North Indian Sweets In Delhi : Food Talk

April 20, 2015
Eating something sweet is considered as a sign of positivity. While some like have something sweet occasionally, there are people like me who literally find a reason (or not) to have a hearty bite of heaven. Delhi, being the abode to many rich cultures, comes with a significant array of desserts to boost about. With a hint of neighboring Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana with the evergreen elements of Mughal royalty; North Indian Sweets in Delhi are quite diverse.
If you are a Delhiite, or know someone, you might have come across the statement “Khaane ke baad Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” (Let’s have something sweet post the meal.), quite very often. That’s what we have inherited from the royal food etiquettes of the Delhi Mughal era! So what exactly these north Indian desserts consist of?
Let me present to you some of the yummiest ‘North Indian Sweets in Delhi’ :
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If you’ve been to old Delhi and haven’t tried the ‘Desi Ghee Jalebis’ from the famous Jalebiwallah, then you have missed on something worth heaven. Available as early as 7 in the morning, this juicy piece of caramel is one of the best Sunday morning feasts, for Delhiites. Don’t complain if you got to stand in the queue to try on this one!
Kulfi Falooda
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Mostly available in the hot summer period of Delhi, this ice cold milk bar is different from any other Kulfi you will find in India. Topped with sweetened boiled noodles and dollops of Roohafza (rose flavored), the Kulfi comes in a variety of flavors to try from. My personal favorite is the kesar kulfi that’s full of nuts and raisins. Daulat Ki Chaat – You probably won’t have heard about this one, right? Even if you have lived in Delhi most of your life! Because this winter dessert is only made and sold in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.
Daulat ki Chaat
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Which means ‘snack of wealth’ is a pack full of surprising flavors. Cooked overnight, this delicacy is nothing but froth of cream, which is served with sprinkles of sweetened khoya and brown sugar. Yum!
Sohan Halwa
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This nutty Punjabi delight is not for the light hearted eaters. Heavy on clarified butter and rich with variety of Indian nuts, this dried form of halwa is quite addictive; once tried. Usually tried out from the Ghantewala of Delhi, this dry sweet comes in variety; differentiated from the type of ghee and amount of nuts used on it. Bet you can’t finish one whole halwa cake as its quite heavy than it seems to be.
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 Earthy, milky and refreshing; that’s desi Phirni for you! Made of rice flour, milk, sugar and rose water; this rice pudding is considered as a royal summer treat for guests. Usually cooled and served on earthy saucer shaped plates, this delicacy is found in Muslim restaurants across Delhi. Don’t forget to scrap through the leftover phirni from the earthenware for that extra zestful flavor, while you’re at it.
Now if this read has made your mouth watery with sweet cravings, go ahead and check eat out 5 North Indian Sweets in Delhi. Don’t forget to go with an empty stomach, because who knows, you might end up munching the entire north indian menu in Delhi!