September 2011


September 28, 2011

*The giveaway is given at the end of the post ^_^ Don’t forget to enroll* Oct is almost their..and I am so excited because October is going to be a FESTIVAL MONTH. Yay!!For all those who do not know well let me explain a bit about it to you : First we have Durga Puja Festival which is starting from 2nd of October and will be happening till 5th of October.It is the worshipping of Goddess Durga.4 days of great food and worshipping ^_^ Huge Durga Idols are made of earthy goods and worshipped under big tent houses called Pandal. We get to enjoy Lavish special festival food.This is a non-veggie platter called “THALI” During this week in the southern part of INDIA is celebrated Navratras meaning 9 auspicious nights. 9 nights of traditional dance,food and fun which happens late till the wee hours of the night.People wear traditional clothes full of colors and dance with two wooden sticks in hands all night in groups. People playing dandiya the traditional dance carrying wooden sticks in their hands. The traditional Dress of Garba Dance After this comes Dusshera.This is to embark the killing of evil Rakshas (monster) of Lanka (which is Sri Lanka now) by Lord RAMA. This day is the end of Durga Puja which is done by submerging the idols into the holy rivers and praying the goddess to visit them again next year.The submerging in river is done in a belief that the goddess will reach her resting place from a portal inside the river bed. On the other hand, the celebrations of the victory of good over evil is done by burning a paper mached idol of the evil king RAVANA. These idols are filled with crackers inside.The sight is totally mesmerising 🙂 And then comes my favorite …

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