Styling : MAX Fashion Styling Project

March 28, 2013
New project and some new creativity. For the last couple of days I was in a dilemma as to how infuse Fashion and Art in the best possible manner. Here is an attempt to bring about something out of the box. Would love your comments on the same. ^_^
Photography by : RashNair Photography

My main purpose of visiting Max Fashion store was to study the shopping patterns of the people. I was under an impression that people go out to shop with no definite motive behind it, but was surprised to know that people have not only become smarter but have also become fashion conscious  Most of them knew what they wanted, or had an occasion in mind to shop for. While some picked up random garments as per their liking, some actually spent 2 hours on an average to mix and match and create outfits.
So proud of our fashionable Delhiites! πŸ˜‰