Androgyny with Suit Fullstop

February 17, 2017

I am always fascinated by the structured make of a double-breasted ebony tuxedo. What really makes and breaks a formal suit is its stitch and fit. If the crease is too fitted or the stitch too elaborately done, it gives off the mannerism a formal suit demands, making the wearer look unfit and out of form.


I might be a female, but I am one of those females who absolutely adorn befriending the Androgyny ways of style. Speaking about which, I have tried many a times to meet a brand or boutique that can magnify the feminine silhouette of me, while keeping up with the manly element of a tuxedo. Until now, I have been doped by many local boutiques who have failed in producing a suit that matches my expectations.



Suit Fullstop is an e-commerce label that excels in every aspect of suiting up. Although it is a men’s trendsetting brand, the team did listen to my request on stitching up a tuxedo that really reflects my identity and gives me a great fit. So in case you’ve been wondering how an e-commerce boutique match your requirement of a designer formal suit, then you’ll be overwhelmed to know that the label does a fantastic job in delivering what we ask for. Worth mentioning that they have some physical stores in the country, established, as well!


And to make the experience more unique and personal, Suit Fullstop offers ready-to-wear as well as customised formal suits to its customers. How does it work?


Not only do they offer altering post delivery, their returns are easy to follow as well. But given their dedication towards delivering customisation that is up to the mark, their sure are any chances of needing any of the edits.


Did I mention that they offer ‘Renting’ facility to adorn some bespoke suits on temporary basis as well? Yep! So in case you’ve got a cocktail party or wedding to attend, but don’t want to go about spending money on a new suit, hiring is the key! If you worry about getting a withered piece of suiting on rent, then rejoice because Suit Fullstop retires every suit post maximum 15 rentals of it.


The label offers an exhaustive range of styles and fabrics for every occasion and season. As far as money is concerned, Suit Fullstop offers free shipping in the country, with group discounts available and a ‘Cash On Delivery’ payment option as well!


Suits also require a list of accessories to complete the overall look. The label offers various designs of Bow Ties, Cuff links, Pocket Squares, Suspenders and Ties. They also have Combo Accessory Sets which are convenient for gifting purposes and come in with a choice of customisation.

About Suit Fullstop


A concept of Prmod Bafna, who hails from a background of 14 years in Fashion & Textile industry, the company aims at delivering convenient suiting experiences with real value for money. Every suit is an artfully constructed garment, holding its own amongst the best made-to-measure and bespoke suits available. Sourced from Warp & Weft – India’s premier fabric company only the best indigenous and imported textiles are offered. The team’s unwavering focus offers the quality of suits they themselves would expect to wear.


Suit Fullstop’s belief – Make high quality, well designed suits easily accessible while crafting a trend of living with style.

For all the men out there, is the place for you to ‘Suit Up’! And for the women like me who’d love to adorn a jacket, trousers and well structured androgynous look; then don’t hesitate to get yourself a customised combo from #SuitFullStop too!

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