July 2019

Exploring the tranquil side of McLeod Ganj with OYO Hotels & Homes

July 18, 2019

Home, away from home, that is what this amazing suburb spells out for me whenever the name is even mentioned; McLeod Ganj! Even though it has been close to a 3 year old history that I share with this amazing destination, it seems that I have always known this place in the back of my mind and heart. This quaint suburb located in Dharamshala in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, this beautiful hill station is also popularly known as Little Lhasa because it also is home to a large population of Tibetians. Trust me when I tell you that the aura of this brilliant place is something that most of us have not ever experienced! This is truly where India meets Tibet! I try to make a trip to this paradise once every year, and this year I got the opportunity via the amazing OYO Hotels & Homes, and I definitely did not want to say no! And so there I was, back in my own paradise on earth and I would not have it any other way! The Stay: Even though I have stayed in different places when I have been here, this stay was definitely one that I will keep in mind for a long time! For one thing, the main thing that has always attracted me to this wonderland is the brilliant scenery and wonderful view of the valley it offers. SO I knew I HAD to have a room that offered a splendid view of these amazing visages. Luckily, I got a room that overlooked the breathtaking valley in the most majestic way possible, and I still cannot thank OYO Hotels & Homes enough for being so considerate and accommodating this unsaid wish of mine! With large windows and a brilliant balcony to enjoy a …

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