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September 28, 2015
Gillette Venus Razor Myths_Kalapalette

This article is about promoting razor as a convenient, hygienic and time-friendly way of removing unwanted hair. #SubscribeToSmooth campaign by Gillette Venus.

It is truly said that you really shouldn’t judge something without at least giving it one try. Having been fed myths about skin razors and how this hair removal system can be harmful for both the skin and hair; I was a bit sceptic to try out the method in person. When I started using razors a couple of years back, I won’t deny the fact that some razors did end up giving me flaky skin and bruises that could have been avoided easy peasy otherwise.

Having said that, I was still eager to try out Gillette Venus Razor for women and experience what it claims to be. Now, let me remind you, that Gillette Venus Razor for women is very different from the type of razors men usually use and has been uniquely designed keeping in mind the sensitive nature of a woman’s skin.

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Each Gillette Venus Razor comes with the following factors:

  1. Three blade system to provide finer razor experience in just 1-2 applications.
  2. Blades are sealed inside a protective cushion, allowing safer shaving experience.
  3. Curvy design of the razor blades makes shaving sensitive areas easier.
  4. Each razor head comes with an Aloe Vera + Vitamin E strip that only nourishes the skin, but also acts as an indicator. When you see that the strip has diminished it means that the razor blade needs replacement.
  5. The razor blade is disposable and can be replaced with another head, without having to buy an entire new razor handle every time.

Now that we all know the exclusivity of Gillette Razors for women, it is time to bust a major myth that revolves around razor over waxing.

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Myth– Razors leave the skin dry.

Well, if you plan on using a men’s razor on your dry skin, sans shaving creams and sans bathing gel; then yes! Anything used in the wrong pattern will definitely result in negative outcomes only. Experiencing a ‘been there, done that’ kind of a situation, I can vouch for the fact that Gillette Razor is a woman skin friendly razor that not only swipes clean the unwanted hair, but also leaves behind a smoother skin. Thanks to the Aloe Vera + Vitamin E indicator strip, the application results in a hair-less skin which can pretty much do without any extra application of moisturizer to make up for the dryness. Since Gillette Razor range comes with a bottled shaving body cream, the process becomes much smoother and nourishing.

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Stay tuned for more updates on my #SubscribeToSmooth Gillette Venus challenge and experience.

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