AIFWSS16 Interview with Dhruv Kapoor

October 7, 2015

Everyone is anticipating now that a new season of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer’16 is round the corner. While Delhi is gearing up for the winter season, we Delhiites are still keen on finding out what trend stories have the Indian designers defined for the year 2016.


Dhruv Kapoor with Sanjana Batra Image source :

Before we head on to experiencing the runway in person, a little sneak peak into one of Bollywood’s current favourite fashion designer’s collection story can’t be ruled out. Dhruv Kapoor has become a prominent design expert with Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor favouring his ensembles into their press OOTD collections.

Dhruv Kapoor Vogue Feature

While Dhruv has promised us to wait and experience his collection first hand on the ramp, he is happy to share an insight on his professional life right now and his thoughts on AIFWSS16. Check out our chatty yet quick tête-e-tête with him!

Dhruv Kapoor

Dhruv Kapoor Collection on Pernia’s Pop Up. Source 1, 2

1. A night before my show I try to sleep.
2. On the day of my show I wear something new from the collection but also comfortable enough to run in
3. The most treasured item in my closet is?
Things we own should never be so important it hurts to part with them. 
4. I am excited about the way I’ve planned my show this season, and the next. 
5. My fashion show must-haves include a shot of tequila. 
6. My Spring 2016 collection is all about subverting ideas, spirituality, silent power and private luxury. 
7. The fabrics I’ve used in this collection include organic denim, organic jersey, cotton poplin, cotton-silk satin, flat chiffon and silk satin.
8. For me, my collection has to have something for everyone. 
9. I love when my clients say “I love the way your cuts hide my flaws!”.
10. I wouldn’t survive Fashion Week without friends. 
Dhruv Kapoor1

Dhruv Kapoor’s collection available on Pernia’s Pop Up Link 1, 2

Dhruv Kapoor will be showcasing his collection on 10th October at NSIC Grounds.
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