Androgyny with Suit Fullstop

February 17, 2017

I am always fascinated by the structured make of a double-breasted ebony tuxedo. What really makes and breaks a formal suit is its stitch and fit. If the crease is too fitted or the stitch too elaborately done, it gives off the mannerism a formal suit demands, making the wearer look unfit and out of form. I might be a female, but I am one of those females who absolutely adorn befriending the Androgyny ways of style. Speaking about which, I have tried many a times to meet a brand or boutique that can magnify the feminine silhouette of me, while keeping up with the manly element of a tuxedo. Until now, I have been doped by many local boutiques who have failed in producing a suit that matches my expectations. Suit Fullstop is an e-commerce label that excels in every aspect of suiting up. Although it is a men’s trendsetting brand, the team did listen to my request on stitching up a tuxedo that really reflects my identity and gives me a great fit. So in case you’ve been wondering how an e-commerce boutique match your requirement of a designer formal suit, then you’ll be overwhelmed to know that the label does a fantastic job in delivering what we ask for. Worth mentioning that they have some physical stores in the country, established, as well! And to make the experience more unique and personal, Suit Fullstop offers ready-to-wear as well as customised formal suits to its customers. How does it work? Not only do they offer altering post delivery, their returns are easy to follow as well. But given their dedication towards delivering customisation that is up to the mark, their sure are any chances of needing any of the edits. Did I mention that they offer ‘Renting’ facility …

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John Players Jeans Collection For Men

October 27, 2016

With the transition from warm weather to cooler winds is taking place in Northern India, the effect is evident on our wardrobes as well! Now is the time to bring out light jackets and denims out of our bunks to strike AW’16 in style. John Players by ITC is not just about good dressing, but they thrive to bring out menswear styles for the Indian market as well. Celebrating the evergreen trend of blue JEANS, John Players has introduced a diverse collection of Jeans that promise much more than just the distressed style. Inspired by global fashion, JOHN PLAYERS JEANS has introduced denim styles that will ante up a man’s style, effortlessly. With elements of colours like coral orange, gold moss, sour green and deep teal against Indigo Denims, the contrast can be tagged along as the coolest take on this rich menswear trend. So what can you expect from JOHN PLAYERS JEANS AW 2016 Collection? Patch on/off over embellishments, raw, distressed, laser printed and bleached impacts on denims that widely takes over the line. Hint of Scottish checks and Deep Navys can also be seen on some of the designs. We, the bloggers, too tried our hands on Patch-mixing techniques and splatter techniques to bring a fresh change of style to regular denims for men. The one thing that I personally derived out of this collection is the fact that their is a lot that can be experimented with with basic menswear trends; internationally and nationally. With John Players Jeans AW 2016 line I definitely look up to a fresh change in the way how men perceive style. Breaking the norm that prints and colour is a feminine thing, bold colour hues against Indian Motifs is charging up the way a man can dress up. What’s versatile about this collection …

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John Players Play Unscripted – Menswear

May 30, 2016
John Players_Play Unscripted

While our Indian Fashion Runway is still catching up on menswear drama, the retail brands are pushing forward a whole new anti-stereotype propaganda on fashion for men! So much so, that the game is just not about styling it right, but actually breaking free of the memo that every man has been taught under the tagline of ‘Manly way of dressing up’ and engaging in the wave with the best foot (note : denims) forward. Now that women have already trended hardcore for a ‘boyfriend jeans’ on the social network, it is time for men to shed the basic denims off for something more candid. John Players is one of those few fashion brands that have been evolving constantly on menswear category, keeping abreast with the latest trend forecasts of the world.   And this time of the year, they are playing unscripted to promote denims as the trendsetter of the summer season. Well, you’d anticipate that all you’ll get to see in the collection will be just the denims with maybe some washed acidic affect or those regular ripped fabric threads giving the whole *macho* vibe to the wearer. NOPE! You will definitely see hints of the regulars, but John Players has taken another bold step in presenting a denims collection for men which is designed on laser printing technology, holds uni-sexual patterns and patches adding zeal to the comfort and a varied range of colour palette for those who are bored of the regular denims affair. Popularly known as JPJ, a.k.a. John Players Jeans not only caters to the trend cravings of a fashionista, but has also been designed keeping in mind the comfort that one seeks during the hot season. Hashtagged #JPJSS16 on the social network, John Players Jeans collection has been crafted with experimental washes, contemporary fits …

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November 20, 2015
John Players_Header

