Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13 – Day 5

March 23, 2013
As the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW’13-14 concluded, the paparazzi chase grew stronger, and the shows got bigger.
Back Lovers Anonymous – is a dark collection with accents. Surfacing from the underground, the collection lifts from the intersecting lines of fringe players, hustlers and lively lowlifes in a non linear narrative, black comic style. Black on black texturing matt and shine, with accents of white and color come together to form fitted and over-sized silhouettes.
My FavoriteThe color blocked ombre effect.
Simple silhouettes, basic hues of red and pink and basic ethnic cuts. The simplicity of the ensembles was soothing to the eyes, yet they preserved a glamor quotient.
My FavoriteThe solid colors and simple ethnic wear.
Mildly eccentric and slightly magpie, the collection this season has been all about mixing and matching – off separate teaming, off-color pairings and a luxe careless feel, retaining the “handcrafted” essence of the label. Detailed block and screen prints in muted yet vibrant colors are complimented by graphic, crafty textures and embroideries, somewhat leaning towards a tribal – folk aesthetic.
My FavoriteThe layering of prints, texture and separates which added a dramatic flair.
Mood Swings – The collection is inspired by works of Picasso’s paintings for the three art movements – Rose period, Blue period and Cubist war period and their three protagonist colors. Instilled on a backdrop of ecru the color blocking captures the enamored soul of the artist ‘Pablo Picasso’.
My FavoriteThe use of intricate embroidery of a plethora of shapes in indigenous techniques, cosmopolitan and opulent look and combination of strong emotions and history.
Mekhla – The Mekhla is a concert of three pieces of cloth – a skirt like a sarong, a blouse and an additional piece of cloth draped over the shoulder. Vaishali experimented with bold hues of gold, orange, pink, fluorescent green and varied shades of blue. Contemporized fine cut work and surface texturing of wool and metallic thread. The elements symbolize the complex lanes and architectural design of the villages of Assam.
My FavoriteThe Aztec prints, vibrant colors and overwhelming drapes and layers.
Out and out an evening collection signifying over the top bling and edgy ensembles. The usp of the collection is the print which is inspired by the tombs and ceilings of Egyptian palaces. Utilitarian design in an artisan direction focusing on functionality and supreme craftsmanship is Charu’s take on her AW’13 collection.
My FavoriteThe royal fabrics like silk, satin and velvets. The edgy and structured silhouettes, contemporary collection with side zipper trousers, jackets and tunics with applique work, satin printed blazers and shift dresses.
 Virtues – The collection is inspired by the Nawabs of Awadh in the 18th century. It showcases a story of a courtesan and her extensive wardrobe with rich vintage embroideries and classy cuts. The colors are strictly black and shades of white with hints of pinks and reds. The fabrics used as Georgettes, Cottons and Marhoos. There is an extensive use of hand block prints in natural dyes on Mashroos and cottons.
My FavoriteThe outburst of royalty representing in every ensemble, highlighted with elegant and royal drapes.
  The Adventures of Capt. Must! Qalandar – The collection is a melange of textiles from various regions of India. Beautiful weaves from Narayanpet in Andhra Pradesh. Rich Tussars from Bhagalpur, Exotic silks and some modern fabrics form the backbone of the collection. Techniques used are Kantha from Bengal, Daboo printing from Rajasthan and some modern interpretations of these techniques garnished with the quirks of India.
My FavoriteThe astonishing stylings which reminded me of “Cruela – de – ville”, passionate shades of blue and greens, interesting prints and imagery steampunk fashion.
My favorite : The flirtatious colors, layered drapes and undertone shades of nudes, beige and blues.

The collection took inspiration from the legendary “Burning Man Festival”. Futuristic designs wedded genius showmanship, the finale saw heavy acclamation and left fascinated and “grooving” audience. Presenting the show amidst a hippie band performing live, the show was a never ending affair. A riot of neon tones along with blue sky prints against the backdrop of warm colors, was a treat for many.
My favorite : The ornamentation, the genius showmanship and blast of colors.

Until the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS’14!