Acids And Bases!!

December 28, 2011
Earlier only sophisticated color tones like Pastels used to be preferred when it came to fashion or dressing up.But now Fashion is a wild art, which can be in any shape, form and of course COLOR!!The hottest trend running presently is NEON!

While I come across atleast one piece of Neon merchandise, I thought why not create a fusion the scientific way? What happens when ACIDIC NEON fuses with BASIC PASTEL?

For you lovely peeps I have created 2 sets of ACID AND BASE = NEON AND PASTEL outfits….

1.The tangy Electric Sunset Orange with Hint of Neon Green and the soothing element of JADE.

2.Hues of Acidic Neon Pink along with balancing and cooling effects of Fuchsia.

So which one will you be going for? 😉