5 Print trends of 2019 to add to your wardrobe

March 11, 2019

Who does not love printed fabrics after all, because as much as I love solid colours, prints are my bae without a doubt? The fun that comes with pairing different prints and patterns together with other patterns or even solid colours is something that I cannot compare to!

So here you go! This is my list of the top 5 print trends of 2019 that you need to add to your wardrobe for sure.

Tie and Dyefashionista

Source: fashionista

Talk about boho-chicness and the first thing that comes to my mind is tie and dye, without a doubt. Tie and dyes will take you back to the amazing era of the 60s in a second, and that combined with a few modern twists make for amazing results.

The best part? One can easily wear tie and dyes in both bright and pastel colours and never go wrong with it! From tie and dye tees all the way to dresses, or even those amazing rainbow tie and dyed jackets, this is one amazing print to include in your wardrobe for sure.


Source: cloudfront

Wanderlust calling you? Well then, paisleys should definitely be an addition to your wardrobe this year! Usually associated with beautiful and exotic locales, the basic and very first paisley print comes from Persian artwork.

Paisley prints work great with literally anything and everything. Be it on jackets and trousers, or even swimsuits and dresses, there is nothing that paisley does not look good on. Trust me when I tell you that paisley will be a brilliant way to add colour and beautiful patterns to your 2019 wardrobe.


Source: SkinnyHipster

Checks are classic, to say the least, and they might go in and out of fashion, but there will never come a time when checks will not look good as a pattern. Checks combined with the brilliant and evergreen combination of black and white, and you know you have a winner on your hands.

Mixing checks with other patterns can also add some amazing oomph and glamour to any outfit effortlessly. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to try this brilliant print?

Portraits and Photosglowsly

Source: glowsly

One of the most unique and utterly creative pattern, hands down, has to be the one where you see realistic portraits and colourful photographs. Pop-art is making runways a colourful affair no less and the print that I am absolutely loving is this one for sure!

Dresses with black and white portraits, tees with colourful faces and skirts with painted on pictures, all these add beauty and chicness to any wardrobe and thus should definitely be on your list!

Architectural Patternglowsly2

Source: glowsly

Another one for the wanderlust ridden souls! You see, 2019 seems to be all about travel, and I am definitely not complaining. Designers seem to have sensed that and have thus started including buildings and architectural marvels on their designs as well.

Dresses seem to form a major part of the architectural brigade, but the good thing is that you can actually find a ton of such designs even in flea markets near you! Ain’t that a good thing?

If you guys have any other pattern or prints in mind, I would sure like to hear about them. Till then, take your pick, or better yet include em’ all and enjoy the lovely year ahead!