Kesh King Hair Oil Review

May 24, 2018

“Goodbye Bad Hair Days. Kesh King becomes My Hair’s New Best Friend!” Hair is the crowning glory. As a kid, I enjoyed styling the hair of my Barbie dolls. Sometimes, I would make a braid, a pony or leave her hair untied. Now, I love experimenting with my hair too, by trying different hairstyles and by accessorizing it. However, all the fun gets over when frequent hair problems play spoilsport. It is disheartening to see big bunches of hair come off while combing. Changing lifestyles and increasing air pollution are causing premature problems with hair. Every person I know is affected by hair fall, thinning of the hairline, split ends, dandruff and something or the other. There are a plethora of products in the market for different problems, but it is difficult to decide which one is worth trusting? What if a product having chemical ingredients further reduces the hairline? We cannot take risks when it comes to our precious hair! I have always stood by the power of Indian Ayurvedic remedies. Therefore, I tried Emami’s Kesh King which offers One Stop Solution for all hair problems including the most common of all: Hair Fall! Most of the people prefer to have their mane intact! Due to frequent outdoors traveling, my hair remains exposed to dust, making them dull and weak. My college-going cousin suggested Emami’s Kesh King to me to deal with excessive hair fall. I used Kesh King thrice a week for 3 months and the results were pretty satisfying. Not only did my hair-fall reduce but my hair is visibly healthier now. It is a relief to see lesser hair getting stuck in my hairbrush. Well, but this is not the end, as there are other hair-villains that I have to deal with! Hair fall doesn’t discriminate …

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Satliva – Nature Nurtures Skincare Range

February 13, 2018

Adapting an organic way of lifestyle has become quite a trend in today’s times! And now that being Ayurvedic and Organic is not just limited to the Indian territory, local and international brands have started exploring herbal products ranging from foods to skincare on a large scale as well. Based out of Bangalore, SATLIVA, is beyond being just a herbal skincare brand. Promoting the importance of Hemp Oil for the skin, their products are well researched on and come infused with the goodness of various herbal ingredients that are available across the country. To fight the bitter winter weather of Shimla, Satliva got on board as my skincare partners and I boy was I write about my decision! Generally, the winter season on the hills is not just about the cold, but about getting super dehydrated skin as well. And when I say super dehydrated, then I mean no amount of face moisturiser can do good to hydrate the skin; forget bringing back the shine and suppleness.  I had requested Namrata and Harshaavardhan, the couple behind NHCO, to suggest me products that will help maintain hydration in my skin and won’t be a hassle to use during harsh Shimla winters as well! The products that they sent across were not just a life savior, but definitely a blessing as I literally ended up relying on them to keep my skin from dehydrating for worse. And I kid you not, my girlfriends too ended up ditching their skincare cosmetic products to borrowing my Satliva kit to hydrate back their skin as well! The first thing that I liked about the products they sent across was their travel friendly packaging. Although the soap bars came in hardbound boxes, the creams and butters came in small tins which were leak proof, light and break-proof. Sharing …

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Himalaya Herbals Anti—Dandruff Range

August 28, 2017

Himalaya Herbals Anti—Dandruff Range is giving me some serious #4FabulousHair Goals! Dandruff is one struggle of daily life that we all face in our lives at least once! Thanks to the polluted air and the ever degrading quality of water which have both contributed towards making our scalp itchy and flaky be it any season of the year. No matter i’ve been bestowed with really long tresses, thanks to the genetic intelligence, I still am not able to maintain a clean scalp, with zero itches given to this unfriendly situation called ’Dandruff’. And to top it all, my dry hair is giving me a hard time trying to achieve a Khaleesi style braids parade, leaving me with no other option but to bun the manes out! But, Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff range is doing something fabulous, contributing towards softer, cleaner, shinier and strong tresses for all hair types! A perfect formulation that guarantees dandruff-free hair, enriched with a variety of Ayurvedic ingredients, researched for centuries and applied in the diagnoses in todays times. So in order to achieve #4FabulousHair, all one needs to do is follow these 4 simple steps and follow the routine 2-3 times a week, depending on the weather conditions and need : Step 1 : Oiling with Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Part your hair with a wooden comb and apply Himalaya’s Anti-Dandruff Hair oil on the scalp. Massage the scalp in circular motion with your fingertips and wrap around a hot towel for 30 minutes before washing. About Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil – It’s enriched with the goodness of Tea Trea Oil and Rosemary, keeping scalp infections at bay. The concoction also strengthens hair follicles for stronger and longer hair. Step 2 : Shampooing with Himalaya’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Wet the hair with room temperature water. Squeeze some …

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#BeautyExperts – Tantrums Makeup Studio

