April 2015

Fine Dining Restaurants In Jaipur

April 23, 2015

Rajasthan is one such state of India that is purely crowned with the royalty that Bharat cherished couple of centuries back. Still immensely rich with heritage and regal beauty, Rajasthan has a lot more to offer than just landscapes of desert and folklores. The heart of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a colourful city which is still popularly addressed as the ‘Pink City’ and has so much to offer; when it comes to hospitality. Talk about the Fine Dining Restaurants in Jaipur and many prestigious names pop up on the search engine. Mostly set up to serve the international tourists, a few of them have preserved the old Rajasthani charm with a fusion of fine-dining experience. Following is a list of some of my personal favourite fine-dining restaurants in Jaipur that you can visit and indulge in some lip-smacking gourmet traditional cuisines: 1135 AD  image source : happytrips  The name might seem a little confusing, but wait till you actually get there. Nestled amidst the land of Amer Palace, this romantic fine-dining restaurant is sure to charm anyone who visits it in the evening. Try out their Rajasthani specialty – Murgh Ka Sula or Mushroom Galouti Kebab for small portions. If you have a big appetite to curb, then try out their ‘Thaal – E – Amber’ which is served on a traditional silver thaali. Tip: Don’t forget to watch the light & sound show of Amer, while you’re at it. Peshawri by ITC Rajputana Hotel  image source : itchotels A paradise for kebab lovers, that’s how I am going to define this fine-dining restaurant. A true Mughalai delight, non-vegetarian lovers can expect an array of mutton curries and tandoori items served with gourmet naan breads. Can vouch by their version of Bukhara, Barrah Kabab and Dal Peshawri. The ambience is contemporary with earthy interiors to make the dining experience …

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Look Dapper in Ballerinas – SS15 Trend

April 21, 2015

Who says that fashion is always crucial and pretty painful to put together? Well, to clear out the blues, fashion can be comfortable yet modish at the same time too! Let’s think it from Sarah Jessica Parker’s point of view, shall we? The queen of style and stilettos might strut her way onto the streets of NYC in 6inch heels, but she too doesn’t mind getting comfy in these dancing bellies; once in a while. Being stylish and super comfortable (you can run in them too!), ballerinas have evolved with designer touches; every season down. Truth be told, one can ‘Look Dapper in Trendy Ballerinas’ too! As the perspiration for Summer Spring 2015 takes up its toll, one doesn’t want to get caught in a painful heels-affair, strapping it at place while running the daily errands and being the busy workaholic that we are. Be it a celebrity like SJP or our home girl MNC manager, flats over heels can never be ruled out as a stylish footwear option. Think it ain’t as stylish as the 6inch saga? Hear what the famous fashion consultant and mentor for Project Runway has to say about flats – “Flats can be fabulous too!” Now if you are still wondering whether to invest in another pair of heels for summer or pamper your feet with some comfort-shoes loving, soak in some inspiration from these desi Bollywood celebrities, who are marching up the ballerina trend with élan! Deepika Padukone  image source : glamcheck    Leopard Print Ballerinas: Take a bow for this young lady. Deepika surely knows how to ante up any trend flawlessly. If you love prints, then take inspiration from Ms. Leela and work up animal prints for a boho-style, floral because it’s summer time or keep it simple with geometric prints like polkas. Pair them with an all black jumper or any …

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North Indian Sweets In Delhi : Food Talk

April 20, 2015

Eating something sweet is considered as a sign of positivity. While some like have something sweet occasionally, there are people like me who literally find a reason (or not) to have a hearty bite of heaven. Delhi, being the abode to many rich cultures, comes with a significant array of desserts to boost about. With a hint of neighboring Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana with the evergreen elements of Mughal royalty; North Indian Sweets in Delhi are quite diverse. If you are a Delhiite, or know someone, you might have come across the statement “Khaane ke baad Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” (Let’s have something sweet post the meal.), quite very often. That’s what we have inherited from the royal food etiquettes of the Delhi Mughal era! So what exactly these north Indian desserts consist of? Let me present to you some of the yummiest ‘North Indian Sweets in Delhi’ : Jalebi image source : 123coimbatore.com If you’ve been to old Delhi and haven’t tried the ‘Desi Ghee Jalebis’ from the famous Jalebiwallah, then you have missed on something worth heaven. Available as early as 7 in the morning, this juicy piece of caramel is one of the best Sunday morning feasts, for Delhiites. Don’t complain if you got to stand in the queue to try on this one! Kulfi Falooda image source : amritsartourtravel.com Mostly available in the hot summer period of Delhi, this ice cold milk bar is different from any other Kulfi you will find in India. Topped with sweetened boiled noodles and dollops of Roohafza (rose flavored), the Kulfi comes in a variety of flavors to try from. My personal favorite is the kesar kulfi that’s full of nuts and raisins. Daulat Ki Chaat – You probably won’t have heard about this one, right? Even if you have …