#PLAYUPSTYLE WITH WINTER WEAR FROM JOHN PLAYERS It is routine for our Earth to revolve around the Sun that brings the change of season. But for us it is time to have a change of wardrobe! To help us revamp our everyday wear we have decided to explore the John Players Autumn Winter Collection. It is a promising range of casual, formal and party wear. Taking in its ambit a number of youthful prints, animated hues apart from the indigo denims, the collection is served with edgy styling matching global conventions. The spotlight of the 2015 AW Collection of John Players is on the peppy prints! Some of the designs are drawn from playing cards based theme called the Jack of Hearts! It simply means our shirts, tees and sweaters will be christened with snazzy numeric graphics and monograms. Moreover, they are offering floral printed, stylized shirts apart from some tribal designs. They bring us different colour palettes for different ranges. For the modern casual wear there is a mix of classic yet eccentric shades. There is an interplay of chesterfield green, red, black and blue, aptly toned down by the earthy tones of beige. Whereas the fashion Playlist range has got vibrant, quirky hues like pepper yellow, sour lime and spicy orange on our tees and trousers. These will be endowed with tribal patterns and lively bird impressions to spice up the festive season. With respect to the requirements of the office gentry we noticed the Informalist and GlobeTrotter range. We can easily make different ensembles out of suits, bandh galas, outer wear and slim fit jackets that this collection offers. We love the detailing of contrast colour tapes and geometrical pattern on these smart formals. These are sure to make the office life a tad bit more exhilarating! …

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Benetton Fall 2015 Menswear Preview

November 7, 2015
Benetton AW15 Preview

Winters have over the years, been associated as being gloomy and colourless. Sure, the weather definitely gives everyone a chill, but the world of fashion surely doesn’t agree with the norms. With so many trend forecasts each season, the menswear too (thanks to Benetton) gets its share of adding the style quotient; offering an array of silhouettes and garment lists to choose from. has had an appetite of designing sporty terrain, season after season. Who can miss their signature Polo shirt styles, eh? But since the last few seasons, Benetton has taken over the creative hat; designing an entire range of menswear to curb the demands of stylish men. The day I walked into their store with my friend, Mohit, I was quite surprised (and grumpy) to find out that Benetton AW15 menswear was much extensive than their women’s wear collection. From monochromes, leather weaves to geometric multi-coloured styles, this menswear collection has it all! Thanks to an array of menswear styles to choose from, we didn’t have much troubles while constructing a look to feature in our preview. But, no denying the fact that the collection spread left us spoilt for choice and we ended up spending a good 2 hours to finalize a look. The Go-Getter Look While mostly men try and balance between a super-formal or super-casual attire, our focus was on decoding a look that’ll surpass as a semi-casual look with a flair of sensibility in silhouettes to provide that ‘gentle-man’ appearance. Let’s take a closer look at what I’m talking about here! Adding on a desirable colour palette, we tried on breaking the gloomy rules of winter clothing. Preferably sticking to the solids, we did add on some minimal prints on denims to include much uberness to the look. Although, their was an entire …

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Biker Men : Menswear Diaries (OOTD)

June 9, 2015

Happy, happy and happier! Well, because this post brings in a whole new level and category to the blog ‘Kalapalette’. Yes, you guessed it right – Menswear Fashion. This new and yet to be explored area of Indian Fashion promises styling tips, ootd’s and absolutely core information about everything and anything to do with menswear in India! And what a better way to kick start this journey than doing a feature around the crux of being macho – The biker men? I present to you my partner in crime, Rohit Gupta, a dear friend who was more than happy (excited like a kid) to be a part of this series. There is much more than just a fancy bike to the road lover and that’s what Royal Enfield believes in exploring. With a massive collective of biker gear, comfortable clothing for long bike rides, to tough texture accessories for keeping it all going; Royal Enfield’s wear & gear collection is absolutely amazing. So whether you are taking a road trip to Leh, or would simply like to keep it stylish on our desi roads; this style will bring in the edge that every man loves to associate with. Take a look! Despatch Riders The store features an interesting visual merchandising format and innovative product displays, which include the use of bits and bobs from Royal Enfield motorcycles and photo frames that speak of the Royal Enfield heritage. A full-blown wall display of a stripped-down Continental GT showcasing the bike’s internals and frame depicts machine love where the rider derives sensorial joy through tactile interplay with his motorcycle. The space has been designed not just as a point of purchase but as a meeting point for enthusiasts and for conversations around motorcycling. Photographs Courtesy : Faizan Patel Photography Outfit Details T-Shirt, Jacket, …

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