August 2013

A Mentalist in Grey – Lior Suchard

August 27, 2013

Wearing a slate grey double breasted suit, uncombed hair (quirky gentleman), a silver steel wrist watch and a superman ring (he is no less than a superman himself), Lior Suchard is the person of anticipation. Calling himself a ‘Mentalist’, this man foretell the future, read your mind, influence your mind and even decode your most guarded secrets of all. Kingdom of Dreams gave us, the Indians, an opportunity of a lifetime. Lior, who has been showcasing more than 200 shows every year around the globe, was here last week, in Delhi to take workshops and deliver entertainment shows. The fun part is, none of his shows had the similar pattern of commencement. During a personal tete-e-tete with him, he mentioned a very amusing story, which proved his mind-blowing mental capabilities and how positively he took the life around him. Recalling the time when he met his wife for the first time, he said “When I was 16 years old, I saw my wife sitting in front of me for the first time. Usually boys my age tried the cheesiest pickup lines to ask a girl out, but I on the other hand had a very simple question to ask. I asked, if I can guess your number, can I call you?” (Yes, he was able to guess his wife’s number!) Lior has performed in front of Hollywood celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio and has been on Jay Leno’s show too. My experience, being a part of his show, was simply mesmerizing. The positivity that he gave away, the assurance that everything is possible, and that perfect smile simply made my evening. I ended up receiving his latest book, including excerpts from his life experiences, and a lesson to stay positive and stay focused! I was also introduced further to the world …

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The Dairies – Part 1

August 12, 2013

Look Good in  Myntra Originals #LookGood With the power of internet taking it’s toll globally, almost everything is getting possible in the virtual world. Take for instance, the latest obsession (for some) *Online Shopping*. Surprisingly, the Indian market is also getting virtual, with many an e-commerce websites making successful relationship with the citizens. Every other day, I see bloggers and citizens ordering products online. Be it fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Earlier all we use to hear about was Ebay and Amazon, which were out of Indian citizen’s reach. But now, we have various portals with defined shopping categories. I, personally don’t prefer virtual shopping. For me it’s all about the feel, the real look and the wearability of a product that matters. Not to forget the excuse we get to step out of the house, have some fun with friends, enjoy shopping together, and even sip a coffee in the end. 😉 Although, a lot of fashion websites give you the option of *Trying* the clothes first, and then buying… I am still a believer of the former! Now, when I got a chance to browse through the collection of Myntra Originals, I might have altered my opinion about virtual shopping a bit. I can say that, is one of the those few Indian e-commerce websites, that provide you highly fashionable apparels and accessories, and are still decent on the budget. My shopping experience browsing through the collection of Originals 1. Current trends can be visible in the apparel section. Eg. peplums, monochrome stripes, floral prints,etc. 2. Vast variety of apparel types, from party gowns to casual western wear, and ethnic wear. 3. The size chart is quite accurate, if you know how to measure yours. 4. The photographs justify the real look and feel of the product, …

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