AW’12 : LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES” Day – 5 [Part 2]

August 8, 2012

It seems that this year is indeed “Festive” as not only were Summer Fashion Trends full of colors, but LFW Winter 2012 is also seeing a lot of colors. 
Well so here I am presenting to you “ LFW Winter/Festive 2012 “SERIES“”
I will bring to you the top picks from the collections shown on each day of the LFW Fall 2012.
In the order of their appearance on Day 5, Part 2, let us look at the best picks from Day 5!!

Klitche Fall 2012 Collection “Paper Planes”

 Designer duo, Isha Kedia and Deepak Goswami’s label ‘Klitche’ presented ‘Paper Planes’ their debut collection which focused on the beauty and clear form of folded, shaped paper.

The colour palette of the range comprised shades of red, blue, black and beige; which were kept minimal for strong silhouettes to take center stage.

Using traditional winter fabrics such as felt, there were softer cottons, and silks along with suiting materials, which gave the collection its fresh, strong and feminine appeal.

The range showcased dresses, tunics, coats and jackets which flaunted carefully constructed forms and also sported fabric textured designs in abstract geometric shapes.

Using no embellishments, the collection also had statement pieces which displayed 3D accentuations with interesting cut outs, large structured flares as well as 3D protruding patterns.

A piece that outshone the others was a plain colored jacket which sported a unique cut out fabric sleeves.

To keep the look of this collection fresh, Lakmé salon experts worked with Mickey Mouse ear shaped hair buns, sleek eyeliner and bright lips.

Edgy, unique and eye catching this collection from Isha Kedia and Deepak Goswami was perfect for a Fashionista who demands attention.

Sourabh Kant Fall 2012 Collection “Boho Chic”

Accessory designer Sourabh Kant Shrivastava’s collection titled “Diplomatic Hunter” strived to be a mix between elegance coupled with an edgy metallic appeal.

With a concept involving the harshness of metallic bullets as well as the soft form of Victorian damask, the range comprised cuffs, bangles, necklaces, chokers, shoulder pads, earrings as well as large statement pieces such as head gear and embellished scarves.

The collection flaunted large stunning pieces, with brilliant gleaming stones, Swarovski crystals, leather, and acrylic in gold or black along with bursts of blood red and auburn to add variation. Victorian designs as well as long tassels in black added a timeless and classy appeal.
To balance out the feminine designs, the collection also showcased unique pieces graced by clock-work wheels, bullets and shotgun/pistol motifs.

The designer, Sourabh Kant Shrivastava worked with flowing asymmetrical forms as well as loop ring designs, incorporating smaller stones for a softer yet bold look. For an avant garde appeal, a few pieces also sported giant machine wheels.

Adding to the surreal appeal of this range, the Lakmé style experts worked with double buns, thick cat eye makeup and red lips.

Futuristic and tribal, this collection by Sourabh Kant Shrivastava was one that set the ramp on fire.

Rajat K Tangri Fall 2012 Collection “La Costa Nostra”

Rajat K Tangri’s collection called “La Cosa Nostra” at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 had soft silhouettes but with dark overtones of the baroque era and was a veritable feast for the eyes on the ramp.

Rajat presented an elegant stylish men’s and women’s look for the coming season in rich fabrics especially woven from Italy and Japan. Shades of nude and beige accompanied by tones of teal, verdant green, ink and black were highlighted with touches of metallic gold.

Embroidery was luxurious with 3D metallic and crystal work inspired by the Art Deco jewellery which complemented the clothes perfectly in a tonal form. Fabric options moved from jersey, chiffon, satin, tulle, georgette to leather, and textured materials.
Women’s wear revolved around stately gowns, stylish dresses, well-tailored suits and jumpsuits. Peplums appeared for dresses, sequin sheeting added intense glitter, while tonal embroidery highlighted shoulders, sides of outfits, waists, lapels or the complete garments.

The six Men’s wear garments ranged from sporty biker jackets and jumpsuits to sharply cut jackets with detailed construction. Colours were vibrant for the strong sex as verdant green was seen for a suit while nude leather added to the crispness of jackets. The black trench coat pants with black lace shirt and the suit with shimmering lapels were aimed at the metro sexual male. The final entry – a glitzy black lace hand-embroidered gown ended a show with great aplomb.

The very interesting platform shoes with artistic heels, the Art Deco inspired jewellery by Roopa Vohra and bags by Deepa Gurnani gave Rajat’s collection “La Cosa Nostra” the perfect dramatic touches and added to the glam quotient, which will appeal to the global buyer.

Sailex Ngairangbam Fall 2012 Collection

It was the return to the era of glamour and beauty when Sailex NG reinterpreted the look of the 1950’s at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.

Inspired by the pin-up girls of that age and their sartorial preferences, Sailex NG showed a line of feminine creations featuring sexy nipped waists, décolletage, cute sweetheart necks, swirling full skirts and a profusion of peplums.

The silhouettes were elegant while the rich embellishments, colours and texturing combined with sensuous fabrics followed by sharp construction gave the outfits a classic, contemporary touch.

Giving the modern woman a choice of great fashion, Sailex had gowns, pea coats, skirt sets, satin blazer suits and even added saris for the ethnic dresser.
Starting with a sexy silver swimsuit and matching jacket, the show continued with the same colour story for a peplum coat. This was followed by the shaded silver double-breast coat dress, skirt and yellow long sleeve satin blouse. The yellow theme continued further for a ribbed playsuit, chiffon midi, long sleeve dress and long sleeve bikini top with high waist satin trousers.

