Elizabeth Taylor

Famous Pearl Jewel Styles

March 10, 2015

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but pearls are what define class amidst the bling! Sure, diamond has more currency weightage than pearls, but the rarity of pearls is as definite as a coal mine full of fine un-cut diamonds. Talk about being in vogue, and we set our standards around sophistication and everything that can make a statement. So be it a precious stone or a variety of semi-precious crystals, everything that adds up stylishly; calls for our attention. While celebrities in today’s age are keener on playing Cinderella showing the big rock, the vintage beauties have always felt more on Snowhite’s side showing off pearls with élan! Celebrating the beauty of pearls, let me present to you some of the most legendary pearl jewelry pieces from the days gone by. Source : pinterest 1. Elizabeth Taylor’s South Sea Pearl Ring – The charming beauty of the yesteryears was quite famous for her clandestine affairs and an array of luxury jewels. Being the ruling Cleopatra of Hollywood back then, she was often spotted adorning pearl strings around her neck. But what caught attention of many was her South Sea Pearl Ring set atop finely studded diamonds. Not to forget the size of that pearl that made it stand out amongst other rings. Source : Amazon 2. Princess Diana’s Pearl Earrings – Princess Diana was not just a pretty princess with some serious studded tiaras. Her collection of jewels was adapted by designers and trend-setters on the go as well. From being on the cover of Vogue to doing some serious deeds as a humanitarian, Princess Diana was always spotted wearing pearls and diamonds. Her favorites were of course, tear drop pearl earrings with a matching string of pearls necklace. Source : digitalism 3. Audrey Hepburn’s Pearl Necklace – If you love fashion and old …

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