December 13, 2016

Every time the thought of getting a makeover done from a salon or studio pops up in my head, all I can think of is how the artist will ruin my natural instinct and make me look like Cruella-de-vil. It takes a great deal and luck to find professionals who know the requirement of your skin, your appearance and your personal style. Picking up a makeup brush and simply buffing through an array of NYX or Sephora hauls is an easy-peasy, but it takes a great deal towards brushing off the right colour tone and touches that will make you look like a million bucks! Tantrums Makeup Studio is a venture by Ratika Vaish and Mayank who deliver their passion for beauty across many platforms and among a rich clientele overseas. Based out of East Patel Nagar, their venture is growing immensely and they are now opening up branches across Delhi to expand their wings. For the recently concluded season of Amazon India Fashion Week, I collaborated with this lovely team who drove down all the way from Patel Nagar to my residence to transform me into a ‘Desi Diva’ for Day 3 of AIFWSS17. When it comes to makeup, Ratika treats the requirements of her clients with great zeal. She patiently listened to my perspective and vision of the makeup I’d like to go for. Ratika interacted with me, providing her inputs on the latest makeup trends and helped me decode the makeup that will compliment my Saree-Jacket amalgamation for the fashion week. My initial instinct was to go for smoky eyes, but she suggested that I go for more subtle and shimmerier eye makeup to compliment my Kantha embroidered saree. Her ideology comes from her experience working with A-list clients nationally and internationally. Although her setup is in …

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Aayna Clinic Delhi

August 22, 2016

Comparitively a newer concept in India, but a fast growing trend in the beauty industry of the country is these professional ventures that profile world class services on Cosmetology and Dermatology to the consumers. Their is no questioning on the fact that the secret behind a celebrity’s flawless looks is much more than just eating healthy and exercising right. While staying fit and marking what you eat goes a long way in assuring a healthier lifestyle, their are certain skin and hair issues that develop with factors ranging between age and genetics; that need professional rituals and services. Thanks to the ‘Vampire Facial’ promoted by Kim Kardashian, the idea of getting anything ‘Dermatology’ became a big no-no or much of a too-much-pain-for-gain myth that people assumed it to be damage worthy of your skin; scarring you for life! When in reality, Dermatology is all about beautifying you, correcting the natural flaws that you have, with minimal to no side-effects; whatsoever. Now, if you’ve been taking up ‘Cosmetology Facials’ or those special ‘Chemical Peels’ from your regular salon, that’s the type of procedure which are dangerous! No, the chemical peels are not dangerous in self, but applying the right formula post analysing the condition of the skin and judging the timeline of application and rest is a crucial affair. While I will be writing a separate post on this issue, what I’d really like to address is that the science has to be right for a successful Cosmetology procedure. Dr. Simal Soin is one of India’s leading and internationally respected name in the field of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology. She holds experience of over 15 years, dealing with clients both nationally and internationally. It is her passion for promoting Dermatology and providing her skillful services to the customers that has brought forward a compilation of …

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New Livon Serum #PrettyGirlSwag Contest

October 24, 2015

I remember the days when managing long hair was a big task. Either keep it detangled with loads of coconut oil, or braid it the moment it dries out of shampoo. The very idea of leaving dry hair open was dreadful, remembering all the tough times that I had to go through; detangling my tresses and losing on many strands of it during the process. And then Livon Serum happened! Still remember the time when Livon was newly introduced to our troubled hair-lives and everyone could be seen talking about it. After hearing a lot about it from my cousins, I too got my hands on Livon and woah! My hair felt less distressed and suddenly I could act like those Bollywood divas, letting my hair flow in the flow of the breeze. Ever since then, I have become an ardent fan of Livon and have been using it (currently, the Moroccan oil serum) regularly to detangle my long tresses. With years passing by and the conditions of metropolitan cities that we live in, Livon too has seen evolvement; nurturing the current hair-care necessities. After their successful launch of Livon Moroccan Silk Serum, the brand has introduced yet another product, that stands distinct from the entire range. What’s new about the New Livon Serum? Livon has changed! It’s now the next gen Livon Serum with a new, ultra lightweight formulation. Designed for today’s women who do not believe in compromising on either hair beauty or hair health, this product gives you fabulous looking hair while protecting it from damage. Leading this change is Livon’s first brand ambassador, none other than the Queen of Bollywood and youth style icon, Kangna Ranaut. Have you seen the TVC yet? I am so kicked about the New Livon Serum and just can’t wait to review …

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Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

