Celeste Chocolate Boutique {Food Review}

April 21, 2014
I am a
chocoholic. Period! Gimme chocolate anytime of the day and night, in any
amounts and any flavor; I will still savor it the same way with gluttony. A few
days back I was invited for a ‘Chocolate Tasting’ event. Now when I say
chocolate tasting, it means trying out different types and makes of chocolates…
and only chocolates.
Nidhi Bhageria, the founder of Celeste Chocolate boutique, had an intense sugar rush event planned up for us. Her passion for chocolates
could be seen in her enthusiasm to share her boutique’s wide platter. And not
just chocolates, but they have wide variety of salty delights as well.

Expressing in words won’t do any justice to what we experienced at this event. Which is why I will let the photographs do all the talking. Take a look!

The Chocolate Heaven

The Decor

The Gift Packaging

Something Gourmet

About Celeste Chocolates

Celeste Chocolates has been at the forefront of the gourmet chocolate business in India specializing in handcrafted chocolates available in premium range for every occasion including Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays and any other Occasion. Inspired by the legendary chocolatiers of Belgium, France, Switzerland and the USA, celeste nurtures the long-cherished tradition of excellence – so that the great taste, exotic flavor and beautiful presentation of each Celeste product make it a unique creation and a cut above the rest
 The premium chocolate offering cares the chocoholic’s palate with refined flavor and forge a sweet bond that often lasts a lifetime. The bouquet of superior-quality gourmet chocolates and unique gift boxes are designed to feature the tradition of perfectionism nurtured at Celeste.
Celeste procures the finest quality of ingredients and indulges in exciting combinations flavors such as Chilly chocolates, Lavender truffles, Kaffir Lime chocolates, Raspberry pink pepper truffles and Chai chocolates which add to the succulent experience of chocolate lovers.

Presently Celeste has three retail outlets in New Delhi Including Wazirapur, Ambience Mall and G K 2 and Pallavi Shopping Complex.
They are launching their website soon.