The green story had a draped gown, pleated skirt and a Peter Pan collar top. The net maxi skirt with ribbon detailing set the pace for the gowns. The silhouettes ranged from mermaid to slim and finally a silver sheeting beauty with a peplum ended the show.

The two saris will thrill the traditional buyer as Sailex NG kept them elegantly simple but had two options – silver choli and one with long sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.

Here was a very stylish formal wear collection with large doses of retro chic from Sailex NG, which will thrill the trendsetting buyers.

Forever Jewellery presented Neeta Lulla Fall 2012 Collection

  It was a grand show that Forever Jewellery presented when Neeta Lulla’s stunning collection called “Radha” glided down the runway at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012.

Clusters of white temple bells hung from the ceiling while imposing tall pillars on one side of the stage created the perfect ambience. As the hall lights dimmed, the many diyas outlining the stage lit up to reveal yards of white drapes and the graceful figure of Bollywood’s only “Dream Girl” Hema Malini. The star danced with unmatched grace with Raul D’Souza as ‘Krishna” to create the right mood for the show.

Inspired by the beautiful Radha, the symbol of true love, Neeta’s collection was a work of intense beauty in traditional style.  Giving a great blend of the East and West, Neeta combined the silhouettes of gowns for the ghagras to produce a wonderful fusion story.

Detailing was intricate with zardozi being the prime craft followed by quilting, appliqué and embroidery. The fabric choice was rich and opulent as Banaras Jaal and Chinar Butti brocades were added to the gorgeous Kanjeevaram, organza, tulle and silks.

The breathtaking show ended with model Gaurav Arora as “Krishna”, surrounded by his ‘gopis’ while Neeta walked down the ramp to a thunderous applause.

Beautiful fabrics, intricate craftsmanship, clever construction and that distinct glamorous fashion direction from Neeta Lulla made her “Radha” collection presented by Forever Jewellery a dream to behold.

Kallol Dutta Fall 2012 Collection “Cuts”

Kallol Datta 1955, the opening designer and India’s rising star at the Grand Finale was inspired by the Lakmé absolute monochrome look which comprised block eye and natural blush for day wear while the night look had red hot lips and muted eyes.

Kallol Datta 1955’s fifteen looks were a colourful mélange of four print stories called “Cuts”. Putting together with great expertise, Kallol’s 54 piece mix-and-match line had the designer’s wonderful construction techniques in wool, silk, leather and cotton.
Inspired by the black and white of the Lakmé Absolute Monochrome range, with a hint of colours, the intricately crafted garments told a wonderful story of unconventional elegance.

Rouched tunics with the faces, snails, mating or abstract safety pins prints were used for voluminous skirts, slashed sleeves, long gowns with fabric tassels, giant choirboy collars with fabric edges, and tops with unbalanced tie-ups. Detailing appeared in the form of deep or tiny pockets, steel plackets, slashed wide sleeves, neck bands with switch like detailing, numerous tie-ups and cascades for boleros.

Each garment created a mental magic for the audience as they marveled at the constructing skills of Kallol and his very avant garde creativity. A solitary sari in black and white snail print with a loose blouse and lots of tie-ups gave the ethnic garment a futuristic look.

Ending the show was the beautiful Lakmé Absolute brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor who looked stunning in a black and white snail print hoodie tunic over a black body suit.

Pankaj – Nidhi Fall 2012 Collection

Closing the Grand Finale, Pankaj-Nidhi, international award winning designers were inspired for their 18 garments by the lakmé absolute monochrome look which comprised winged eye and creamy lips for the day while for the night it was smokey eyes and nude lips.

It was a contemporary play of kaleidoscopic patterns by Pankaj-Nidhi for their collection called ‘Monochrome’ with geometrics and origami at centre stage for the Grand Finale show. Textures were rich as quilting, multi layers, fine cord, lattice and wool crewel work was created from diverse fabrics like silk, leather, wool and at times sheer and opaque materials. Keeping the silhouettes stark and geometric there were angular cuts for asymmetric jackets, which will surely be a trend for the coming season.

Colours were strong with white and black being the base with flashes of cobalt green, and bits of fuchsia red. The craftsmanship of the garments was unbelievable as cape coats and asymmetric skirts glided down the ramp. The whole collection was shown on black body suits to keep the attention firmly on the garments. Giant collars, boxy tunics, gilets, crossover coats, matty weave ponchos, kimono style gowns, shawl wrap tops, and basket weave waistcoats were amazing in their finish and craftsmanship.

Gradually adding green, yellow, pink and a hint of multicolour for shrugs, sheaths and skirts with layered scaled effect, the designing pair stunned the audience further with the 3D giant flowers on black sheath and the architecture weave creation.

The show ended with gorgeous Lakmé Absolute brand ambassador, Kareena Kapoor in a cutwork high collar tasselled tunic and black tights.

As the audience rose cheering the unique creativity of Kallol Datta 1955 and Pankaj-Nidhi, a burst of confetti rained down to a brilliant show. The Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 Grand Finale will not be forgotten for a very long time as one of the most fantastic show of all shows to launch the Lakmé Absolute Monochrome line.

What do you have to say about the collection? Which one is your favorite? ^_^
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