Beauty : Sexy Back – A No Show!

January 27, 2013
‘I wish I had opted for my hair removal!’
( by Gillette Satin Care way!)

What is the biggest turn off? When you invest months of devoted time for that perfect one day, and everything just falls apart?
Well I had such a moment which not only ruined a memorable day for me, but opened my eyes to avoid such disasters in future.
It was my best friends wedding, the one with whom I had shared kindergarten, schooling and tuitions. We had done a lot of day dreaming during school life, giggling and excited to grow up to live up that moment!

Being the bridesmaid I got myself a semi backless lehenga made. Did religious rounds of all the shopping hubs of Delhi to perfect the look in every possible manner. And the D Day arrived. Excited as I can get, could not wait to flaunt that “sexy back”, not to forget I sweated hard in Aerobics classes to get that perfect back!

I was all set when the biggest mistake of my life happened following this conversation I had with a mutual friend :
Friend : So, you wearing a semi-backless lehenga to her wedding?
Me : Yeah! *Doing a joyful dance in my head*
Friend : Hope you have done the necessary to get that sexy back right!
Me : Wdya mean? (puzzled me)
Friend : Well you know, get a wax done to remove any hair followed by moisturizing massage.
Me : OMG!
I quickly called up my local boutique and got the appointment for a back waxing treatment.

The painful procedure of removing hair by waxing was surely troublesome, but ANYTHING for that perfect look! In my quick decision consciousness I forgot that there is something called “patch test” before going for such procedures.
And the next thing I know, I was screaming in pain and was freaked out on the disaster which had just taken place.
My back had developed small pimples all over with red patches and inflammation!

I had to drape my lehenga in a way as to hide my back. The perfect day just became my worst nightmare! It was a depressive moment for me, which left me scared of ever going for backless look ever in life.

Another wedding came in the house. This time my 1st cousin was to get married! I went out shopping with a made up mind that this time I am not getting a backless look at all! But life had different plans for me, and I fell for the most beautiful sari I could ever imagine!

The only problem with it was the beautiful semi backless blouse! With a sad heart I returned home without buying it. But my mother bought it the very next day knowing how much I wanted to wear it, but the past disaster did not give me the courage to do so.

I was angry on my mom for buying the irresistible sari for me, which I feared to wear. My internet savvy mom had a research prepared for me. Confused and amazed I simply sat with my mouth wide open as she unveiled a very informative research to me and introduced me to the Magical Wand.
This research is something which every girl should be knowing about!
She then handed me over a pack of Gillette Satin Care Razor which has 2 -bladed head and a comfortable handle for an extra close shave and easy glide.

The magic wand really swept the floor beneath me. It grew my hopes up, and suddenly I was day dreaming myself wearing the gorgeous sari guilt free. I just wished for a dream catcher!

Thanks to Gillette Satin Care experience, I was able to fulfill my long forgotten wish of looking stunning in a semi backless blouse. Following are some of the snaps from the wedding… all showing my back 😉


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