September 2015

Myths Ft. Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth

September 28, 2015

This article is about promoting razor as a convenient, hygienic and time-friendly way of removing unwanted hair. #SubscribeToSmooth campaign by Gillette Venus. It is truly said that you really shouldn’t judge something without at least giving it one try. Having been fed myths about skin razors and how this hair removal system can be harmful for both the skin and hair; I was a bit sceptic to try out the method in person. When I started using razors a couple of years back, I won’t deny the fact that some razors did end up giving me flaky skin and bruises that could have been avoided easy peasy otherwise. Having said that, I was still eager to try out Gillette Venus Razor for women and experience what it claims to be. Now, let me remind you, that Gillette Venus Razor for women is very different from the type of razors men usually use and has been uniquely designed keeping in mind the sensitive nature of a woman’s skin. Each Gillette Venus Razor comes with the following factors: Three blade system to provide finer razor experience in just 1-2 applications. Blades are sealed inside a protective cushion, allowing safer shaving experience. Curvy design of the razor blades makes shaving sensitive areas easier. Each razor head comes with an Aloe Vera + Vitamin E strip that only nourishes the skin, but also acts as an indicator. When you see that the strip has diminished it means that the razor blade needs replacement. The razor blade is disposable and can be replaced with another head, without having to buy an entire new razor handle every time. Now that we all know the exclusivity of Gillette Razors for women, it is time to bust a major myth that revolves around razor over waxing. Myth– Razors …

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Eid Special – Leaping Caravan Food Review

September 25, 2015

This article reviews Delhi’s current Home-Delivery gourmet brand ‘Leaping Caravan’ review. Gone are the days when festive meals were all about endless hours of preparing dishes and setting the menu extensively right. Of course, our mothers still try to fit in an economical menu to makeup for the festive season, but who on earth has the time to marinate tikkas and Dum-Pukht Biryanis, eh? Sure, going out is an ideal option. Not to forget all the buffet offers that surface a week before the festive day, specializing in the traditional preparations for the celebrations. But it’s not feasible to gather all your family together and celebrate the festive season with a little privacy outside. Home Delivery has become a rage now that Indians are well-versed with the workings of the internet. Right from buying the groceries in the comfort of your homes to scrolling through endless recipes on the browser to construct a menu; everything is now available on the tips of your fingers. Well, this easy life too comes with some glitches. Even in today’s time food orders are made for current consumption only. I have hardly come across any portals that offer pre-booking of the menu and simply taking a chill-pill while the food gets delivered on your doorstep on the day as scheduled. Leaping Caravan is one such gourmet-style home food delivery service, that offers an array of authentic Indian meals and comes with all the flexibilities of ‘online-ordering’ that makes the entire procedure way easier. Leaping Caravan takes you on a delectable tour of the Grand Trunk Road. Bringing specialties from the popular regions along the route to your plate. About Leaping Caravan Whether it is the spicy Pashtuni Chapli Kebabs [rs 280] from Kabul, Lahore’s Bhati Gate Ka Mutton Seekh [rs 280] or Aloo Timater Jhol [rs200] …

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Innisfree Green Tea Range – Review

September 24, 2015

This article is about Innisfree Green Tea Range, that promises nourishment to the skin with the goodness of green tea and promises a glowing grease-less skin that lasts long. Comes the autumn season and the condition of my skin goes for a toss. Mark my words – it is a task to manage combination skin in a weather condition that too stays confused throughout the week. Someone cold, sometimes hot and sometimes wet/humid; that’s September for Delhiites. With the skin breaking out (no-acne yet) and all skin care products getting a rapid on my testing table, it has become a task to manage the well being of my facial skin. Not to forget the endless days of blogging and prepping up for the upcoming Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 parade (Yay!), the task has become difficult. But, I won’t be cribbing anymore. Because Innisfree has introduced me to their great range of Green Tea goodness. Now Koreans know how to take care of their beautiful skin which is why, the range comes in sub-categorized that have been defined keeping in mind the type of skin one has. Mine being a combination skin, I was suggested to try out their Green Tea Balancing Range. Balance, why? Because the concoction is not super greasy on the skin and yet manages to provide full moisturisation without feeling oily. GREEN TEA BALANCING RANGE Green Tea Balancing Lotion 1. More moisturising and fresh with the 100% squeezed green tea Rich in amino acids and minerals, green tea from the fresh Jeju green tea leaves hydrate your skin 2. With a water-like texture when it touches the hands, it applies smoothly and absorbs fast without any stickiness. 3. The natural moisturising factor betaine from amino acids provides intense moisture to combination skin to restore …

