Heads Up For Tails – Fashion for Dogs/Cats {Lifestyle}

April 6, 2014

Are you a pet lover? What do you usually shop for your dog/cat? Pedigree, a cosy bed, silky harness, some toys and maybe a warm jacket for those winters; right? What if you could get a tuxedo made for your spaniel. Or maybe get a raincoat custom made for your pooch’s rainy days? Well, this is actually possible. And that too, from the comfort of your homes! Heads Up For Tails About : We are India’s exclusive luxury brand for ‘pawsh’ and fun doggie couture. Our products range from comfy and customized dog beds, chic collars and leashes, fashionable dog apparel, to an awesome range of accessories for pets and pet lovers! We also source yummy treats, fragrant dog spa products and other goodies from other international brands. Shop HERE Lovely Sakshi from the HUFT team introduced me to this amazing store. If you are a dog lover like me, you’re surely in for a treat. Among their awesome luxury options, I got very keen on trying this hamper called ‘The Wag Box’. Trust me, I was more excited about what’s inside the box when it arrived than my Casper. The procedure is quite simple and impressive. All you got to do is fill up a form with the likes, dislikes and measurement of your dog. You can suggest the type of products you would like to receive in the hamper. The creative team of HUFT then gets working, and creates custom made boxes on order. And trust me on this one, they do the job pretty well! (The cover paper was wrinkle free on arrival. My excitement is to be blamed for the mess, ehm!) How very sweet of them to customize almost everything.  A custom made rain coat, toy ball, collar, key chain, choostix, scarf and popcorn. I …

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Travel Diaries – BeBeautiful Workshop, Mumbai

October 29, 2013

Who said that ‘Great conversations start over great coffee’?? Hell no! Great conversations can start over anywhere, even when it’s 5a.m. outside the city airport. Well, atleast I wasn’t keeping any hopes on that. To give you a broader perspective, here is the summary…. While Delhi was buzzing over the recently concluded Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, amidst the crazy schedules, I got an invitation, which usually might piss anyone off. Reason? Well, the invite was for a workshop to be held in Mumbai, while I reside in Delhi. Like always, I had to politely decline the invite, stating my current location. To which, they replied, with an equally polite smile, that this trip will be fully sponsored. YAY! (Dil mai ladoo phoota? Yesss!) As the days closed by, I learnt that few more bloggers will be flown down from Delhii, among which I got in touch with Ritu from The Indian Beauty , who introduced me to Deeptima from Beauty Unleash with Deeptima . I started my trip with anxiety and a hope that I will *meet* new people, only if I knew that much more is what I will get out of this mini trip. Let me take you through a ‘Picture Diary’, like I always do, to share the fun, friendship and love I felt in these two days. DEL – BOM The early morning flight plan. BEBEAUTIFUL WORKSHOP  The google team member, happily addressing queries. Bumpy from 120mediacollective team   120mediacollective team explaining the right videography skills.  Hello! Video testing 1-2-3.  The insights of a youtube channel.  Ambika Anand  Clint Fernandes  The always cheerful Dolon from PoutPretty  Our setup for an instant youtube shoot.  Beauties at work. THE NOM NOMS Desserts for lunch, during Bebeautiful workshop.  The dinner desserts.  Diwali already?  Cuteness eh? Did I just own a Louis Vuitton myself? …

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A Mentalist in Grey – Lior Suchard

August 27, 2013

Wearing a slate grey double breasted suit, uncombed hair (quirky gentleman), a silver steel wrist watch and a superman ring (he is no less than a superman himself), Lior Suchard is the person of anticipation. Calling himself a ‘Mentalist’, this man foretell the future, read your mind, influence your mind and even decode your most guarded secrets of all. Kingdom of Dreams gave us, the Indians, an opportunity of a lifetime. Lior, who has been showcasing more than 200 shows every year around the globe, was here last week, in Delhi to take workshops and deliver entertainment shows. The fun part is, none of his shows had the similar pattern of commencement. During a personal tete-e-tete with him, he mentioned a very amusing story, which proved his mind-blowing mental capabilities and how positively he took the life around him. Recalling the time when he met his wife for the first time, he said “When I was 16 years old, I saw my wife sitting in front of me for the first time. Usually boys my age tried the cheesiest pickup lines to ask a girl out, but I on the other hand had a very simple question to ask. I asked, if I can guess your number, can I call you?” (Yes, he was able to guess his wife’s number!) Lior has performed in front of Hollywood celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio and has been on Jay Leno’s show too. My experience, being a part of his show, was simply mesmerizing. The positivity that he gave away, the assurance that everything is possible, and that perfect smile simply made my evening. I ended up receiving his latest book, including excerpts from his life experiences, and a lesson to stay positive and stay focused! I was also introduced further to the world …

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Book Review – Pink or Black 2 by Tishaa

