Her every move is taken care of by the paparazzi. But what happens when even the paparazzi has no clue about her whearabouts? The fans go crazy, media gets alert and the social network goes crashing on the debates, guesses and hashtags. Yes, #KatrinaMissing is not a hoax call but something to be curious about. This hard-working diva who’s always on her toes to give a Filmfare award breaking performance has suddenly gone off the radar, even leaving her fraternity clueless. Out of curiosity I did a little research and found out some rumours,alright!  While some claim to have spotted her leaving for an unknown destination at the airport, others claim to have spotted her at Mumbai Film City with tight security. Gosh! Now that is abso insane, right? Vacation? As far as I can remember, Katrina only takes a break from work to visit her family in the UK. But a close source tells me that she isn’t there either, otherwise the paparazzi might have taken a flight by now to the land of the queen. Hmm. Upcoming flick? With this crucial world of digitalization and piracy’s tight grip, directors have taken up a frenzy to keep their shoots and movie-details tight lipped and secured. Katrina being an A-lister is also a part of some of the big banner up-coming movies like Phantom, Jagga Jasoos, Bajirao Mastani and Fitoor; all releasing this year (hopefully, yay!).  I think, she’s busy shooting for one of these movies. Wdya think? As per the …

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March 23, 2015

What is that on thing that trends like a havoc during Lakme Fashion Week (every year)? The Bollywood brigade that attended-show stopped during this 5 day affair. Sure, the attention is given to the collections showcased but the limelight is surely taken over by this community of rich & famous. No objections whatsoever, we abso LOVE these charming personalities walking down the hot-spot runways of Lakme Fashion Week. Now with the Lakme Fashion Week SS’15 concluding on an extravagant note, let us look at all the celebrities Bollywood personalities who walked the ramp; shall we? Can we ever get enough of these charming personalities? No! Here’s to one more week of glamour and glitter; let’s soak in some inspiration and approach our favourite tailors to stitch us a Karisma Kapoor number. Which one is your personal favourite from the lot? Get stylish apparels on  #AskMeDotCom Follow me : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+

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Mamagoto : Food Review

March 13, 2015

If you are craving for some authentic East Asian cuisines, then say out loud ‘Mamagoto’. While Delhi streets are crowded with vendors selling ‘chowmein’ and ‘momos’, the true taste of China/Japan/Korea cannot be achieved if not for the right wok and ingredients. Taking the food seriously and impregnating it with some contemporary quirkiness, Mamagoto is one dine-in restaurant that is much more than just the authentic cuisines. Called the ‘Fun Asian Eating Restaurant’, from the decor to the palette they serve, everything is worth experiencing! Kalapalette’s team tried out a portion of their extravagant menu at their Promenade, Vasant Kunj (Delhi) outlet a few days back. With the confused Delhi weather still keeping the temperatures low, this was the best time to treat ourselves to some hot soup bowls and steamed delicacies that are signature of Mamagoto! About Mamagoto Literally translated, it means ‘to play with food’. A Japanese social experiment of sorts, involving infants to use their senses to understand the textures and shape of food. Born out of this idea came our concept – to make Asian eating fun. To make it experiential and social, to create a relaxed casual atmosphere where affordable and authentic food plus drinks combine with quirky décor. The Drinks Having the same drink for long can be boring. How about tasting different cocktails flavours with your friends? Mamagoto’s offer : Choose any 4 shakers for Rs. 799/- Signature Shaker Range : Red Currant Whiskey Sour, Vojito, Original Blue Kamikaze, Dark Rum Winter Mojito, Passion Fruit Rum & Green Apple Vodka. Twist : The drinks are served in shakers that you can shake, strain and shot! The Starters  Honey Chicken with bell peppers + mild schezwan pepper  Shrimps with dry Red Chilli + burnt Garlic Makati City Discovery – Cooked vegetables wrapped in a …

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Land Rover Experience – Car Review

