January 2016

#WhyVisit Cafe Dalal Street?

January 19, 2016

Gone are the days when dining out only meant going out to a nice restaurant, finding a cosy spot for the family, ordering the traditional menu that we habitually used to abide by on every outing, eat with some chit chat, conclude the meal with a glass of soda or saunf and come back happily ever after. With the globalisation being on a fast track, it is just not the meal but a summary of a few elements that decide for us if a restaurant stands as a one-time experience or goes a longer way on becoming a regular dining hotspot. Can’t say much about other countries of India, but Delhi definitely is on a fast pace, with customers demanding ‘out of the box’ dining experiences. People are not only open to the idea of trying out a new dish, but are also expanding their taste versatility with various traditional and experimental cuisines becoming a thing! So what is it that makes Cafe Dalal Street one such dining abode that is a must visit experience for the residents and tourists of Delhi? Find out! #1 The Dalal Concept Cafe Dalal Street is inspired by the stock exchange norms of India and derives its name from the ‘Dalal Street’ of Mumbai where all stock market traditions take place. A genius concept of Himanshu Gupta and Vidit Gupta, the theme of a stock market platform has been designated to the bar of Cafe Dalal Street as well. The concept comprises of fluctuation in the prices of in-house cocktails & mocktails, with respect to its supply and demand. #2 The Dalal Decor The interiors play a crucial role in bringing the theme to life. Decor has been customised keeping in mind the old style setup of Indian stock exchange office. Benches spread across the main …

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#MondaySaves – SALE Must Have Jackets

January 18, 2016

The comfort of having e-commerce in our lives has turned the entire shopping experience into one happy hobby time. If not for our cravings to add on some more clothing to our wardrobes, the e-commerce round the year sales are worth surfing through their thousands of collections; every now and then. Gone are the days when Sale season only meant the ‘end of season’ discounts galore. Now everyday is a discount sale on the web world. And now, when the cold breeze is wearing off slowly, giving way to the spring season, the end of season sale too can be seen reflecting on these .COMS! With massive discount festivals running a 3-day gala affair, with cut-offs as high as 80%, the shopping therapy just can’t get any better than that. How To Shop Smart Sale shopping might seem like a genuine blessing, but it is more a strategically planned marketing plan that the e-commerce giants milk on. Not saying that it’s bad for our health, but if you ain’t a smart shopper, you might get doped into buying something which is on ‘discount’ for almost the same amount as its actual costing. The idea is to analyse your cart carefully and ask yourself ‘Is this jacket worth spending INR XXX on?’. Don’t go by the discount cut only, but the actual worth of spending a few bucks on something which might actually look like a few pennies instead. Current Stocking Scheme I am one of those buyers who often check out the physical stores for their end of season sales, so as to invest in off season clothes that are worth a buy, will be in trend and will definitely last worth the money spent on them. Even if we are slowly approaching the spring season, we still have a …

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