1970’s Inspired Summer Trends 2015

July 16, 2015

Many a trends keep resurfacing time and now on the fashion front. From seeking retro summer trends inspiration of a legendary fashion show or editorial spread to simply soaking up the tones of a historic design has become a norm of this industry. But then there are certain ‘evergreen trends’ then tend to repeat with decades passing by and still manage to become a rage even in the current world of vogue wherein being quirky and normcore are absolutely normal!

This international Spring Summer Trends 2015 showcase too saw some nostalgic Déjà vu’s happening on the runway, for both men and women. While most of the designs followed the basics and a few presented art on the front, their were a few designers who adored the classic trends and made it a point to present them in futuristic silhouettes that the people of the current world can adore and wear.

There is something about the 1970’s (wish I was born in that era *Sigh!*) that keeps resurfacing in terms of fashion picks on designers labels. Have actually lost count of the times when someone referred a particular silhouette or design to something that was introduced in and around the 1970’s timeline. Was that the time our fashion goddess came down on earth and sprinkled some modish inspiration on our lace & layered land? Maybe!

1970’s Marrakech Maxi Flows


We just can’t do without having some free-flow silhouettes in our summer wardrobe. Which is why any trend that works around these almost-floor touching fabric arrangements are a win-win situation for us. And when someone amalgamates it with bohemian side of style, the wishlist scribbles topple down with these added as the top priority.

Many designers internationally and even on Indian front have presented this earthy yet eye-catchy trend on the runways this year. From Roberto Cavalli to Samant Chauhan, the basic rules have been the toned down hues of brown & yellow, laid-back long silhouettes and consuming embroidery or accessory application overall.

Style Tip: Turn your basic maxi dress into a Marrakech Maxi number by securing a tassled rope around your waist as a belt or accessorize with bohemian metallic necklaces, arm candies and hamsa jewels.


1970’s Printed Shirts




Let’s be honest here. A little bit of men’s fashion ain’t hurt nobody! And by that we mean adding some prints to their otherwise solid stained attires. The print might come out as outrageous for many men, but when dressed up with the right shades of lowers and accessories, a laid back man can turn out to be ‘oh so rad!’

Opt for a retro floral pattern or step out in sporty print blocks, the printed shirts trend for men is back in action. Key motifs include tropicals, statement stripes, camouflages and geometric prints. Layer it up underneath a jacket or simply tuck it in a complimenting trouser & footwear setting!

Style Tip: Go for micro-prints on subtle tones if you are beginner. Accessorise with tanned faux-leather bag, brogues and a pair of aviators to balance the print.

Remember, no matter what trend you swear by or experiment with, it is the confidence that you wear what matters the most. Lady gaga is outrageous, yet her style has become a signature number because of her confidence.

Stay stylish, stay confident!