March 5, 2018

I believe, that your personal style doesn’t just reflect on the clothing you wear. Personal style is very much defined by how you decorate your personal space as well. Whether you like to add the vibrancy of kitsch to your furniture, or like keeping the décor gold-luxe, it’s all about defining what aesthetics please your taste.


Among all the elements of a room, ceiling fans play a pivotal role given their central position on top. AEROSTORM by Orient Electric is the perfect blend of style and modern technology as it meets both my creative pre-conditions and also the need for a powerful yet quiet ceiling fan.

The creators of AeroStorm have truly gone out of the way to give us an enchanting fan whose blades are inspired from modern Aircrafts! Yes, the one of a kind winglet technology of these fans turns into the wings of aircrafts. This facilitates higher air thrust spanning as much as 300 CMM (Cubic metres per minute) unlike other fans which focus on a small area below.


It gets embarrassing when you have guests over and the fans make noise disrupting all the merriment. Even when it is time for some leisure reading, noisy fans play spoilsport. I can now breathe a sigh of relief as Aeroquiet has brought an innovative solution to this problem. The Advanced 3D aerodynamic profiled blade design let the fan work without any noise. While the 18 Pole heavy Motor with double ball ensures that the fan is long lasting.


Till now the role of fans in improving the décor of a room has been slightly under-rated. But the Aeroseries range of fans is going to make people stop and take notice of what a fan is capable of doing. These fans can be an essential addition to the interior design of your house.

AeroStorm has done a stylish makeover of fans and helped them command the respect that is due to them. These fans have a metalized UV deco ring, radiant PU paint finish and striking spiral curves which make them outshine other fans with absolute elegance. For me, the aesthetic sense needs to have a strong will of contemporary style with minimal colour palette and a clean design. AEROSTORM takes care of all my needs.


As fans operate for long durations, they are fast to attract rust and dust. But AeroStorm fans are so reliable and spare us the horror of any deterioration in quality. Its blades require no maintenance as they are 100% rust free and engineered with high-grade compounded glass-filled ABS material that add to its superior look. AeroStorm is sure to change the way you look at fans!

Orient’s spectacular Aeroseries range of fans is a great combination of technical and visual sophistication. If you are looking for a change in your living space, then AeroStorm can be that quintessential renovation to make your place serene and ambient. I have not seen anything like this before. AeroStorm is here to stay!


Written By Anushri Saxena, Features Writer