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OOTD : Color Party Semi-Formal Look

April 17, 2015

While mix-matching your outfit in the right modish manner matters a lot, some add-on elements of  style equally put in the extra punch to bring an OOTD to life. Be it for a day to day wear or some selective date-meets, elements as basic as a bag need special attention. While somehow we still neglect these important accessories and then quite wonder what went wrong! Imagine your work wear consists of a mundane white blouse – denim jeans combo and you yet try to achieve some kind of style? How about we add on a flattering sling bag or laptop bag to go with it? Toss those boring black laptop sleeves and give it a quirky uplift. Of course, for a daily work wear routine we need to maintain a sense of sophistication and professionalism. In such scenarios, the likes of Holii brands come in handy (and vogue)! For a blogger’s profile, their ain’t no boundaries on a meeting dress-code, but surely we need to play by the professionalism rules; and yet maintain our ‘fashionable’ image in front of the world. Always juggling between a hand bag to a sling to a clutch, I am quite not able to commit on one bag to go with at the meetings. So this post is dedicated to that one style of bag, that’s all what we need, to keep it stylish and yet formal. Presenting to you, the Holii Laptop Bag. SUMMER TEMPTATIONS Climb the fashion ladder a little higher this summer with an exclusive style statement with the new Holii bags! Shake off the cold with Holii’s new summer collection, a range of bags crafted to match the glamour of your sunny days out in the city. Have the spotlights focused on you with the new Magnolia range which will keep …

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Zarin – Indo Persian Restaurant, Fairmont Jaipur (Review)

April 16, 2015
Kalapalette 8

If you think eating Butter – Chicken and Seekh kababs brings you any closer to the Persian way of dining, you are absolutely wrong! Their is much more to this Mid-Eastern way of serving gourmet than you can tantalize your taste buds with. Bringing in the rich culture and authentic way of cooking & serving Indo-Persian food has been introduced, first time in India, by Fairmont Jaipur.  I was honoured much to have been invited to review the same and experience a journey to the middle-east!  ZARIN The newest entrant to arrive on the Rajasthani dining scene – Zarin, the Indo-Persian restaurant at Fairmont Jaipur, breathes life into a culinary art that has, over centuries, celebrated the fusion of two of the most ancient cultures in Asia. A name inspired by the Persian word for gold, Zarin offers diners a distinctive and enriching culinary experience. According to Chef Singh, “steeped in tradition, Zarin will capture the imagination of diners by taking them on a journey through a bygone era that has influenced our cuisine in countless ways.”  The dining experience at Zarin can be best described as indulgent owing to the eclectic ambience that complements the food. While guests soak their hands in lavish bowls of scented water, strewn with rose petals, awaiting the start of their meal they are serenaded by the sights and sounds of the nearby Emperor’s Bazaar with treasures from the cultural riches of Rajasthan. Folk dancers, story tellers and sufi singers lull diners into a hypnotic trance, as exhaustive selections from the menu appear dramatically on swords and as such, are robust with flavour and history. From Sheermal and Bakarkhani – traditional breads to the live tandoor and succulent preparations of Aab Gosht (succulent morsel of lamb cooked with chick peas), Mastava (a hearty lamb …

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Fairmont Jaipur : Hotel Review