January 24, 2013

A while back Blogadda sent across this teenage drama novel for review purpose. Lots of pink, black and white on the cover page surely screams “Teenage Puppy Love/Teen Issues”. What does the back cover say? Tiana’s school year has just started and looks bleak already. Her boyfriend is concerned they ‘don’t connect anymore’, her best friends are being super nasty, her lunch group has been taken over by newcomers, and the final nail in the coffin : a blast from the past, whom she believed she had left behind forever, has moved to Hill View High. Will anything go right for Tiana as she juggles friends old and new, tries to stay in her teacher’s good books, and, most importantly, attempts to keep all the boys at bay while she figures out her own feelings? Find out in this funny yet moving sequel to the bestselling Pink or Black, as Tishaa brings alive all the high drama at high school with wit and understanding. My reading experience.. The story revolves around a teenage rich girl Tiana, who belongs to a reputed boarding school, has the hot dudes of the school falling in love with her, has a good reputation with teachers and belongs to the most famous group of the school. However this perfect life is not so perfect as the story unleashes high teenage drama in high school. From the beginning of the story I could think of a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood movies to relate this novel with. From Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Student of the Year to High School Musical. However this did not help me create an imaginary visualization of the whole scenario, since the characters and scene arrangement just does not look like an Indian boarding school scene to me. It comes as a strong contrast …

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Book Review – The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks

November 4, 2012
avril_fragrance_02.jpg A week back Blogadda sent me over this amazing autobiography by the well known designer Wendell Rodricks for review purposes. The first thing I saw was the cover; Malaika Arora Khan calling it a “show time”. What does the back cover say? No one belongs here except beautiful mannequins, make-up and hair armies, dressers culled from local fashion schools and the designer’s team. Should a hapless tailor, steam-press man or technician cross the hallowed threshold of the green room, he is greeted with flashing, angry kohled eyes and half – naked models clutching their breasts and shrieking in unison: ‘Get out, get out! What the hell is going on? Who the fuck is this guy? Bahar jao! Get out!’ The shocked man, head at navel level of the six-foot divas, looks like a rabbit caught in a Guantanamo Bay strobe. Makes me think.. Is this 356 pages thick book all about “The green room”? Certainly not! What is it about? I will call it a parallel walk through the life of Wendell Rodricks and journey of Indian fashion from late 20’s to the present. A journey of middle class boy born to Goan parents, who has seen the extremes; from tasting the village life in Goa, to struggling a life from Mumbai chawls to clinking champagnes with rich and famous. His life is truly an inspiration to those, who give up in life so easily. Hard work, patience and determination is what Wendell Rodricks has always lived with as he started off as a chef in Oman but god had other plans for him . He recalls the time when hope was the only hope, and the people surrounding him. The year of 1992 when India saw angry mobs of people distinguished in the name of Allah and Ram …

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Blogathon An Event in Delhi

June 3, 2012

Well although this post comes pretty late, but still never too late eh. So I got this brilliant opportunity to meet up fellow fashion bloggers, in this amazing event planned by Akshita Jain from colorific. My personal thanks and congratulations to her on holding such a great event, on such a large scale. Me and fellow bloggers were very excited as the date for the event was approaching.We had everything planned up. To start with I met Bharti from CrazyPopLock . And to be honest, we talked everything but fashion to start with.Hahahahaha!! And she was looking like a goth queen, with all the dark kohl, funky tee, electric hand bag and funniest badge I ever came across :p Me and Bharti Next we both were suppose to meet Komal from TheDelhiFashionBlogger. Since we had met before, we were so happy meeting up again. Like old school mates meeting after a long time.Lolz. She was hiding her curls behind a veil, which looked absolutely stunning as we reached the event venue. Komal When we reached the venue,The Second Sin I was jaw dropping over the beautiful interior decorations they had.And the best part about the event was, that we had seperate lounges for seperate blog writers genre. So we were able to catch up with fellow fashion bloggers and chit chat. No more chit chatting now! Enjoy the photographs 😀 Akshita from colorific with a fashion blogger (sorry I forgot your name 😐 ) Starting from Left : Awungshi from Dr.PoisonIvy , Bharti from CrazyPopLock and Aishwarya from BlingStruck (Awungshi is busy posing *awesomeness*, bharti is busy texting :p, and aishwarya is busy clicking) The bar of The Second Sin, MGF Metropolitan, Saket *drooling* (and yeah they served free beer!) The buffet area of The Second Sin, love the decor with wine bottles. The …

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The Devotion of Suspect X – Book Review

