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Himalaya Herbals Hair Care Range Review

July 30, 2015
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The beauty of women might lie in her eyes, but it is her beautiful tresses that woo a man away. So much so, that our very own Bollywood has been writing song odes to the magic of wide flowing hair. But the picture looks more like a drama than a real life segment because nobody’s got smooth silky hair, say what?! Truth be told, it is a task in today’s time to take care of a healthy hair care regime. Forget the styling part, but the basic requirement of keeping the hair in the best condition possible is no less than going to war. From dryness, flakiness, dehydration, hair fall, dandruff, oily scalp, split ends to the rigorous prayers of growing hair longer than the deadline is no less than a nightmare. Top it all with the evil eyes of commercial hair (not so) care brands that promise fighting for you, while in reality they are the chemical gods in disguise hiding the multiple after effects of curing one problem. Imagine applying a serum/shampoo to ward off dandruff, which actually ends up drying your scalp off to the extent that the pores become dehydrated, resulting in dull and weak hair strands. In our desi world of Ayurveda and centuries old ritual of applying organic formulas to cure almost any bodily problem, there are certain brands that are still following the norms. Scientifically proven, most of the organic bases are harmless to our body and their results are long lasting as opposed to the chemical treatments that come with an expiry date. Himalaya Herbals is one such Indian brand that is not only convincingly priced, but their ever evoluting products too are quite promising. Been following their products since a long time now, I have seen their products and ranges developing …

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Korum Salon & Spa, New Delhi – Review

September 22, 2014
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Amidst this crazy life of juggling the lifestyle, getting pampered is no less than attaining nirvana. And the easiest way to get pampered? Ask your boyfriend/partner to take you on a romantic date. Have a spa day! And when a call from the oh-so-pampering world of Korum came notifying in my mail, I knew that this one is going to be an extra-ordinary experience. Note : The images used in this post are a combination of some picked from Korum Salon archives and some borrowed from Shweta Sarawgi of About Korum copyright : Korum Korum Salon, tucked away in the midst of New Delhi’s posh GK M block Market Part 1, is the luxurious gateway for everyone who wants to indulge. Less than a year old this newly opened salon and hair spa is a one stop solution for all your personal hair and beauty needs. Korum Salon is the brainchild of Karan Vohra who comes on board with immense experience in setting up and transforming start- ups into successful businesses. The brand aspires to redefine relaxation and rejuvenation in a contemporary environment perfected by signature Korum services. With a great emphasis on attention to detail to ensure that you look your best each artist works patiently with you to create the look you want.  copyright : Korum Spread across an area of 1800sq ft area, Korum salon and beauty lounge has seven cutting stations, along with three recliner shampoo stations. copyright : glamngloss  Their pedicure room is a separate private room with two comfortable reclining sofas with attached Pedi spa stations. There is a relaxing spa room with one shampoo station and two stations for complete relaxation to indulge. Also to give the fashionistas their perfect glowing look Korum has two beauty therapy rooms with spa beds to give a …

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