Swarovski Elements Design Contest

April 29, 2013
A few days back I was invited to be *bling-struck* by the Swarovski team. Showcasing a very compulsive collection of mixed brainstorming by various artists and jewellery labels, Swarovski organized a competition nation wide called Swarovski Elements Design Contest in association with FDCI and EPCH. 
The challenge was to create jewellery with Swarovski elements in the most innovative manner. The choice of jewellery and elements was completely left wide open for the participants. The top shortlisted creations were displayed at Swarovski office in Gurgaon. The celebrated jury consists of Tarun Tahiliani, Sunil Sethi and Gaurav Gupta, who will be declaring the results in the next few weeks.
Check out some of the creations I personally loved from the displayed collection.

 A lot has been derived from these Swarovski elements, beyond the traditionalism which Indian clients look out for, a dynamic brainstorming and not even one creation had similarities with any other.
As per me the tribal style head/ear gear should win the competition OR the cosmo-inspired bangle set. Let’s see who wins.