March 10, 2015

The cars we drive say a lot about us. – Alexandra Paul   From owning a car to driving one, the experience is extraordinary. Be it a car for utility, status or simply fulfilling a dream; the importance of this 4 tiered technology has become a ‘must-have’ entity in our lives. Absolutely everyone remembers the first time they took control of the steering wheels. It’s not about luxury, but more about the feeling of power that captivates our mind towards automobiles. I might have travelled plenty by cars on a regular basis, but some car rides are different from the daily grind (note – traffic jams and bad weather conditions). Well, Jaguar’s Land Rover team was adamant on giving a few lucky peeps like us; one such ride of a lifetime. Such commercials look so artificial, don’t they? To be honest, I totally criticise such adverts assuming that these are just exaggerated promotional activities and in real life such critical adventures are not possible. I was about to be proved wrong! #LandRoverExperience – Freelander An experience which was way beyond getting the feel of a car and driving it on the smoothed out roads of Delhi. Taking up the challenge of proving what a Land Rover is actually capable of doing, Jaguar sought out one of the roughest terrains in the outskirts of Delhi NCR (Aerocity) to prove their point. What? The experience of a lifetime to challenge and polish your driving skills with expert tuition and gain a greater understanding of vehicle control, obstacle handling and how to assess different environments. This includes navigating steep inclines, descents, side slopes and whatever might keep you from being where you want to be.  Where? Barren and adventurous land amidst fine-stay hotels at Aerocity, Delhi. The Experience The time I sat inside this …

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Famous Pearl Jewel Styles

March 10, 2015

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but pearls are what define class amidst the bling! Sure, diamond has more currency weightage than pearls, but the rarity of pearls is as definite as a coal mine full of fine un-cut diamonds. Talk about being in vogue, and we set our standards around sophistication and everything that can make a statement. So be it a precious stone or a variety of semi-precious crystals, everything that adds up stylishly; calls for our attention. While celebrities in today’s age are keener on playing Cinderella showing the big rock, the vintage beauties have always felt more on Snowhite’s side showing off pearls with élan! Celebrating the beauty of pearls, let me present to you some of the most legendary pearl jewelry pieces from the days gone by. Source : pinterest 1. Elizabeth Taylor’s South Sea Pearl Ring – The charming beauty of the yesteryears was quite famous for her clandestine affairs and an array of luxury jewels. Being the ruling Cleopatra of Hollywood back then, she was often spotted adorning pearl strings around her neck. But what caught attention of many was her South Sea Pearl Ring set atop finely studded diamonds. Not to forget the size of that pearl that made it stand out amongst other rings. Source : Amazon 2. Princess Diana’s Pearl Earrings – Princess Diana was not just a pretty princess with some serious studded tiaras. Her collection of jewels was adapted by designers and trend-setters on the go as well. From being on the cover of Vogue to doing some serious deeds as a humanitarian, Princess Diana was always spotted wearing pearls and diamonds. Her favorites were of course, tear drop pearl earrings with a matching string of pearls necklace. Source : digitalism 3. Audrey Hepburn’s Pearl Necklace – If you love fashion and old …

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‘Extra Lasting’ Beauty – AVON

March 7, 2015

“Don’t know why girls take so much to get ready. What’s with all the time simply to look make-up perfect, eh?” – The boys Only if they knew the amount of efforts it takes to get that make-up right! Of course, not talking about the thick layers of foundations and rouge that some women put on in the name of looking ‘fair & blushy’. But let’s all face it, the task is not only to look pretty but also the effort to look the same 9 to 5; if not after-party ready. With this pace of techno-frenzy lifestyle, their is hardly any time to even give touch ups for those post work parties or while you are club-hopping. What comes to your aid then? Fancy a range of ‘Long Extra Last Cosmetics’? This is what AVON has to say about it’s ‘Extra Lasting’ range. The Breakthrough: Makeup that multi-tasks like you and keeps up with your life. The Inspiration: You multi-task, so why shouldn’t your makeup? Avon introduces a new collection of long wearing, multi-tasking, uncompromising makeup that works as hard as you do. Delivering color, coverage and comfort, the new range never lets you down. With the Extra Lasting collection, you can rest assured that your lipstick will last, your foundation with stay put, and your mascara will make the grade. The Technology: Every product in the Extra Lasting collection is formulated with the Comfort Wear Complex to help maintain the quality of wear. The multi-tasking formulas go above and beyond lasting color and coverage to offer additional benefits—Extra Lasting means makeup that doesn’t compromise. My Experience A must have range in your kitty. Why? Because having your lipstick stay put whole day long, without touch ups, is a win-win situation in itself. One word : Carefree Make-up. Avon Extra Lasting Lipsticks Pink Perfection …

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