Blogathon An Event in Delhi

June 3, 2012
Well although this post comes pretty late, but still never too late eh.
So I got this brilliant opportunity to meet up fellow fashion bloggers, in this amazing event planned by Akshita Jain from colorific. My personal thanks and congratulations to her on holding such a great event, on such a large scale.
Me and fellow bloggers were very excited as the date for the event was approaching.We had everything planned up. To start with I met Bharti from CrazyPopLock . And to be honest, we talked everything but fashion to start with.Hahahahaha!! And she was looking like a goth queen, with all the dark kohl, funky tee, electric hand bag and funniest badge I ever came across :p
Me and Bharti

Next we both were suppose to meet Komal from TheDelhiFashionBlogger. Since we had met before, we were so happy meeting up again. Like old school mates meeting after a long time.Lolz. She was hiding her curls behind a veil, which looked absolutely stunning as we reached the event venue.
When we reached the venue,The Second Sin I was jaw dropping over the beautiful interior decorations they had.And the best part about the event was, that we had seperate lounges for seperate blog writers genre. So we were able to catch up with fellow fashion bloggers and chit chat.
No more chit chatting now! Enjoy the photographs πŸ˜€
Akshita from colorific with a fashion blogger (sorry I forgot your name 😐 )

Starting from Left : Awungshi from Dr.PoisonIvy , Bharti from CrazyPopLock and
Aishwarya from BlingStruck

(Awungshi is busy posing *awesomeness*, bharti is busy texting :p, and aishwarya is busy clicking)

The bar of The Second Sin, MGF Metropolitan, Saket *drooling* (and yeah they served free beer!)

The buffet area of The Second Sin, love the decor with wine bottles.

The FOOD! Yummylicious chinese, absolutely loved chomping on em :p
The star of the buffet, Chocolate Mousse ( the plate shows 2 of mine and 2 of komal :p *Just Clarifying)
Me with Ojasvee from MagicBridalKit
Starting from Left : Japna from WhatsCookinGoodLookin , Shalini from StylishByNature , Awungshi from Dr.PoisonIvy , Bharti from CrazyPopLock , Me , Aishwarya from BlingStruck , Komal from TheDelhiFashionBlogger and Nidhi from SecretlyStylish
Phew such a long list but *worth it* πŸ˜€
Absolutely ME!!!
Well as for the sponsors we had Dell, Belkin and They introduced themselves, and introduced us with their respective areas of focus. They even tried connecting us with them, as how they can benefit us bloggers. They had a lot of interesting things to mention. And to top it all they even had an amazing on the spot competition. The person with maximum tweets with #DellBlogathon during the event will win a portable projector.
Overall I had superb time catching up with fellow bloggers, and look forward to more such fun filled and interactive programs by Blogathon and Akshita πŸ˜€ Thanks for the invite guys!!