AW’12 : LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES” Day – 4 [Part 2]

August 8, 2012
It seems that this year is indeed “Festive” as not only were Summer Fashion Trends full of colors, but LFW Winter 2012 is also seeing a lot of colors. 
Well so here I am presenting to you “ LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES“”
I will bring to you the top picks from the collections shown on each day of the LFW Fall 2012.
In the order of their appearance on Day 4, Part 2, let us look at the best picks from Day 4!!

Karishma Shahani Khan Fall 2012 Collection “Chauraha”

Karishma Shahani Khan’s label, ‘Chauraha’ displayed a new collection titled ‘Silk Route’ which was a pop coloured fantasy any youthful diva would dream of.

The concept of this range was based around merchants, their caravans, gypsy lives as well as their rich, hidden culture.

The range comprised dresses, jackets, skirts, tunics and blazers infusing the Indian cultural theme of celebration with western silhouettes.

Although serious in structure with their solid geometric forms, the pieces graced the runway in bold, bright shades such as vibrant tangerine, bumble bee yellow, sky blue, and peacock green with certain sections being in darker tones such as midnight blue and black.

Designer Karishma Shahani Khan made use of natural fabrics such as khadi, jute, silk and cotton; fusing luxury with simplicity in a unique and adorable way.

Sequins and embroidery along with quilting and beadwork helped add a glam touch to the pieces.

Muted orange toned lips and cheeks along with tied up hair tastefully done by Lakmé beauty salon experts helped add a sensual touch.

With a funky-fusion twist, it’s no wonder this collection titled ‘Silk Route’ by Karishma Shahani Khan will fly off the racks during the coming months.

Abhishek Dutta Fall 2012 Collection “Tangram”

Creating a medley of form fitting and voluminous shapes, Abhishek Dutta’s creativity was dazzling as the “Tangram” collection appeared on the ramp at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.

Matching the aspects of the inspiration, the intricately crafted almost futuristic garments were splashed with beautiful thread work appliqués with fabric and leather, interesting laser cut designs, panels with mix and match combos of leather and fabrics.

From high waist trousers to long or cropped jackets, the look moved from classic to androgynous. Black and white, moved to brown and then the colour story brought in blue, dramatic purple and canary yellow for a line of boleros with checked design and 3D blocks teamed with figure hugging trousers. Flowing Samurai pants with Tangram prints, jackets with hints of kantha embroidery and pin tucks were striking, while the coats with sheer tulle sleeves and zippered front were eye catching.

Bringing oriental glamour with a marked western touch for his collection to centre stage, Abhishek Dutta’s “Tangram” line presented an innovative look for the coming season.

Shyamal and Bhumika Shodhan Fall 2012 Collection “Maharaja”

Called the “Maharaja”, it was a collection from Shyamal and Bhumika Shodhan that recreated the grandeur and glory of royalty from the past at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.
With custom designed motifs for every garment, the perfectly coordinated men’s and women’s bridal outfits gave a new direction to wedding trousseaux for Him and Her.
The silhouettes were reminiscent of the Mughal era with chogas, kalidar lehengas, Sherwanis, panelled kurtas for men and embroidered kali details for saris, angarkhas, lehengas, dupattas and cholis making a dramatic impact on the catwalk. Known for their lush ornate creations, the designing duo had zardozi, metal wire, zari peeta, aari and Marodi embroidery to add to the beauty of the creations.

Detailing played a major role as placement embellishments were given a greater dimension to recreate royal grandeur.

The “Maharaja” collection from Shyamal and Bhumika Shodhan was an exquisite bridal offering that will have a timeless appeal and will surely turn into heirloom pieces.

Isha Dangwar and Priyanka Rai Fall 2012 Collection “Patola”

Patola, the label by Isha Dangwar and Priyanka Rai showcased a collection inspired by the Myan concept of the world’s end and infused it with their love for their muse, Salvador Dali.
The collection comprised dresses, jackets, blazers and skirts, catering to the young adult crowd’s need for formal club wear.
Being an eco-friendly label, the pieces were made of leftover recycled fabric from a textile unit, with the concept to give back as much as you take from the planet.

The designers kept the collection’s colour palette simple with colours such as hot pink, black, white and fiery red with easy fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, crepe and silk.
The silhouettes were clean cut yet detailed with 3D pop outs accentuating the waist area, and smaller 3D patterns added an edgy appeal; while amplified shoulders sparked intrigue.

