5 winter fashion accessories to own!

November 30, 2018

The tropical weather in India goes for a toss when winter arrives, and this time, winters seem to be arriving prematurely, and I am confused as to whether I should hold on to my summer wardrobe a little longer or start piling up on layers to get ready for the winter season. Whatever the case, we often end up concentrating a little too seriously on the layering rule during the winters as a result of which accessories seem to take a back seat.

But did you know that accessories alone can make your look appear more expensive, even if your clothing tags do say otherwise? I am here to share a list of 5 accessory essentials for the cold, winter season that will definitely ante up your style quotient to the T! Take a look!

  1. The Fedora:


Image source: fashionstylemag

As evergreen as the beauties like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, the fedora is one of my most sought-after accessories and one that I cannot imagine doing without! I understand that a hat might not be the first thing that pops into your head when we talk about winter accessories, but can you really deny the amazing value that this beautiful piece of clothing holds because I sure can’t!

A woolen or even a felt fedora might just make for the perfect touch to add a dash of elegance yet a sort of edginess to your outfit as a whole, and not to mention that they will definitely do the job of keeping you warm and cozy too!

  1. The Trench:


Image source: gracieopulanza

One of the many benefits of winter clothing is that you can literally wear anything and get away with murder if you have the right kind of coat or jacket to throw over all the layers that you have put on to keep warm.

A coat like the trench comes in extremely handy when you come to think of it. You can literally be going about your work, making a statement with that gorgeously patterned trench or even that elegant plain beige one! Can you literally think of anything better to just throw on, even when you are in a hurry cause that is where the trench comes to the rescue for me!

  1. Boots:


Image source: uniquewomenfashion

Yes Please! I literally cannot think of a complete winter wardrobe if I cannot picture 2-3 pairs of some amazingly chic boots in it, and I am sure that you agree as well! From the classic ankle lengths and the knee-high to even the thigh huggers, boots ALWAYS seem to find a place in our winter wardrobe now, don’t they?

I absolutely love the fact as to how versatile boots can actually be! You can literally dress them down with a pair of some classic denims or wear them underneath some beautiful jersey woven dress to add a touch of brilliance to the whole outfit that an ordinary pair of shoes can seldom do.

  1. The Turtle Neck:


Image source: wordpress.com

Who can forget Dianne Keaton’s amazing style in Annie Hall, because I for sure, cannot! The 70s movie is admired, to this day for its beautiful outfits and its styling as a whole. The one look in particular that stuck with me all through, however, was her amazing black turtleneck look!

To this day and age, turtlenecks seem to be doing the rounds all through the winters because of their versatility and their effortless elegance! You can literally team your turtleneck with absolutely anything and you could not go wrong in the least!

  1. The Quintessential Scarf:


Image source: thestore

Small but extremely useful and not to mention totally chic, scarves are truly a quintessential wardrobe must-have during the cold months for sure. There are so many ways you can play around with a scarf on how to drape it to compliment an outfit that I literally cannot choose. Let me tell you two of my favourite drapes though just in case you want to experiment:

  • Classic French Knot:

Simply start by folding your scarf in half and put it around your shoulder. Next by taking one loose end of the scarf, pull it over and then under the scarf loop. And finally by taking the other loose end of the scarf, finish by going under and THEN over the scarf loop. And there you have it!

  • The Neck Wrap:

Particularly helpful during extremely cold winters, this drape protects your neck wonderfully from getting too cold. Merely take a long scarf and loop it around your neck, twice. Now, tie both the ends of the scarf in a loose knot or a half knot and simply tuck it under the scarf loop. Simple, yet effectively and chic!

And there you have it, girls! Your very own list of the must-have winter accessories to add a touch of elegance and glamour to that wardrobe of yours’ this cold season!