Beauty : Kaya Skin Bar, G.K. – 1

February 27, 2013
A few days back I was invited to pamper my skin the scientific way. Kaya Skin Bar found a new address to advanced beauty solutions in New Delhi!
About Kaya Skin Bar
India’s largest chain of skincare clinics, announced the launch of the first Kaya Skin Bar in New Delhi at Greater Kailash Market part – 1. The Kaya Skin Bar is a new retail format specially designed to cater to the needs of today’s modern Indian woman, who is always on the move. The 700 sq feet store also showcased 15 new spciealized product offerings and advanced beauty solutions. The Kaya Skin Bar is consistent with the brand’s philosophy of offering customized, holistic skin care solutions to discerning Indian consumers through a wider array of products, backed by select everyday beauty services.
Store Address:
Kaya Skin Bar,
M-10, Greater Kailash Market Part – 1,
New Delhi 1100048

Kaya launched 15 new products to celebrate 10 years of skin brilliance.

My visit to this store in pictures…

The experience starts with a scientifically designed skin analysis to examine your skin and provide further assistance.

My skin analysis showed that I have very well moisturized and spotless skin (YAY) but has some unevenness issue which can be due to the season change. The above skin regime was designed for me as per the analysis.

 This day also saw the launch of 15 new products for various skin types and requirements.

 Priyanka from Kaya team was more than happy to help us through the experience.

 My attendee (forgot her name..Oops!) was ready to provide me a relaxing service.

My analysis and 30 minutes Intense Hydration treatment.

Kaya offers a wide range of products assigned to you only on scientific analysis and thorough observation.

My verdict :
I have heard mixed reviews about Kaya, although my personal experience saw no issues. For those who are looking for quick hydration, spotless and glowy skin regimes can surely visit this bar for a relaxing experience. Haven’t tried the daily product regimes as of now, but will surely let you know if it works for me soon. 😉