December 2016

Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Loaf – Last Minute Healthy Bakes

December 24, 2016

Dabur as a Science based Ayurveda ensures products that tastes good and are healthy for all age groups. Right from their array of Hommade organic base products to a range of ready-to-eat products, Dabur is making our lives easier and eating habits healthier! Caught up in the festivities of Christmas but ran out on sweets for family and friends? An easy bake and healthy dressing will save you time to indulge in the celebrities and will become a yummy and healthy treat for your loved ones. With Dabur Honey Spread you can do much more than just spreading it on a jam. It is yummier, zingier and fruitier than any regular jam and comes with the wholesome nutrition that ensures a healthier and yummier treats always. Dabur Honey Fruit Spread is packed with elements of vitamins and minerals which boosts strength, immunity and balanced health of our body. Dabur Honey Fruit Spread comes in cute mason jours and have four gourmet flavours to offer – Strawberry, Plum, Kiwi and Exotic Berries. What’s more? These spreads contain chunks of real fruit bits and contains zero sugar and colours in them. Coming back to our last minute Holiday 2016 quick fix, you can do wonders with these Fruit Spreads! First off, here’s a recipe of simple Dabur Honey Fruit Spread Cake Loaf that is quick to make and requires limited ingredients but provides maximum flavours! Take a look at the recipe : Ingredients 500 gms Vanilla Cake Mix 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil/Olive Oil 1 cup fresh milk 1 tsp Sweetened Cocoa Powder 1 jar of your favourite Dabur Honey Fruit Spread (I’ve used Plum) Marie Biscuits (optional) Recipe 1. In a bowl, mix 2 tbsp vegetable or olive oil in 500 gms of Vanilla Cake Mix. If you don’t have a Cake mix, then …

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December 22, 2016

As the years tick by, trends change. People change, tastes change, attitudes change including styles and designs.  New becomes old and old becomes new again. While it may be true that diamonds are worn on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and engagement but there is also a shift in women’s choices of styling themselves. Fine diamond ornaments are now being worn by women all the time. Delicate diamond jewellery adds a touch of class and sophistication to your personality and makes you stand out from the rest. For centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. This might have rooted from the Greek’s belief that Cupid, the god of desire, affection and erotic love, has diamond tipped arrows which have magic to draw hearts together or to inspire romantic love. And that’s exactly why, diamonds will continue to capture our imagination and enchant us with their brilliant sparkle. Hazoorilal Legacy houses an array of designs and collection of rings and pendants as well as latest necklace designs, earrings and gemstones. Diamonds are a classic gift and everyone’s best friend. Gifting diamonds may not be right for all occasions but they are for most. Here are times when diamonds are the perfect gift. ENGAGEMENT Engagements are one of the best occasions to gift a diamond as a symbol of eternal devotion. When visiting Hazoorilal Legacy store, you will see the many diamond shapes and cuts that are available as well as tons of ring styles. You will see all sorts of designs and arrangements that will catch any eye when your future bride proudly wears her new ring. Is your future bride more subtle than flashy? No worries. Here are some gorgeous rings from the house of Hazoorilal Legacy to get some ideas flowing. …

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Himalaya Herbals Winter Care Range Review

December 21, 2016

Winter Skincare is definitely a challenge, especially when you reside in dry regions like Delhi where your skin tends to dry out and chap with just one breeze. Himalaya Herbals believes in the power of deep nourishment be it for any season. And to celebrate this cold season, the brand sent across a hamper of Winter Care Range my way. I definitely feel pampered and spoilt for choice. It’s been approximately 2 weeks since I have started using Himalaya Herbals Winter Care Range and I have absolutely no complaints till now! To begin with, Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Lotions range is a must have product in your winter care kit. Depending on the severity of the dryness, Himalaya Herbals offers 3 varieties of Body Lotions for the winter season. For those who care about the aromatherapy benefits of lotion application, Himalaya Herbals Soothing Body Lotion is the product. It consists of Grape Seed and Almond Oil to provide moisturisation and leaves a mild soothing fragrance that lingers on for an hour or so. If someone is looking for pure nourishment, then Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Body Lotion is the go to product. With the goodness of Aloe Vera Gel and Winter Cherry, this one is apt for people suffering from mild dryness. And for people belonging to dry regions and are in need of some sever moisturisation treatment, then Himalaya Herbals Cocoa Butter Intensive Body is the product to swear by. I have used Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion last year as well and it surely stands out for its chocolatey fragrance and the moisturising goodness upon application. The price tag is quite pocket friendly and the lotions are a great option for daily usage in comparison to the thick body butters that cost a bomb and their utility is limited and greasy …