May 27, 2012

When I first held this book in my hands, I was glued to the captions, the remarks, and the introduction to The Devotion of Suspect X Novel. The caption says “THE JAPANESE THRILLER PHENOMENON – 2 MILLION COPIES SOLD” Seriously? Is it that good? The back cover headlines say “Read the book that sold over 2 million copies in Japan and became a nation obsession! To make it more interesting, it has been converted into a movie as well. The introduction reads : Yasuko lives a quite life, a good mother to her only child. But when her ex-husband appears a her door without warning one evening, her comfortable world is shattered. When Detective Kusanagi of the Tokyo Police tries to piece together the events of that night, he finds himself confronted by the most puzzling, mysterious circumstances he has ever investigated. Nothing quite makes sense… An introduction so mysterious, suspicious and full of meaty plot surely gives an adrenaline rush. Without even having a second thought you run through the pages to get started. The story has been written in simple English, which can be read by an intermediate English reader.The plot well spread. Each chapter focuses on certain phase of the happening in the story around particular character(s) at a time.This helps a reader understand the story with ease, without any confusion, making them grasp the emotions and depth of the on going story.The impact of the on going happenings in the story, let you connect all the small pieces. This kind of understanding leaves a very good impression on the readers, and they are able to recollect what they read later as well. Each character has a very strong role in the story, and you just cannot side line any one of them.The expressions of the characters in …

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Mother’s Day with Vodafone!

May 6, 2012

How do I go about making a special MOTHER’S DAY more special with the power of Vodafone? Well here is an *IMAGINARY* MOTHER’S DAY WITH VODAFONE!  (I hope to make this dream come true some day :)) 8:00 a.m. :Woke up in the morning after a stressful working week.No time to hit the gym, as today is Mother’ Day, and I have special things planned up for the day. 😀 But I do have time for a quick cardio workout.So I switch on my Vodafone super fast 3G Internet and check out a quick video on YouTube!! (video courtesy 8:30 a.m. : As I come out freshened up and ready for the next deed, my mom comes and hugs me, carrying a bouquet of roses and exotic chocolates I ordered online via my Vodafone 3G Internet!! (website : 8:35 a.m. : Now I need to quickly create special Breakfast for my mother. I Google up the recipes keeping my mother’s choice in mind. (website : 9:00 a.m. : Made an amazing breakfast of omlette, cheesy chicken triangles, Orange smoothie and some freshly baked muffins. Mom absolutely loved the start.She is all excited and charged up for the day, so am I ^_^.But before I move on further, I quickly add caption “Mother’s Day Special” to the breakfast snap I took  on Picasa, and it is ready to go on social networking sites. ^_^ (image : 9:30 a.m. : Time to go to run some errands.And suddenly the Vodafone Astrology alert pops up…Saying I will have a wonderful time with friends and family this weekend. ^_^ YAY  (image : 11:00 a.m. : Errands complete, now I am ready to chillax before meeting up a friend over coffee.Suddenly I realise YIKES I don’t have a party dress for the everning 😐 …

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Down the Road – Book Review

March 6, 2012

28 Campus Tales by 16 Authors!! This the first interesting line to catch your eyes.Edited by Ahmed Faiyaz and Rohini Kejriwal, the book “Down the Road” is a collection of  28 Campus Tales by 16 Authors.If this is not enough to read, the book provides 2 essays on Campus, Fiction on Campus by Sonia Safri, and Bollywood on Campus by Aseem Rastogi. When I first laid my hands on Down the Road, I for sure had a quick flashback of my childhood memories.This was a reason good enough to indulge myself reading this book religiously from page to page. When I flipped through the content of this book, I was more than assured of the flashbacks I will have of my childhood while reading these stories. This medium thick book is a mixture of emotions, all combined in this bundle of papers.There are moments of sweet memories, sometimes remembering your childhood’s bitter moments,sometimes laughing on an old joke or just sighing over the days…Gone with the Wind. The first feeling of butterflies, when that someone “suddenly” special passing by you, or coming in your vicinity.The newly developed feelings of having a crush on someone.The biggest sorrow being a teenager, Heartbreaks! This brings down few very tangy memories, which are both sweet and sour. Reading Down the Road by Ahmed Faiyaz, I remember my 1st every crush in life.The mixed emotions of happiness, nervousness and fear all jumping in my belly as if having a circus. Suddenly this puppy love become serious.You have heartbreaks, cheats, gossips, the hot buzz and rumors.Some are to laugh at, some are to gross at, and some become history.The feelings are multiple but the heart is one.All this has been well said in Rishi and Me by Ira Trivedi.The feeling of being loved and feeling special, the hatred of being cheated …

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Ho Ho Ho Kalapalette is here!!

December 24, 2011

Merriest Christmas to everyone and anyone across the globe. Have loads of cookies and milk, hope you all get loads and loads of gifts. Well, to make it all even merrier I am also having 1…3 giveaway on my blog. ^_^ Yes you heard it right….  3 FRIGGING GIVEAWAYS!! For all those fashionable divas I am bringing this Hand made STRAND OF PEARLS Necklace…That to in your desired color ^_^ Just fill up the Rafflecopter and I hope you win. ^_^ In addition to this Pearl Necklace I am also going to send a hand written note.Yay 😀 And the biggest thing….THIS GIVEAWAY IS INTERNATIONAL. YAY!!! /*{literal}{/literal}*/ a Rafflecopter giveaway <a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.

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