A Zotiqq Jewellery Experience

August 23, 2014
Jewellery can either make or break your style. Accessorize
it right and even a pair of basic denims and plain tank will upgrade to a
runway-style #OOTD. I am a jewelry junkie. Why I call myself a junkie? Well,
because everytime I step out for shopping, no matter what; I always end up
adding more jewels to my already flooding jewelry collection. Not to forget all
those times when my mom has scolded me for buying some more of the junk I
already have.
You see, clothes can be worn out, but jewelry stays
forever. Don’t remember how many times I have been complimented for wearing a
particular jewel rather than a particular apparel! Now that I have made my point,
let me introduce you to one such hub of artificial jewels that range between
vintage, classic to cocktail styles.
Presenting to you Zotiqq.com – the venture by my dear friend
and blogger Ritu Rajput of The Indian Beauty Blog. The first time she
introduced me to her expansive jewellery collection, I was literally
blingstruck! And when she asked me if I would like to feature some of the
products on #Kalapalette, it was a straight away yes (tee hee) from me.
Combination Rings Set

Taking up the midi-rings trend that has been trending since
a while now, I had to invest in a few combos from Zotiqq. They are gold, they
are classy and they are frigging adjustable. One issue that I have faced earlier
with rings is that they can’t be customised for your finger width. But Zotiqq offers
that option.

Shop it HERE

The Disc Man Necklace

The next on my list was this vintage coins necklace. I have
seen plenty of such coins necklaces with various other labels, but somehow they
just don’t fancy me much. But this one stood out from the rest as it was not a
simply dip-in-gold design, but more of a well defined piece of jewel. With
added details like embedded crystals and tones of silver, this necklace was
but-obviously added to my list.

Shop it HERE

Antique Victoria brooch

Last but the most fascinating piece of jewel from the
collection was the Victorian Cameo Brooch that I just had to have. Having a
fetish for anything vintage, this one won my heart instantly. What I really
like about this brooch is it’s make. Usually brooches come with a very fine
& fragile pinning set-up. This one however has a very firm pin and makes
sure that the brooch sets perfectly fine on the garment. Currently I have been
using it as a bow-tie and will be using it in winters over my long coats and
Shop it HERE
Zotiqq.com also offers colourful baubles to choose from. And
now, they have also introduced their jewel box service. I think it’s a win win
situation for people like me, who just can’t get enough of bling-love. You can
check out the jewel box offers HERE.
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