INNISFREE – Korean Beauty Secrets now in India

November 21, 2013
Last weekend, I was invited for a hand care ritual by the recently launched Korean brand called ‘Innisfree’. The beauty enthusiasts who belong to Delhi, are already familiar with it’s presence. Centrally located in one of the shopping hubs of Delhi, Innisfree is making it’s presence felt in this already blooming giant market of beauty and body brands.
Launched in 2000 as Amore Pacific’s first eco-friendly brand, Innisfree Korea’s claims to be a naturalism beauty brand. Having it’s wings spread overseas, Innisfree currently operates 800 stores including South Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Growing and producing products from the world famous Jeju islands, this brand guarantees effective skin and beauty care with the wholesome goodness of nature. And I was to about to experience just that!
When I stepped inside the store, I was taken on a store tour, and was introduced to a wide collection of beauty and skin range. The interesting part about these collections was that they were way beyond the usual fruits, vegetables and plants oriented ranges that we get to see in other brands. Olives, Red Wine, Jeju Green Tea and Jeju Volcanic Pore are some of the ingredients that have been designed keeping in mind the different skin types.
The ‘Hand Ritual‘ consisted of a very surprisingly gentle exfoliation regime with just a drop of a serum, which not only scrubbed off the impurities and dead skin cells, but it resulted in a lighter skin tone as well. I could actually see the difference in both of my hands. This was followed by a very relaxing hand massage with a moisturizer which suits the current state of your skin. Out of the 3 choices from normal – dry – extremely dry, I chose the one to cure ‘dryness’, to deal with the Delhi’s dry winters. The massage was a combination of circular smoothing of the moisturizer and releasing tension through the pressure points.
The result was relaxed, tan – free, glowy and healthy hands. Woot woot! I will personally recommend the regime to all the ladies who can get their hands on some Innisfree products.
With Jennifer Bae and Dr. Supriya 
Touch my lucky nose!
The pretty goody bag that I got. By far the cutest gift pack I have ever received. 

I have a strong feeling that Innisfree will do very well here in India, given the fact that the younger generation has been following Korean beauty with zeal.
The only constraint I found was the language barrier. Since the products are produced in Korea, they lack an English description on the usage and ingredients. But oh well, I trust them. :p