#SubscribeToSmooth Gillette Venus Challenge

August 26, 2015
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Do you opt for waxing as your hair removal technique, or slide on a razor to get the job done in a quickie? Well, this method of removal of unwanted hair has been up as a debate for a long long time. While some vouch by the smooth and long-term experience of waxing, others swear by the easy & pain-less razor method for hair removal.

I myself have been questioning the credibility of razor as hair removal for a long long time. It’s not only a pain-less way of removing hair, but is also cheaper and quicker method of doing it. Remember those constant trips to your local salon for a painful half-hour of waxing agony? Sure, the method provides a long-term freedom from unwanted hair and often removes dead skin; but boy the pain and time it consumes is just too much to take!

And in today’s fast pace of life, you can’t really pack up a mobile waxing kit and try stripping the waxed patches while you’re on the go. What if you have a surprise date post work and you’re suppose to wear a midi dress, but have prickly hair growth on your legs? Of course the trip to the parlour is just not feasible. Which is when the mighty razor comes in handy.

Even with the goodness of a razor’s feasibility comes in many claims that might make you think twice before shaving. Razored hair becomes thicker, razor harms the skin, etc. – their are plenty of notions around razor that are actually not true in the light, but yet get pointed out at, every time the word ‘razor for women’ gets called out!

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The team of Gillette Venus invited media and bloggers to have an open interaction about the same. Their expert panel of Aesthetic Physician Dr. Rashmi Shetty, renowned make up artist Namrata Soni and the beautiful Kriti Sanon spoke lengths about the goodness of shaving; busting the common razor myths, that we all are antiquated with.

This event held at Vivanta By Taj (New Delhi) was an effort to promote #SubscribeToSmooth campaign by Gillette India, that spreads awareness about the goodness of shaving with the expert panel sharing tips and effective methods of hair removal.

The Q&A discussion was detailed and productive, clearing our doubts and encouraging us to take up the challenge. Yes, I have taken up a 30-Days challenge, starting today, to keep my skin baby soft by using the right method of shaving with the Gillette Venus hair removal kit.

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The ingredients of this kit will ensure smoother, more hygienic and skin friendly hair removal experience. Totally look forward to strictly following the challenge. Meanwhile, if you have any queries related to shaving or hair removal, leave in your comments below and I’ll definitely get them answered!

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Stay tuned for more updates on my #SubscribeToSmooth Gillette Venus challenge and experience.

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