5 Things to Know About TCL 560

July 22, 2016

It’s not just about calling your parents or texting your darling; the world of mobile phones has come a long way from just the ‘tring tring’ bearer to becoming an entire world in itself. Quite surprisingly, the Indian consumer market is getting a lot of attention from telecom brands lately. This gotta be true as world’s third largest technology brand, TCL, has finally decided to step in the Indian market with its first desi launch of TCL 560.


Not just the launch was a grand affair, but the handset in question has since then collected a lot of positive feedback as well. So what exactly TCL 560 is all about and 5 things to know about the gadget? Let’s find out!


Ultimate Entertainment Gadget

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We Indians love entertainment! Be it Bollywood movies, Rajnikanth special effects or ‘Old is Gold’ style music; we all need some entertainment in our lives. And with so much travelling and in between time to kill (eg. metro rides) TCL 560 turns out to be the perfect entertainment gadget!
Seamless Entertainment
5.5-inch HD Display with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution for High Definition video streaming.
Full Lamination Technology on Screen enhances the clarity of the screen, with a richer viewing experience.

Stylishly Sophisticated Design

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TCL 560 weighs approximately 156 grams with a thickness of 155 x 7.99mm. The phone is available in Dark Grey and Metallic Gold colours with a high glossy finish.

Bookworm’s Paradise

For those who absolutely love to read, but don’t like the idea of carrying a bulky digital reading tab or a pile of books , TCL 560 comes with an in-built kindle application with an option of storing thousands of books; on the go!

Photography Expert

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Trying out photography skills on TCL 560 provides HD Images with an edge. The 8 Megapixels Primary camera with LED Flash makes sure that you capture life’s moments in the best possible manner. The 5 Megapixels front camera with wide-viewing angle (84.4°) with another front flash light assures the finest selfies possible. With its wide-viewing angle feature, one can shoot amazing videos with Go-Pro effects.

Security Level 2.0

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Gone are the days when a thumbprint was considered as an ideal security option. TCL 560 has stepped into the future by providing ‘eye verify technology’ to unlock mobile phones handsfree.

Other Key Factors of TCL 560

1. One Touch Music Application – Allows you to listen, download and control your own music.
2. Strong Battery Performance with 2500mAh battery life.
3. Strong Connectivity option with two Dual micro SIM slots.
4. External storage memory of 32GB
5. Lower bandwidth consumption power.
6. Multitasking device.

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About TCL Technology

Founded in 1981, TCL stands for “The Creative Life”, a slogan that represents its aspirations of building one of China’s most innovative and trusted enterprises. A globalised manufacturer of smart products with a wide range of businesses including TV’s, mobile phone, refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners etc has a global presence in more than 160 countries and regions in the world. The brand strengthens its footprint in the country as it expands its business to India with the launch of TCL 560.

TCL 560 is exclusively available on www.Amazon.in

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