Beauty : Vows of Beauty – A gift from Lancôme for all to be brides

September 12, 2012
As the wedding season is approaching soon, every brand is putting its best foot forward in gifting something special to all brides to be.

Joining the league is Lancôme unveiling Vows of Beauty, the latest in Bridal Beauty with an exclusive Skincare & Make Up selection, in collaboration with the famous designer Parul Grover.
Those who attended this event include the likes of Ayesha Thapar, Ramola Bachchan, Malini Ramani, Neelam Pratap Rudy, Vandana Vadhera, Thenny Mejia, Swati Mehrotra, amongst several others.

About Lancôme
Lancôme75 years of success / The birth of Lancôme arose from the dream of an exceptional man with a love for women and French elegance: Armand Petitjean. He understood that a woman’s beauty stems from the thousand facets of femininity where the look meets the gesture; the beauty of the body meets the feelings of the soul, where fascination meets emotion.

Lancôme’s leadership in fragrances, cosmetics and skin care rests upon an intimate knowledge of and love for women. For over 75 years Lancôme has listened and responded to their needs worldwide, offering beauty care products and services that correspond perfectly to each woman at every stage of her life.

My plane Jane makeup (barely any :p)

Nicole, Akriti and Deepshikha

Parul Grover wedding trousseau with traditional Indian bridal makeup

Parul Grover wedding gown with a complimentary makeup by Lancôme’s experts.
Me, Laetitia Ayache, Riya and Deepshikha

Now the OMG part!!
Lancôme has recently launched a new product called 
Absolue L’Extrait
About this product
Absolue L’Extrait, our regenerating ultimate elixir, contains up to 2 million Lancôme rose cells. These cells have been extracted through a state-of-the-art extraction process, and cultivated via an exclusive biotechnological growth process, Fermogenesis™. This allows us to preserve the unique properties of the Lancôme rose cells, fresh and intact in their unaltered state. Our masterpiece inspired by nature, perfected by science.
This product will be officially launched by the end of September, but I was lucky to try it on. 
The procedure to apply this product itself is so amazing that it makes it merrier when you see
the results in the first use itself.
Where is the fun part?
Well this product will be available for a whopping price tag of R.s.20,000/-
You just OMGshed right? ^_^
Check out its advertisement and know why this beauty is highly priced.
Now the question is :
If you have money to spend, will you BUY THIS PRODUCT?