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#LockerStyle Ft. Anika Dhawan

September 9, 2015

Anika Dhawan has introduced a whole new perspective to the wedding scenario in India. Called the ‘Wedding Décor Couturier’, this Delhiite has been transforming wedding camps into a decorative piece of memorable art since over 5 years now. From theme based décors to the occasion based customised brain storming, Anika’s joint label called ‘Rani Pink’ is behind designing pandals and interior-exterior designs for an impactful one-of-its-kind wedding experience. If you’ve been following her label Rani Pink on the social circuit, you are very well versed with her kitsch to classic style of wedding décor. But what is her own personal style? Apart from designing the sets for her own wedding, which designer trousseau did she wear to make it extra special? What is her everyday style running through meetings and travelling to channel her wedding décor magic, nationally? We, for our Locker Style diaries #2 presents to you a sneak peak into her closet. Take a look! Photographs courtesy – Faizan Patel Photography Follow Anika Dhawan’s Label – Rani Pink Tell us something about your knack for creativity. My occupation as a wedding designer is not just confined to creating props and setting up mandaps for an event, there is a full story that revolves around it. Something that is close knitted to the lives of the bride and groom , something that forces me to completely engross myself in their lives for a minute and feel their hopes and aspirations of what they would expect from their wedding, so if I’m not creative enough to weave a simplistic story into a fairytale, then Id feel something is definitely missing from the experience I promised them. Also its something I love doing, something that keeps me on my toes and helps me entail a vision that helps me grow as a person each …

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Pushkar Resorts Rajasthan – Hotel Review

September 8, 2015

‘Luxury in the lap of nature.’ – That’s how I’m going to define the beautiful Pushkar Resorts. This great amalgamation of providing excellent boarding facilities amidst the natural habitat of the Rajasthan region has truly been one of its kind experience for me. Not only was I mesmerized by the colourful township and vegetation of Pushkar, but I also felt absolutely pampered by the warm hospitality of the regional staff. Introducing to you Pushkar Resorts by Sewara Hospitality group. Constructed in 1998 as a mere stopover, Pushkar Resorts has ever since group over into a full fledged working resort with luxurious amenities that go unmatched for miles in that rugged region. For those who look for comfortable lodging even when they are out nature-watching, Sewara Pushkar Resorts set in one such amalgamated example. A couple of weeks back, I was invited over to their monsoon-hit property for a rural experience that promised serenity and luxury; both at the same time. And boy were they right! Right from their welcoming rose & cucumber drinks to their farewell meal, the entire 3 day experience is worth documenting. PROPERTY Designed by Indrek Roy, the property is mostly flavoured with its natural vegetation. The lodging buildings, restaurant and reception buildings have been constructed in a manner that doesn’t block the breathtaking view of the Aravallis. Spread across a land of 15 acres, it is a treat to take a stroll across the pathways, listening to the chirping of the birds and soaking in the sun and the wind of Rajasthan. Mr. Rajesh Mandal, manager, made sure that we get a detailed walk through of the entire property with additional information on the type of vegetation that can be found to the technical details of the rooms and other services. LODGING The property comprises of 40 …

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Locker Style Diaries Ft. Mahima Gujral

