Indian Women

Every Woman Is A Leader!

April 15, 2015

Anna Wintour – Vogue America, Editor in Chief Photo source : fashionfoodies Like every other sphere women have not had it easy and had to fight to prove their mettle in the male-dominated world. It is interesting to note the kinds of professions that are earmarked for women by the wise society members – some opine how “teaching is the perfect profession for women”, ”the natural nurturing nature of women makes them suitable for nursing”, “it is hard to imagine a woman-surgeon”. Moreover even more mind-boggling are the stereotypical characteristics assigned to women employees -“she cannot be independent, decisive, and assertive“, “unmarried women are preferred for jobs as once they have kids they get deviated from work”. In short, stereotypes continue to exist. Not only is it hard for females to enter a work field but even when they have established themselves they are supposed to put up with unusual expectations in performance and required to prove their worth time and again. Usually women are denied top jobs due to the perceived lack of competency. Seems like enough has been said though I have not even yet spoken about the harassment that women have to deal with in their workplace! Indra Nooyi – CEO, PepsiCo Photo source : businessinsider So what is the recipe to make lives a tad less difficult for women who juggle up responsibilities of official work as well as the duties of a homemaker? Shall we give them reservations? Maybe they would be happier with lesser workload? Perhaps sympathizing with them would work? Sadly none of this would work because what women want is easier than this – respect and recognition as equal employees. Women wish to be known by their work and not by the socially constructed notion of their gender identity. We need revolutions …

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