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August 22, 2016

Comparitively a newer concept in India, but a fast growing trend in the beauty industry of the country is these professional ventures that profile world class services on Cosmetology and Dermatology to the consumers. Their is no questioning on the fact that the secret behind a celebrity’s flawless looks is much more than just eating healthy and exercising right. While staying fit and marking what you eat goes a long way in assuring a healthier lifestyle, their are certain skin and hair issues that develop with factors ranging between age and genetics; that need professional rituals and services.

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Thanks to the ‘Vampire Facial’ promoted by Kim Kardashian, the idea of getting anything ‘Dermatology’ became a big no-no or much of a too-much-pain-for-gain myth that people assumed it to be damage worthy of your skin; scarring you for life! When in reality, Dermatology is all about beautifying you, correcting the natural flaws that you have, with minimal to no side-effects; whatsoever. Now, if you’ve been taking up ‘Cosmetology Facials’ or those special ‘Chemical Peels’ from your regular salon, that’s the type of procedure which are dangerous!

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No, the chemical peels are not dangerous in self, but applying the right formula post analysing the condition of the skin and judging the timeline of application and rest is a crucial affair. While I will be writing a separate post on this issue, what I’d really like to address is that the science has to be right for a successful Cosmetology procedure.

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Dr. Simal Soin is one of India’s leading and internationally respected name in the field of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology. She holds experience of over 15 years, dealing with clients both nationally and internationally. It is her passion for promoting Dermatology and providing her skillful services to the customers that has brought forward a compilation of beauty, skin and hair treatments under one roof.

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Aayna Clinic is nothing less of a luxurious experience in itself. Set amidst the thick vegetation of Mehrauli, Delhi with a backyard connecting with the forest reserves, a visit to Aayna Clinic definitely guarantees Nirvana, if nothing more. Contemporary interior decor, informative staff, beautifully lit rooms, absolutely hygienic treatment rooms and the magical services by an array of professionals will lift up anyone’s mood and confidence instantly.

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Currently, the clinic offers Cosmetic Dermatology, Anti Ageing, Weight Management and Body Contouring, Aesthetic Clinic, Soul Clinic and Foot Clinic facilities; with finest technology available internationally. Along with their list of services, Dr. Soin has also emphasised on selecting the product ranges from all across the globe, assuring approved and safe treatments to all of her patients.

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Apart from the Dermatology and Anti-Ageing treatments, AAYNA Clinic also has an in-house dietitian who specialises in providing weight loss and dietary programs on a monthly basis. Also, taking pedicure to the next level, AAYNA Clinic proudly talks about its ‘Margaret Dabbs London’ medical pedicures, that not only clean the feet, but also eliminate corns, bunions, warts and cracked feet instantly. The procedure is painless, luxurious and time managed.

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For those who want everything under one roof, AAYNA Clinic also has a mini salon that offers great forest essential facials, hair spas, hair extensions, hair colouring and wash facilities to its clients. On call, they offer Reiki, Tarot Reading, Hypnotherapy, Chakra Balancing and Meditation services as well.

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Upon my visit at the clinic, Dr. Simal Soin shared a brief about her 15 years in the industry, sharing testimonials of her international clients, sharing her insight on how the term Dermatology is conceived in the Indian market and how she is putting in an effort in promoting these highly professional procedures to the Indian consumers.


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Since my hair was losing all its sheen due to the humid monsoon weather, colouring rituals and travelling, I opted for a deep-root hair spa. What’s interesting about this treatment is the product itself – Root Deep Absolute Advance 3 by Brillare Science (Gujarat) that offers cent percent nourishment to your hair. No idea why Brillare Science is still not a huge name in the world of hair-care when it’s our national production, being developed by the great scientists situated in Gujarat. Coming back to the treatment, it consists of a 4 stage program. Stage 1 – Prewash : Hydroil, Stage 2 – Wash & Shampoo, Stage 3 – Conditioning : Intenso Fluid & Step 4 – Anti Frizz Oil massage.
Root Deep Therapy consists of certified natural ingredients and is absolutely Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free, Color Free and SLES/ALES Free! This product is made up of a whooping 31 natural active ingredients that ensure cure from five hair-problems.

Results? This one definitely nourished my hair deep root. My hair felt alive, stronger and softer. As a word of precaution, you might feel bit of itchiness upon application, but that’s because of the pepper content in the oil. But since the entire procedure is done by a professional and includes organic ingredients, you absolutely need not worry!

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I will definitely be visiting AAYNA Clinic to try out some more of their amazing treatments and will definitely suggest the Root Deep Advance treatment if your hair feels dull, rough, dry and is getting prone to split ends.

Visit http://www.aaynaclinic.com/ for more details.