September 4, 2015

Belonging to a family of couturiers, Mahima Gujral a.k.a. South Delhi girl, has many folds deeper to her personality than the sublime couture life that she otherwise belongs to. An avid traveller, she loves soaking in inspirations from all over the world and has volumes of stories to share about her bruised passport. Young with a flair to keeping up with the luxurious-drama of a fashionable lifestyle, she balances SUE MUE – her mother & grand parent’s couture house with her laid-back style; with poise. In this issue of #LockerStyle diaries, we present to you a sneak-peak into her closet and what it is like being an Indian kid born with roots belonging to the ethnic tribes of Indian luxury fashion. Take a look! Photographs courtesy – Faizan Patel Photography Follow Mahima Gujral on Instagram Describe yourself in 1 word. Explorer How do you associate yourself with Sue Mue? Sue Mue (Initially known as Priyadarshini) was started by my grandparents, Mr. Surrender Mohan and Mrs. Narinder Mohan back in the 60’s as a small tailoring counter at Heritage, South Extension, New Delhi. The USP of the brand lies in detailed customization of outfits and prompt and courteous client servicing. Inevitably, my relationship with Sue Mue holds a very strong base in the building blocks of my life, both personally and professionally. Apart from getting all the beautiful clothes for my traditional Indian and indo-western wardrobe, Sue Mue has been a part and parcel of my life. From sitting down with the designers and brainstorming the upcoming collection, to working on various business modalities for future brand expansion. I as an individual have grown with the brand and the brand has grown with me. Being born and brought up in a family of couturiers, how has that faired for you so far? As wonderful as it …

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Radisson Blu – Paschim Vihar, Delhi (Review)

September 2, 2015

It’s a rare sight finding a hotel in a concrete jungle, that sets living experience apart from the otherwise suffocating ambience that many offer. A hotel that offers the bird’s view of West-Delhi, Radisson Blu Paschim Vihar is definitely worth visiting and experiencing. Right from their warm hospitality, breathtaking views to 24/7 working restaurants, dinner-special food abode and recreational centres; this hotel excels in all! Located in the heart of West Delhi, Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar is an up scale hotel by Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. Radisson Blu Paschim Vihar is not only family friendly, but its massive space and separate business-class and lounge floor offers business conferences and events as well! The décor of the hotel is contemporary with metallic yet soothing elements to keep up with the rich interiors. Accommodation The hotel offers 178 Guest rooms and Suites, with 122 Superior rooms, 35 Business class rooms, 01 Presidential suite, 02 Deluxe suites, 15 Executive suites and 03 Junior suites. We stayed in one of their ‘Business Class Rooms’ that is located on their exclusive business floor of the hotel. The room is spread across 36 square meters, with a spacious bathroom, high-speed internet access, virtual office setup and a boardroom right across. DINING EXPERIENCE Before I get into the details of the restaurants, I would like to say that this place offers the best in bakes and most of the dishes that they serve. The flavours are intense and likeable, the presentation is spot-on and the ambience definitely sets the mood right! Level 2 Keeping up with the amount of travel and business class customers that they receive on an average, Radisson Blu Paschim Vihar offers a 24/7 open dining restaurant, Level 2, that offers world cuisines and quite engaging kitchens. The restaurant is located …

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ZA Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel

September 1, 2015

We are almost settled in with the monsoon season and the anticipation for autumn time is in full swing. While I am still praying for a few more drizzles, it is the humidity that is totally killing it. So much so, that I am being real cautious about what to put on my face till this moist season stays on. The minutest presence of moisture on the skin leads to a sticky skin, which is followed by zits popping all over. Yikes! As a beautilicious routine, this is the best time to indulge in gel-based or no-cream beauty products. Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel is one such moisturising product, that claims to provide moisturisation without any pains of stickiness and dull looking skin. About Moisture charge in just 10 seconds! Amino mineral complex instantly rebalances your skin condition and restores with moisturization. It is refreshing and leaves no stickiness after usage. Steps to Use Dab an appropriate amount (approx. 0.6 g) on several spots over face with the fingertip and smooth over from the centre of the face outwards. Experience I personally found the moisturiser quite convincing. The gel based formula of this one blends in with the skin, leaving behind no sticky substitute whatsoever. The fragrance too was mild and soothing, which calls in for some extra brownie points. The price tag might be a bit out of budget for a moisturiser, but for those who are desperately looking for light hydration on their acne-prone skin, this definitely is the product to invest in. Verdict Value for Money : 3.5/5 Quality : 4.5/5 Quantity : 4/5 Results : 3.5/5 Usage : 1 month approx. (daily application) Price: INR 599 for 50 gms  

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