(A Day when) The Devil wears Milano

December 22, 2011

Yes Kalapeeps….you have not mistaken the similarity of this post name to a very popular (fashion) movie.If you love fashion just like me, you absolutely know what I am talking about. But 1st let me tell you about MILANO…well I am not talking about Milan but something associated with…I am talking about a pretty cool brand  MILANO, 2011 Style & Color range by DEBORAH, Italy’s leading make- up brand. You can check DEBORAH MILANO INDIA out on facebook here This range might be pretty new on the block, but it has already started selling as hot cakes all over.Well why am I mentioning this to you all? Because I present to you……The Devil wears Milano…. when the Devils of “The Devils Wear Prada” *yes you heard it right* take their beauty up to the next level with makeup from DEBORAH MILANO range. Excited? To make it more merrier? I have made it “A DAY WHEN THE DEVIL WEAR MILANO” I have a set of 4 outfits to go as the day progresses from the movie “THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA” and teamed it up with the perfect makeup from the Deborah Milano Range. 1.Early Morning Appointment – The Official Outfit Early Morning + Appointment…what a mess it can be.You still feeling the warmness of your bed, but need to look your best and get going to that appointment.What to do? 😮 Well not to worry because I present to you a quick + flawless + faultless makeup to go with the Outfit No. 1 worn by Andrea (Anna Hathway) while rushing on the streets doing the tough assignments appointed to her by Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) Step 1. 24Ore Perfect Concealer and hide those blemishes away. Step 2. 24Ore Perfect Foundation for lawless face and neck. Step 3. Luminature Bronzing Powder for more elegance …

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October 1, 2011

Well usual fashion tips everyone gives, like wear scarf in different ways,or pull up some linen over some cloth and slosh it off with a belt or accessory.Well I believe in crazy stuff So my tip is also crazy… :p We all go for what to wear,what to match,what to fusion and what to blend.Its all EYE MATCHING!! In other words,what appears cool to our eyes.Well I blend the sense of SMELLING into FASHION…..WHICH PERFUME/MIST TO “WEAR” WITH YOUR DRESS!! :p I am providing 10 examples of the type of perfumes to go with the type of dress you are wearing.Different styles different perfumes/mist… Because as the fact is….the smell reaches our senses wider than the eyes….Let what we smell intro to what we wear 😉 Its a crazy and wild tip but yeah…ITS MINE ^_^ 1.SUN DRESS – This dress is something you will be wearing maximum time of the year….When we talk about SUN DRESS we talk about the open air,bright sun,open space,loads of fresh breeze passing by….And when we talk about SUN DRESS, we talk about something to do with SUMMERS too…so for this lot I have :                     Touch of Sun                                       Privet Bloom                              Fendi perfume                     By Lacoste                                     By Hampion Sun                               By Fendi 2.FLOWER PRINTS : I don’t need to say much about …

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