Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 2

March 18, 2013
 Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 2 
saw very interesting take on Autumn Winter inspirations by some of the renowned Indian designers.
“I look at wood and I wonder,how did a pattern of flowing water implant itself in wood?” Keeping their forte in prints, Hemant and Nandita experimented with the classification and took the prints to a whole new level. The AW’13 collection showcased prints in different textures found on wood. Shades of deep violet, green and washed white. the prints were imprinted on lace, peplum jackets, sleek dresses and fine tailored pants.
My favorite The dose of lace used in various cuts and patterns, they semi-goth impression and fabulously themed “wood prints”
All that glitters IS gold – The collection is strongly influenced by the precious & permanent and in particular lustrous metals. Sophisticated day dress with metallic yarn embroideries and sheet foiling, heart motifs in laser cut, shimmer knitwear and leather were some of the highlights of the show.Her signature style consisted of full-length heart sequin gown & velvet crystal heart dress.
My favorite The shimmer knitwear and bomber jackets.
Rajputana Bikers – It is an elusive story, a figment of the designer’s wild imagination. The whirlwind of bikers riding in a group of many. The collection showcased the blend between Rajputana heavily paneled garments with the various patterns of leather.
My favorite The biker jackets for sure!
FEZ – presented a relaxed aesthetic characterized by ethnic nomadism. It showcased elements of minimalist luxury in an autmnal palette of russet leaves, amber yellows ,forest greens, petrol blues, sand and sky greys. Paired with an interesting crushed fabric texture and rouching technique, the collection offered deconstructed layering in loose shapes, innovative fold and fluid drapes.
My favorite The relaxed yet appealing look of the collection, along with shades of ombre.

The enigma that is the sadhu’s style – a sea of unending fabric mysteriously wrapping itself upon itself, to create an aura, a cocoon, a sensuous drape – finds itself engineered into the modern, structured, sensual drape, characteristic of Tarun Tahiliani, for this year’s AW’13 collection. Skirts, kurtis, jackets, dresses, the signature Tarun Tahiliani concept saris, gilets and accessories too, are all imbibed with the distinct mood of India Modern – nestled deep within the designer’s own sensibilities.
My favorite : The theme and hues of red & orange.

Scaly, slimy, glossy, majestic and mysterious – fashion and fantasy collide as serpentine scaled jackets fuse with layers of dark volumes to create unusual pieces that are precisely constructed and not easily categorized. Interplay of decoration and form come to life in consciously structured dresses that accentuate the austere silhouette while a touch of neon underlines the contemporary approach.

My favorite : The snake skin inspired prints and fabrics, the semi-Gothic silhouettes and interesting color palette.

Aik – is Arjun’s search for One reality which lead him to a collection in which multiplicity is explored via motifs, print, layering and beading but in unified in simplistic, clean even monastic silhouettes. Employing the square and cube as his guides, Arjun’s explores a cutting technique that is linear and defined. Wool, Georgette, cotton, tweed silks and self plaids play the role of ‘shell’ fabrics that contain the ‘duality’ of contrast linings, concealed zippers and buttons.
My favorite : The simplicity of the entire collection. Loved the baggy printed pants and woolen jacket.

The Dunes – The collection reflects vivid imagery of the countless journeys that the Great Indian Desert (The Thar) has witnessed through out the many centuries. What follows is a canvas of easy flowing silhouettes with harmonious surfaces that stands like a solid swathe of color.
My favorite : The stunning tones of solid colors inspired from the Thar desert, the easy flowing silhouettes and men’s accessories.

STEEL MAGNOLIA- Can feminine only be fragile? Can the lightness of a bird’s wing stand the fierceness of a storm? Can severe regimental allow fluidic drapes? Can brutal maroon exist with dove grey? Can the gentle warmth of pashmina have solace in the iron of zari? Can the strength of steel be gloved in the petals of a magnolia?
My favorite : The futuristic take on sarees and lehengas, printed men’s suit and interesting ethnic drapes.