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STUDIO – Pan Asian Restaurant, Novotel Kolkata

December 19, 2016

Being in Kolkata, you get to taste many varieties of sea food preparations. Right from the roadside deep fried fish chops to a gourmet seafood platter at a renowned fine dining restaurant, you get to try it all. But with the influence of Oriental flavors in North East region of India, you also get to savour authentic and region-customised Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines alike. Novotel Kolkata too proudly exhibits their oriental skills with a stand-alone restaurant called ‘Studio Pan-Asian’ that excels in Oriental menu. Bringing flavors from different parts of East Asia, Studio offers platters from Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore under one roof! My recent visit to Kolkata gave me a chance to dine in at Studio by Novotel Kolkata, where the Chef presented me an array of Oriental courses to try on. Looking back at my experience there and virtually re-visiting the dining experience for you let me share with you the items from the menu that I tried. For Appetizers, I was served Satey Kai from Thailand, which was basically marinated succulent grilled chicken in a skewer, served with peanut sauce. The combination of grilled chicken skewer with peanut sauce was simply spot on! Following this, we had Ebi No Tenpura from Japan, which was Prawn ‘Tempura’, served with freshly grated ginger & radish and came with a side of Tempura Sauce. We were served Juicy Tiger prawns, fried to perfection with very little room for leftover grease. From Malaysian region we tried Ikan Panggang, the Indonesian take on char grilled fish on a banana leaf. The flavors of the fish were well preserved; the earthy flavor of the banana leaf well coated the fish that was partially crispy on the outside and absolutely moist and soft from the inside. My favorite …

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#ChefStyle Cooking with Dabur Hommade Range

December 17, 2016

No matter how much you like cooking, time management always becomes a priority. With daily needs of cooking food that matches the culinary expertise of any Michelin Star restaurant is no less of a dream, right? But if the basic ingredients can be simplified to an extent that it saves time and also provides Chef-style taste for the dish? Dabur Hommade by Dabur has been promoting smart cooking experiences with a Science Based Ayurveda technology since the last 13 years. Being one of the first brands to introduce a quicker and more convenient ways of cooking in Indian kitchens, the journey has been backed by celebrated chefs like Vikas Khanna who often uses Dabur Hommade range to simplify the cooking process and time. Indian cuisine is incomplete if not for a tadka of Ginger-Garlic paste, which is why my mother has been a fan of Dabur Hommade Ginger Garlic Paste since forever. But what about adapting international cuisines in the Indian Kitchen? To prove that these base products by Dabur Hommade cut down on the cooking time and serve the richest content possible for great flavors, I picked up Dabur Hommade Ginger Garlic Paste and the thick Coconut Milk to create a Burmese Recipe. To keep the cooking fair and give you an insight on how I cooked Khao Suey, a soupy wholesome Burmese Meal with Dabur Hommade products, I clicked some ‘In The Making’ photographs. Take a look at my recipe and how I prepared this interesting yet detailed food item from the oriental kitchen. Ingredients For Soup 6-7 White Mushrooms 1 Carrot 1 Zucchini 250 gms chopped Cauliflower 150 gms finely chopped beans 1 Spring Onion 1 Shallot 1 ½ tbs Dabur Hommade Ginger Garlic Paste 2 inch stalk lemongrass, finely chopped 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tbsp …

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Mosaic Hotels Christmas Delicacies At M-LOUNGE