An added touch was beautifully injected by the use of old school 60’s sunglasses with hair in an up-do, courtesy of Lakmé makeup experts.
Merging straight lines with floral, structure with flow; this collection by Isha Dangwar and Priyanka Raj will drive the fashion conscious crazy with desire.
Ken Ferns Fall 2012 Collection

Ken Ferns fascinated the audience with his unique experimental collection inspired by the human psyche.
With Rorschach inkblot test-like patterns, the pieces sported original patterns made by the designer himself, making use of digital art textures.
The pieces sported three dimensional forms, with construction being the main focus and were beautifully showcased on jackets, blazers, dresses and gowns with a tasteful blend of hard structure with a feminine soft touch.
Looking into both the lighter and darker side of the human mind, the designer’s colour palette comprised toxic yellow and smoky grey with hints of orange, blood red for highlighting.
Leather and stones helped to accentuate the pieces, keeping them at a minimal level for his fine detailing to stand out.
One of the highlights of his collection was a number of butterfly wing-like jackets. Complimenting his ideas, the Lakmé salon experts worked with tightly tied hair, black lips and blackened eyes for a dark yet elegant effect.
Avant garde yet wearable but downright stylish, this collection by Ken Ferns is for the brave – of heart and soul.
Shivan & Narresh Fall 2012 Collection

With the legendary stallion, Equus as an inspiration, Shivan & Narresh created a luxurious collection to match the theme from DHL which was Speed. The beautiful collection reflected the shimmer of metallic sheen and the grace of the inspiration for creations that dazzled on the runway. 

Their new fabrics which were inspired by the gloss of a horse’s skin were ideal for the swim and cruise line. The exciting handmade louvered jersey was moulded into stylish mailot, bikini, dress, gown, sari, tankini, trikini, jumpsuits and shirts as well as the duo’s newest addition after their bikini sari and Kaftan sari the “Kafsuit”.
Detailing was restricted to braiding which was an obvious reminder of the horse mane and appeared to highlight the bodice and necks of the garments. Tassels entered the collection in the crystallised form to recreate the tassels on royal horses. The very abstract horse print in black appeared discreetly for the mailots; while at other times there were geometric motifs to break the solid colour tones.
 The 26 piece collection which was displayed briskly on the ramp by Shivan & Narresh for DHL, once again proved that when it comes to fashion for in and out of the water the pair is still the undisputed leader.

Swapnil Shinde Fall 2012 Collection “Frozen Fragility”

Inspired by Bollywood’s horror films of the 50’s and early 60’s Swapnil Shinde presented an ultra-mod collection called “Frozen Fragility” to match the DHL theme ‘Speed’ at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.
To the strains of eerie music and an equally eerie display of laser lights the show opened with three draped gowns in red, black and white with wired wing-like shapes to depict the flying pallav of the heroine in a Bollywood horror movie.
With silhouettes borrowed from the two eras, Swapnil had cinched waistlines, voluminous skirts, exaggerated sleeves and large prominent shoulder emphasis for the almost space age like creations but with a unique fragile delicate quality.
Colours ranged from black and ivory to various shades of slate and steel blue, blood red and sunflower yellow. Using clever manipulations of the fabrics like folding, pleating and mixing structured shapes with fluidity; Swapnil created a fashionable treat for the audience. The white draped sari gown with gold belt, the draped organza bodice with long shirt, the shirt cum dress, the ribbed silk kimono sleeve version, the sari gown in steel blue and the yellow draped mini with wired wings fitted into the inspiration. The exaggerated wired brocade blouse with pleated skirt and the final three white, black and yellow long gowns with upright wired effects not only denoted speed but the free flowing drapes of garments.
Blending his inspirations of Speed and Horror imaginatively, Swapnil Shinde’s “Frozen Fragility” presented by DHL was a fashion happening.

Sanchita Ajjampur Fall 2012 Collection 

“The Mythical Garden”

 The colours of the Fire Bird came to life in the multi-hued collection of Sanchita Ajjampur, presented by Blender’s Pride at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.

Cut-outs of hundreds of butterflies swayed from the ceiling, the back drop was the Mythical Garden with flora and fauna, which came to life with the back lights to start the show.

“The Mythical Garden” inspired Sanchita’s women’s wear with a 50’s and 60’s touch. Fabrics were a surrealistic collection of neoprene Lurex, jacquards, gold wash lace, georgettes, sheer chiffons and crepes. The colours created the magical impact with lavender, green, blush, nude and lemon along with metallic tones.
Keeping the silhouettes dramatic but practical, Sanchita offered kimono shapes, cinched waists, asymmetric reinvented poodle skirts, trapeze, drop waist and flapper dresses.

Opening the show with her specialty – the swimwear, Sanchita displayed four versions – a rhinestone bikini, a trikini, mailot and crystal one-shoulder swimsuit. Soon the designer brought in shimmering tiered gowns, bell sleeved sheaths, drop waist dresses with innovative stone embroidery and reflective black gold plastics for floppy frocks.

Detailing came in the form of lots of plaited and knotted tapes, cord and soft thread layers to create minis and maxis. The decorative feather shapes and punch fabrics added a shredded or lacy look to the cute dresses. For after dark glamour there were a beige loose weave gown with glittering neck and waist interest and textured long tops over gleaming skirts. Completing the look, Sanchita added clutches, jewellery, shimmering wedges for footwear and headgear that matched with the eras.

For the accessories, Sanchita chose totes, bandana, moccasins, printed canvas and spotted cow leather for sandals and belts to show the Wild West aura in the collection.

It was a colourful, very edgy and interesting collection for both sexes that Blender’s Pride presented by Sanchita Ajjampur, which will cause a fashionable stir during the coming season.

What do you have to say about the collection? Which one is your favorite? ^_^
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