About Kalapalette


My name is Apurva Saxena and I am a pure #Desi at heart. My blog Kalapalette is an amalgamation of two words, Kala (In hindi means Art) and Palette (This blog where I express my life). I truly believe in the beauty of nature. Art is everywhere. Art is in the food we eat. Art is in the looks we style upon selves. Art is in travelling. Art is in music. This blog is just a bhelpuri of art, as I look at it through my eyes on a daily basis.

Started off as a young aspirant of producing animated movies, I went from doing graphic designing to giving lectures on Visual Communication in a reputed Delhi University college. And it was during this time, that I soaked in some inspiration from some fabulous blogs across the world and went on designing my own blog.

The journey has been interesting so far. Working with some of the most reputed brands of India, my passion for blogging has been evolving since the last 4 years. With more themes, projects and series lined up in the days to come, I feel eclectic about this journey.

I also contribute some fun & knowledgeable articles to AskMeOnFashionAskMeOnWellnessAskMeOnTravel – The one stop destination to getting information about almost anything & everything on Askme.com. Do check it out and share your feedbacks.

Hugs and kisses for appreciating my work and my journey.

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