Innisfree Green Tea

Innisfree Green Tea Range – Review

September 24, 2015
Innisfree Green Tea Range_Kalapalette

This article is about Innisfree Green Tea Range, that promises nourishment to the skin with the goodness of green tea and promises a glowing grease-less skin that lasts long. Comes the autumn season and the condition of my skin goes for a toss. Mark my words – it is a task to manage combination skin in a weather condition that too stays confused throughout the week. Someone cold, sometimes hot and sometimes wet/humid; that’s September for Delhiites. With the skin breaking out (no-acne yet) and all skin care products getting a rapid on my testing table, it has become a task to manage the well being of my facial skin. Not to forget the endless days of blogging and prepping up for the upcoming Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 parade (Yay!), the task has become difficult. But, I won’t be cribbing anymore. Because Innisfree has introduced me to their great range of Green Tea goodness. Now Koreans know how to take care of their beautiful skin which is why, the range comes in sub-categorized that have been defined keeping in mind the type of skin one has. Mine being a combination skin, I was suggested to try out their Green Tea Balancing Range. Balance, why? Because the concoction is not super greasy on the skin and yet manages to provide full moisturisation without feeling oily. GREEN TEA BALANCING RANGE Green Tea Balancing Lotion 1. More moisturising and fresh with the 100% squeezed green tea Rich in amino acids and minerals, green tea from the fresh Jeju green tea leaves hydrate your skin 2. With a water-like texture when it touches the hands, it applies smoothly and absorbs fast without any stickiness. 3. The natural moisturising factor betaine from amino acids provides intense moisture to combination skin to restore …

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