5 ways to go *SALE SHOPPING*

July 18, 2013

A seasonal change might turn some feet blue, but for those who just can’t get enough of pampering themselves, this is the season to empty your wallets! Many of you might have your own shopaholic confessions. Some might have been saving since ages, and pinky promising daily to indulge in SALES ONLY. The current season is when it’s not just the water pouring, but crazy sales pouring too!

But how many of you actually go home, ‘Happy’ after cutting your hard earned money, and piling up on your a quite similar wardrobe?? Or shall I say, how many of you actually wear the stuff you purchased in the name of *Sale* and a *good bargain* ???
Honestly, Indians are good when it comes to marketing. A lot of brands sell previous year(s) collection on sale, and oh my! they sell like hot cakes. For you, it is a good bargain, but for many of them it is simply cutting down on a tiny percentage of profits.
Well, we cannot do anything about the clever marketing strategies, but we can certainly make the most out of these sales, if of course, executed intelligently. So here I am, dropping down my TOP 5 WAYS TO GO *SALE SHOPPING* this season. 

1. Know what you want

source – keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

There are very high chances of  people going shopping with an open mind, and end up buying stuff which they don’t intend to wear in the coming months, or never wear them at all. Such buys keep lying in your closet for ages doing nothing.
So before stepping out for sale shopping, do the following :
a. Utilize google power – There is no harm doing a little research about your body type, and the looks which compliment you. A lot of style experts and lifestyle portals offer an insight to the looks which compliment various body shapes, face types, skin tones and other physical factors.
b. Scan your wardrobe – Analyzing your wardrobe will give you a better insight to what you already have, and what you should shop for. Eg. if you have more of a monochrome wardrobe, you can opt to shop for a colorful add on to your collection.
c. Make a list – Making a list of what you *should be* shopping for, will help you stay focused, and avoid unwanted shopping. This will also help you stay off panic, as one tends to get when they look SALE signs all around them.

2. Follow a trend

source : orangeintense.blogspot.com

If you follow fashion on a daily basis, chances are that you already know the current trends running in the fashion industry. If you are not, fret not, Google to the rescue! There is no harm keeping yourself updated about the latest fashion trends, irrespective of the professional field you belong to.
One good reason to keep yourself posted about the current fashion trends is, that it will save you from buying sale collection from the previous years. The outdated products can be found at large in such sales, misleading the customers to buy them.

3. Make a Statement

source : google.com

When I personally go out sale shopping in brand stores , I usually aim for the ‘Statement Collection’; be it an embellished denim shirt, a printed jacket, a washed acid jeans or even a heavily studded brooch. The thought? While you can shop for basics from any store (or even flea market), why to spend a few grands over a basic tank top, just because Zara is selling it on 40% discount?
Shopping from a known label should consist of apparels and accessories, which shout out loud that they meet the international standards. A fine tuned jacket for 3 grands holds more worth than a basic shrug worth 2.5 grands.
Have an eye for those statement pieces!

4. Surf the lot

source : google.com

You like those T-Strap heels from Aldo? Did you check out the lot available at Steve Madden? I don’t say that go out and check out few stores first, before buying anything from any store. All I say is, if you think of buying something, and have a feeling that a similar stock is available in another store, with a better discount or make… why not check the other pair out and then decide on?
You don’t need to be an Einstein to crack such offers.

5. Do the math right

source : laubergeespagnole.blog.lemonde.fr 

Don’t let your emotional side rule your sale shopping. By being smart, you should act smart. Once you have decided on the apparels and accessories you are going to buy, go through your lot once again. Ask yourself  the following questions :
a. Is it really worth the price tag?
b. How much will I be able to wear this on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
c. Can I get a better deal anywhere else?
d. Will it fit me even if I gain/lose a few pounds?

If still in doubts, invest sometime in doing the trials. Wear each piece and look at your body, is the look complimenting you?


Remember, clever shopping defines the ‘Smart You’!
Psst… don’t forget to have some fun while shopping. Take along your friends! 😉