Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 4

March 22, 2013
Day 4 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week saw celebrated designers showcasing their designs.
Block – The blocks of life are built on the foundation of a man’s earliest memories. Surfaces inspired by Lego blocks are created in gunpowder-dusted palette – pewter and anthracite move into charcoal and black. As though denoting the thickening of our skins, touch leather is used plentifully – as yardage and also as a broken down textural components.
My FavoriteThe chic metallic touch, the see through fabric and androgynous approach towards the silhouettes.
Naive – Simple & child-like credulous attitudes flow through wordiness that lacks artificiality – pure thoughts as illustrated in – ‘The Boy on the Rocks’ echo the Naive art inspired Cruise Resort collection by Shivan & Naresh. Distorted expressions, benign faces, juvenile colors and an absolute play of proportions come together in exclusive art works created by the duo which extrudes a wardrobe that screams with the innocence of a child.
My FavoriteThe intense variety of monochrome dance with a contrast of bright neon tones over a saree drape, to multicolored-patterned swimwear and including bell bottom retro chic pants.
 An ode to the mountainous terrain of Central Asia, Mountain Chic brings alive the nomadic experience of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. With rich fabrics and textiles like silk, raw silk, crepe, voile, and canvas, traditional to the regions of Persia and other Central Asian countries, the collection features the magic of threads adding a sense of opulence and luxuriousness.
 My FavoriteThe Suzani needlework of the Bukhara period, embroidery and print inspirations from Kilim carpets of Persia, blend of gold, orthodox printing techniques and gush of Aztec patterns.
In Silence – Exaggerating the feel of winters with color tones of icy blue, mint and teal, the indifference of the grey, black and white infused with olive, red and shades of Ombre. The textiles used are made up of wool, crepe, silk and organza woven in printed patterns of fem leaves, tree-lined horizon, scattered roses and the surface of the bamboo.
My FavoriteThe Japanese beading, threaded textures and the cut-works and applique techniques.
With an unusually minimal mindset, The village sets sail, throwing caution to the wind and with romanticism in the head, to the alluring sense of escape. Compass prints, map patterns and wind-vane motifs guide the way. Leather and silicon twines are used for knotting, knitting, looping.
My FavoriteThe many shades of Monochrome! Period.
White Garden – The collection resonates with the strums of a bohemian rhapsody, of spring in winter. The sudden rush of color glides across exquisite ensembles of wool and silk, scattering light in brilliant hues – over dresses, tunics, embroidered jackets and wool capes. There is a play of tie and dye, embroidered patchwork and flower prints, enjoying an aesthetic eminence in silk and velvet textures.
My FavoriteThe infusion of 60s psychedelic orange, green, pink and blue against black waft. The military inspired jackets and capes by women for women.
The Van Gogh’s “Starry nights” lends itself to shimmering silks, tawny tissues and earthy matkas. Midnight blues, purples, peacocks, teals, blacks and burgundies translate into quilted jackets, sheath, wrap and cocoon dresses with a splash of burnished gold and bronze. Palazzo pants in rustling silk swirl while long flowering robes twirl around the ankles creating a romance that is contemporary yet classic. Capes, long and short, flirt with the feminine form, teasing and caressing at once. Bringing the opaque and the translucent together in a harmonious blend.
My FavoriteThe elegant shimmer is the only thing I liked in this collection.
Gothic princes weds Knight in shining Armour! This is exactly what this collection shouts at me. Sheer elegance dipped in seductive yet sophisticated silhouettes, from a glitter princess to the gothic Elizabeth Bathory, from snowhite to aqua queen… this collection saw many shades.
My FavoriteThe diva look!
This season the collection offered the wearer a visual treat along with a tactile experience, with a riot of patterns and colors as seen in psychedelic Central Asian Ikats, Ilkalsaris of Karnataka, khand blouses from Maharashtra, warm felted tie and dye from Kutch, and woven felts and pashmina from the mountains of India. Each piece has been touched by the hands of various craftspeople from difference parts of the country, keeping the Indian tradition of the handmade alive.
My FavoriteThe layering of simple patterns over solid colors to create a sporty yet stylish look. Loved the combination of “circus” theme with a backdrop of serious craftsmanship from all over the country.
This season Ranna Gill focused on “high evening-wear” relevant to the glamorous life of global jet setters. Length is key and the accent is on her signature maxi-dresses. The extended tailcoat that grazed the ankles on some of the looks adds drama. Tops and tunics, leather leggings and frock dresses also get their fair share of attention in this collection while a line of jackets have a smart retro-modern look.
My FavoriteThe glamorous silhouettes, and royal color tones,
embellished fabrics with metal riveting and crystals, and sensual textures.
A fluid collection using drapes in satins and velvets, the silhouettes with construction on the upper bodice and easy draped bottoms. Other elements used in the collection were rose prints lending romance to the collection and woven embroideries reminding of tapestries from yesteryear. A bohemian vintage collection richly peppered with embroideries and detailing, represented in luminous hues of petrol, gold, purple, wine, ink blue and the ubiquitous black.
My FavoriteThe glamorous take on basic ethnic clothing styled in Dhoti kurtas and dresses, velvet bandgalas with gathered pockets, bias peplum jackets with patchwork embroideries, layered silhouettes, cowled bottoms and wraps.
The Baroque Tree – Outlines take a new significance, bringing high drama in the form of controlled sculptural detailing in areas like sleeves, yokes, shoulders etc. to redefine the body frame. Opposite textiles are fused together to create uniformity with frivolity through their opacity and transparency. Sheen blends with matte, while sturdy materials are blended with Ultra soft fabrics to create a new textured textile.
My FavoriteThe Chintz – inspired, hand – embroidered, organic khaadi jackets in vibrant colors, dori embellished dresses and skillfully structured jackets and trousers.