5 Unconventional yet Festive Colours to substitute for Red on Xmas Looks

December 25, 2018

I absolutely love dressing up according to the festive season and Christmas is no exception or me. Christmas is such a nostalgic time where the carols and the smell of cinnamon in the air remind me of the amazing childhood celebrations we all used to have during the festive season.

However, as we grew older, we learnt new ways to celebrate the festival and that includes dressing up for the occasion. Though red might be synonymous with the festival of Christmas, I thought why not go a different way and use a few other colours to bring out the festivity in the season?

1. Marsala:squarespace

Image source: squarespace

Did you know that in the year 2014, Marsala was pronounced Pantone’s colour of the year? Well, justifiably so! This beautifully earthy tone which has a certain robustness to it, is definitely one of my favourites without a doubt.

Despite the fact that marsala was pronounced the Colour of the Year 4 years back, to this day it holds its ground as a tough competitor when compared to other worthy opponents, a few of which I will be listing here for sure!

2. Amber:stylecraze

Image source: stylecraze

It is so fascinating to learn new things each and every day! Did you know that the colour Amber happens to fall exactly between yellow and orange in the colour wheel, because I sure did not! But one thing I know for sure, that I am absolutely in love with the brightness and the earthiness of this colour too.

The great thing about colours such as these, is that they suit every skin tone beautifully. From an overcoat to a pair of trousers or a billowy dress, use this colour without hesitation and you will be rewarded with many admiring looks for sure.

3. Rose Gold:stfrock

Image source: stfrock

Can anything really be more graceful than this amazingly beautiful and in trend colour nowadays because I genuinely think there cannot! From the phone covers to the laptop skins, rose gold is extremely popular in this day and age.

Rose gold also happens to be one of the most elegant colours that you can adorn on this festive season without a second thought. Pair that black trouser with a rose gold shirt or a tunic and you are good to go!

4. Fuschia:010b6ebd438f196dd28af7b900d205d7--mira-duma-belted-coat

Image source: pinterest

I love, absolutely love fuschia! This wonderfully deep pink colour suits every skin tone without a doubt. The colour itself is so bright and fun, that once you are covered in the fuschia brilliance you will have all eyes on you!

5. Merlot:merlot


Image source: jessicalynna

Another shade of the red family that flawlessly showers on its wearer major royalty feels. I just might be a tad bit obsessed with this colour to put it lightly. The rich deep brownish red of merlot compliments dusky skin tones amazingly well and adds a glow to your demeanor as a whole.

So get ready to sparkle this xmas in the most unconventional yet most beautiful way possible. Merry Xmas Y’all!