December 14, 2016

This article needs no introduction, because it’s the spirit of this festivity that brings out the best in any hospitality group and other brands alike. Mosaic Hotels too, getting into the festive mood, has introduced an array of Christmas Delicacies that are now available for the entire month for purchase! And to give us food lovers a personal experience of what they have in store for their Delhi and NCR foodies, they invited us over a tête-à-tête to introduce their Holiday Season specialities. M Lounge Patisserie, which comes under the Mosaic Hotels banner excels in breads, cakes and other assortments like chocolates and breakfast spreads. Keeping in mind the utility of products for a month long holiday season, M lounge has introduced a variety of breads, cakes and edible decors to meet the requirement of their clients. As simple as a bread loaf has been done 3 ways to bring in more flavours and a sense of being merry to everyone’s breakfast table. I personally loved their marble and jam flavoured bread loafs. Priced between INR 125-150 for 500 gms, these bread loafs will last 2-3 weeks and can be micro-heated to retain freshness at the time of serving. For chocolate lovers they have Leopard Bread and Marble Bread as well. For those who love the jam-bread traditional combination, the chef has introduced the Swiss Breakfast Bread and for the health conscious lot they have an array of Mutli-Grain breads too. Their festive star is the Chimney Cake which is basically an edible chimney made of croissant dough stuffed with battery-operated candles and an option of assorted chocolates, cookies and choco-cookies. These chimneys have been designed as a table decoration which can be savoured past it’s decorative show. The chimneys are priced between INR 274-475 and can last for up to …

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#BeautyExperts – Tantrums Makeup Studio

December 13, 2016

Every time the thought of getting a makeover done from a salon or studio pops up in my head, all I can think of is how the artist will ruin my natural instinct and make me look like Cruella-de-vil. It takes a great deal and luck to find professionals who know the requirement of your skin, your appearance and your personal style. Picking up a makeup brush and simply buffing through an array of NYX or Sephora hauls is an easy-peasy, but it takes a great deal towards brushing off the right colour tone and touches that will make you look like a million bucks! Tantrums Makeup Studio is a venture by Ratika Vaish and Mayank who deliver their passion for beauty across many platforms and among a rich clientele overseas. Based out of East Patel Nagar, their venture is growing immensely and they are now opening up branches across Delhi to expand their wings. For the recently concluded season of Amazon India Fashion Week, I collaborated with this lovely team who drove down all the way from Patel Nagar to my residence to transform me into a ‘Desi Diva’ for Day 3 of AIFWSS17. When it comes to makeup, Ratika treats the requirements of her clients with great zeal. She patiently listened to my perspective and vision of the makeup I’d like to go for. Ratika interacted with me, providing her inputs on the latest makeup trends and helped me decode the makeup that will compliment my Saree-Jacket amalgamation for the fashion week. My initial instinct was to go for smoky eyes, but she suggested that I go for more subtle and shimmerier eye makeup to compliment my Kantha embroidered saree. Her ideology comes from her experience working with A-list clients nationally and internationally. Although her setup is in …

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PepsiCo Lays – Making Of The Golden Chip

December 9, 2016

Saving every penny to buy a pack of Lays and pray to get a TAZO different from my over-flooding collection of these 286 colourful plastic disks – That’s how I spent my childhood! Growing up on Magic Masala and switching to the American Style Cheese & Onion, the transition has been quite a wonderful journey. Not just myself, but I have seen my elders switching from the regular ‘Namkeens’ to offering & gifting packs of Kurkure as the ultimate snacking option with friends and family. We have all cherished munching on an array of Lays and Kurkure flavors throughout our lives, with Saif Ali Khan and other Bollywood sirens sharing our love for PepsiCo all the while; nothing has ever deterred our love for these bites. And to experience the true value of PepsiCo’s dedication towards producing the best quality snacks and motive behind maintaining a production environment that balances all spheres of lifestyle, I was invited over to visit their biggest Lays & Kurkure production plant in Dhulagarh, Kolkata. I can write an entire article on how I felt; taking a tour of this plant, but let me summarize it to this, that while I was taken through the entire production process, all I could think of were 2 things – 1. Can I just stretch my hand, pick a crisp chip and munch on it already? 2. Why do people say that Kurkure has plastic in it, when not even a plastic vessel is used in the production?  Lay’s- Making Of The Golden Chip PepsiCo not only takes extra precautions in the production of Lays, but the brand takes active participation with thousands of farmers, providing them resources and regular interactive technical knowledge to produce the right quality of potato in India. Their major part of potato sourcing …

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