October 1, 2015

Want to know my little hair care secret? Read on about Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil! Although I have long tresses, managing them is a complex task. To add on to the dilemma we have hair problems like dandruff, split ends and hair fall that damage the tamed hair further. Although, mostly hair problems are associated with some kind of deficiency, but it also comes down to how you treat your hair that matters the most. I remember a friend of mine who used to wash her hair daily with harsh shampoo bases, just to get rid of her itchy dandruff scalp. Certainly the dryness worsened the condition and she had to undertake dermatological treatment to cure the damage. How many of you are prone to the problem of split ends? The problem might seem meager, given that it only splits your hair strand’s tip into multiples; but do you know that it actually delays and in some cases completely stops the hair growth? My grandmother always suggests me to oil my hair at least once every week, to keep such problems away. From the organic Argan hair oils to an array of chemically advanced hair oils, our commercial market has an intense range of hair oils to offer. But here too, my grandmother tends to know what’s best for our hair! The goodness of coconut oil! Hair oil is incomplete if it doesn’t have the goodness of the coconut oil. I still remember my childhood days when my grandmom used to insist oiling my hair with nothing else but the coconut oil. Her efforts indeed turned out to be a blessing, thanks to her, my hair is now long and strong. (Now you know the secret to my long tresses.) Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil is an age old …

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Himalaya Herbals Hair Care Range Review

July 30, 2015

The beauty of women might lie in her eyes, but it is her beautiful tresses that woo a man away. So much so, that our very own Bollywood has been writing song odes to the magic of wide flowing hair. But the picture looks more like a drama than a real life segment because nobody’s got smooth silky hair, say what?! Truth be told, it is a task in today’s time to take care of a healthy hair care regime. Forget the styling part, but the basic requirement of keeping the hair in the best condition possible is no less than going to war. From dryness, flakiness, dehydration, hair fall, dandruff, oily scalp, split ends to the rigorous prayers of growing hair longer than the deadline is no less than a nightmare. Top it all with the evil eyes of commercial hair (not so) care brands that promise fighting for you, while in reality they are the chemical gods in disguise hiding the multiple after effects of curing one problem. Imagine applying a serum/shampoo to ward off dandruff, which actually ends up drying your scalp off to the extent that the pores become dehydrated, resulting in dull and weak hair strands. In our desi world of Ayurveda and centuries old ritual of applying organic formulas to cure almost any bodily problem, there are certain brands that are still following the norms. Scientifically proven, most of the organic bases are harmless to our body and their results are long lasting as opposed to the chemical treatments that come with an expiry date. Himalaya Herbals is one such Indian brand that is not only convincingly priced, but their ever evoluting products too are quite promising. Been following their products since a long time now, I have seen their products and ranges developing …

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Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème Haircolour

July 28, 2015

Why Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème Haircolour? First visible signs of ageing include graying of hair. While for decades that has been the norm, in recent years the graying of hair has developed in younger generation too. Thanks to the polluted environment that we live in now, colouring hair has become more of a necessity, than just adding some extra shades to your tresses. I have seen my girlfriends making monthly appointments to their hair stylists for retouching their pre-matured grey hair. If that dilemma was not enough, then come the after effects of brushing up chemicals on your natural hair. Hair fall, weak strands, dandruff, itchy scalp and what not. In short, grey hair only signals towards the downfall of the quality of hair.

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Olique Hair Care Products : Review

March 31, 2015

Hair styles are one thing and hair-care is another. You might find hair-styling a crucial affair but what really triggers the panic-button is unhealthy hair mess. Protection from heat, dust, pollution and other internal damage notions is of vital importance. One of the major issues that most of us face is the problem of ‘Dandruff’. What is Dandruff? ‘Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. As skin cells die, a small amount of flaking is normal; about 487,000 cells/cm2 get released normally after detergent treatment.’ says Wikipedia. No matter how many shampoo brands claim to cure dandruff, the truth is far from what it seems to be. Shampoos naturally contain some amount of detergent that helps clean the scalp completely, hence triggering dandruff. And even if one of them manages to eliminate dandruff, it is not permanent; since dandruff has the tendency to recur with time. I for instance have a combination scalp with most of my scalp being oily with a dry crown area. The dryness being so, that my crown tends to release flakes of dandruff within 24 hours of washing my hair. Having tried numerous dermatological and commercial products till now, nothing has actually cured my dandruff completely. Not only that, but the cleaning process of these products also ended up leaving my scalp super dry and flaky. In this world of fast pace, we crave for instant results for almost everything. Most of these products tend to try and achieve the instant effect phenomena. But the truth is, nothing worthy in this world can be achieved instantly. The same goes for taking care of your hair. Olique Hair Care Products don’t claim to clean your scalp of dandruff instantly, but their scientific research does promise professional performance with excellent results over time. …

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