Bottega di Lungavita – Balsamo Conditioner {Hair Care}

June 25, 2014
My ‘Hair Care’ regime usually suffices on Oil-Shampoo-Conditioner ritual. If I feel like extending the ritual, then maybe a leave in hair mask. Although, I always wonder how much of that conditioner actually stays back to nourish my hair?
Having a super oily scalp anyways, I take extra precautions while conditioning. But the thickness of those conditioners always leaves my hair heavy and greasy in no time. Bottega Di Lungavita, the Italian skin care brand, have recently introduced an interesting ‘Hair Conditioning Spray Balm’ in the Indian market.
Balsamo Spray Conditioner Balm
  • This innovative hair care spray features active ingredients that prevent dehydration, fragility and split ends. It stimulates repair of damaged hair while increasing its volume.
  • Practical and quick to use, this spray conditioner requires no rinsing. Spray lightly onto rebellious and dry hair to aid styling even on days after shampooing.
  • It envelops the hair and restructures it while adding softness and moisture.
Directions to Use
Spray uniformly onto hair that has been washed and patted dry. Leave on for a few minutes and then comb, without rinsing.
My Experience
My hair type : Long wavy oily hair.
After using this spray for almost 2 weeks now, I can say that it does help detangle long hair. Gives a subtle shine to the texture and promises a super light coat on the tresses. Ideal for hot summer days, this spray balances the moisture during humid days as well.
Easy-to-handle plastic spray bottle packaging.
Mild fragrance
Super light texture
Does not stain
C.O.D. available on purchase HERE
Priced at Rs.990/- this win-win product might be questionable (to buy) for the first time users.
How I Use It?
Post the Shampoo-Conditioner ritual, I crunch my hair dry with a towel and spray the balm all over. Main focus is on the hair tips. I keep the spray amount limited on the scalp, since I already have a very oily scalp.
Value for Money : 3/5

Quality : 4/5
Quantity : 4.5/5
Results : 4.2/5
Usage : 2 months approx. (3 times application in a week)
OFI with the brand name BOTTEGA DI LUNGAVITA is the natural cosmetic line that offers the most cutting edge products for all beauty needs Skin care, Anti-ageing, Mom & Babies, Men, Aromatherapy, Bath& Shower etc. The quality of its formulas, the excellence of its production and its particular concern for the efficacy and skin compatibility of the product are our company’s strengths.
Price: Rs.990/- for 200ml

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