January 2012


January 4, 2012

You talk about what is Hot right now in the fashion world?And you will hear “NEONS” and “GLITTER” While my last post has been a fusion of Neon and Pastel.I thought of bringing up GLITTER next 😉 This week we are talking about glitter.LOTS OF GLITTER!! Earlier glitter was only for glamour.If you do it right you hit the jackpot.But if you did an overdose of glitter…it was FLASHY! But now, no more glitter is enough.Don’t you think Kalapeeps? Well I thought of the same. But what a better way of presenting glitter than associating it someone who looks fab with oogles of glitter as well. I am talking about every lil girl’s love “BARBIE” If you add the right amount of glitter you have the right OOMPH factor. 😉 Just to give an neutral element to the starry look I started with a basic blouse. SILK CREPE BLOUSE From La Garcone Then I added some shimmer to this basic blouse with dash of glitter shorts Sequinned Shorts From Topshop To give contrast to your orange blouse I have selected Fuchsia pumps to go with the look, along with some amazing accessories which you can check out in the LOOK above. 😉 Untill next time….. Kalapalette KEEPS BREWING!! 😉

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