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October 9, 2017

Since time immemorial to this date ladies have been taking care of their skin, hair and body in interesting ways. While Cleopatra bathed in donkey’s milk and Noor Jehan in rose oil water to rejuvenate their skin and prevent ageing, Victoria Bekham eats Salmon daily to last that glowing skin.

In the present time, given the high levels of pollution, changing lifestyles and high paced routine, it is very difficult for common people to regularly follow strict beauty regimes. Therefore, sometimes it is advisable to take help from skin professionals. This ensures less mess and quicker results by using scientific as well as tried and tested methods.

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Contrary to prevalent assumption that cosmetic treatment only means going under the knife and it has many side effects, Amatrra Spa offers practical and non-surgical solutions too for many skin, hair and body related problems. These range from pigmentation, stretch marks, discoloration, moles, scars, dull skin and wrinkles.

All these issues are primarily caused by our daily routine. Although we feel confident just the way we are because of our capability, yet there is no denying that getting rid of such dermatological issues can go a long way in boosting our confidence in public sphere. Since we cannot take care of ourselves on a daily basis, it is okay to have these snags fixed with the help of safe treatment by Amatrra Spa. Apart from this, there is a godsend surprise for all those who are battling with excess weight.

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A painless slimming process is really hard to imagine. But Amatrra Spa has come up with wondrous pain-free and scientifically proven ways to instantly lose up to 3 inches. Their professional health experts customize the diet and nutrition plan after considering one’s bone structure and body type to cater to our specific needs. They also emphasise on proper maintenance methods so that we do not regain those kilos after losing them.

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It is a much sensible option to get these safe instant fixes done instead of testing our patience with various long term and unsustainable methods. These treatments serve as a once and for all solution to our recurring concerns. We can also free ourselves from regular waxing of body hair by opting for laser hair removal treatments. These have nil side-effects and long-lasting benefits. With this the problem of rough skin pores also gets sorted.

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Amatrra Spa is a multi-specialty body care hub that caters to all our needs under single roof. Apart from the non-surgical medication, their expertise also extends to surgical treatments. They follow world-class standards and offer state-of-the art infrastructure to give us the best possible results. You can also check out their traditional and exotic spa therapies to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Good health is incomplete without a proper fitness plan.

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To work on our overall fitness, Amatrra Spa has got this highly advanced gymnasium which has cutting-edge equipment. They also conduct Pilates workshops and classes so that we can work on our balance and posture. Here the Yoga courses help us realize peace of mind with a combination of old and new asana to suit our needs.

Overall, Amatrra Spa is a one stop solution to all skin and fitness related regime, catered to with the best of the specialists from around the country and world class amenities for desirable results.