April 16, 2015
Kalapalette 5

Ever thought of living in a palace, dining Persian style gourmet and be enchanted by the beauty of folklores and its significant architecture? I know, it sounds more like a fantasy than reality. Well, Fairmont Hotels actually took the token of turning this fantasy into a giant reality. Well I first heard about Fairmont Jaipur, the initial thing I did was to check out the look of the property. Boy! What a magnificent palace it looked like. Couldn’t believe that such a property too exist in the desert area of our Rajasthani region. Surprised and equally curious to experience living in this beautiful hotel palace, Fairmont Jaipur warmly invited me to their property for a one of its kind experience. For the entire experience, check out my video : About Fairmont Jaipur Jaipur, the “Pink City” and the stunning capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, is a hub for tourists and visitors from all over the world, looking to explore and discover a history that is rich and vibrant even today, evident in the city’s breathtaking forts and palaces. Tranquil gardens and broad avenues, which were painted pink in 1876 to welcome the Prince of Wales, add to the historic charm and rich culture of this unforgettable city. Fairmont Jaipur is an ode to the pink city through awe inspiring architecture and decor, inspired by the Mughal dynasty and Royal Rajputs of yore. This luxury Jaipur hotel is nestled amongst the majestic Aravalli hills, all 199 rooms and suites are elegantly appointed, to reflect a perfect blend of traditional Rajasthani décor and modern amenities. Explore and Discover Fairmont Jaipur offers a multitude of outdoor activities and excursions ranging from exhilarating hot air ballooning, adventurous mountaineering at the Aravalli hills, unforgettable elephant picnics, antique shopping in the bustling markets, tours …

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Every Woman Is A Leader!

April 15, 2015

Anna Wintour – Vogue America, Editor in Chief Photo source : fashionfoodies Like every other sphere women have not had it easy and had to fight to prove their mettle in the male-dominated world. It is interesting to note the kinds of professions that are earmarked for women by the wise society members – some opine how “teaching is the perfect profession for women”, ”the natural nurturing nature of women makes them suitable for nursing”, “it is hard to imagine a woman-surgeon”. Moreover even more mind-boggling are the stereotypical characteristics assigned to women employees -“she cannot be independent, decisive, and assertive“, “unmarried women are preferred for jobs as once they have kids they get deviated from work”. In short, stereotypes continue to exist. Not only is it hard for females to enter a work field but even when they have established themselves they are supposed to put up with unusual expectations in performance and required to prove their worth time and again. Usually women are denied top jobs due to the perceived lack of competency. Seems like enough has been said though I have not even yet spoken about the harassment that women have to deal with in their workplace! Indra Nooyi – CEO, PepsiCo Photo source : businessinsider So what is the recipe to make lives a tad less difficult for women who juggle up responsibilities of official work as well as the duties of a homemaker? Shall we give them reservations? Maybe they would be happier with lesser workload? Perhaps sympathizing with them would work? Sadly none of this would work because what women want is easier than this – respect and recognition as equal employees. Women wish to be known by their work and not by the socially constructed notion of their gender identity. We need revolutions …

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Rules to Crack First Day in Office-Formal Wear

April 13, 2015

source : costume.com   So, you’ve got the job? Congratulations! What next? While your laptop bag and quirky stationary is all backed up, what about your work-wear wardrobe? For those who think cracking up an interview look is tricky, here’s the catch – Interview impression is in front of the board, while the first day at work is an impression on the entire team/floor/building. Yikes! Sure, your presentable interview wear did contribute in winning you that package, but planning on the right 1st day impression on your colleagues is important too. While many corporates are confined to a work-wear uniform, many others give the freedom (thank god!) to wear what pleases you (formally) to work. Take cue from Andy (Anne Hathway) of Devil Wears Prada’s tremendous makeover. From an average laid-back look to strutting D&G down the media-firms glass corridors, she eventually did win everyone’s heart. But like the say is, first impression is the last impression. Now let’s not get all nervous and panicky. Follow these simple ‘Fashion-First day in Office-Formal Wear’ rules to crack your first day look and drop an impression like that of Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada movie reference). Follow the rules:  source : vintagefashionlondon 1. 10 Shades of Color X – Never ever overdo colors when it comes to constructing a look. Stick to one basic color (prefer nudes/earthy tones) and mix-match different hues of it. This will make you look smart, professional and sober. Go color-blocking or ombre with the shades, but avoid being too matchy with the same shade as well.  source : thebestfashionblog   2. Print Impressions – If your work environment supports colors and stylish avatars, then your safest bet should be adding some sophisticated prints to your wardrobe. No, we are not talking about bold florals but fine geometric prints, ghingham styles and houndstooth …

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